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The sixth-largest property and liability insurer in the United States is the American Liberty Mutual Group. It’s a diversified worldwide insurer. According to the 2020 revenue, it is ranked 71st among the 100 largest American firms on the Fortune list. Also, It has over 45,000 employees working for it in more than 900 locations around the world. You can find the company in Boston, Massachusetts. There is a Statue of Liberty which was previously known as Liberty Enlightening the World on its logo. The combined assets, liabilities, and revenue of Liberty Mutual Insurance as of December 31, 2021, were $156.043 billion, $128.195 billion, and $48.2 billion, respectively.

About Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

The insurance company was established in 1912. It offers different insurance services and products. Some of the services are personal auto, homeowners, workers’ compensation, commercial multiple peril, commercial vehicle, general liability, global specialty, group disability, fire insurance, and surety.

Liberty mutual insurance group is available in 18 countries. In Europe, we have Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and Ireland. Also, their services are available in Asia countries like China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Furthermore, the company established its services in South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Liberty Mutual is still a mutual company in the US. This means that those who have insurance contracts are seen as stockholders. While a subsidiary is frequently found in nations where legally recognized mutual-company benefits cannot be enjoyed. The Liberty Mutual Group brand typically operates as a separate corporation outside of the United States.

Liberty Mutual home insurance coverage 

As the name implies it covers everything relating to home and property. The company covers your home and the things surrounding the property. The most important factor everyone considers to be a foundation in home insurance is the protection of the dwelling place. It will safeguard your house’s framework following a qualifying occurrence. Typical examples of this include fire, theft, and wind or hail damage.

It also covers personal possession. Liberty Mutual Insurance allows customers to choose a range of coverage options based on their replacement costs. If someone is hurt while on your land, they might sue you for medical costs, endangering your assets. The company that gives you Liability insurance makes a difference in this situation by enabling you to defend yourself. The company also has additional living expenses coverage.

Liberty Mutual Auto insurance coverage

Depending on your state, Liberty Mutual offers regular auto policies to which you can add a variety of optional coverage types, such as:

Accident pardon

If you haven’t been in an accident or committed a moving violation in the previous five years, your premium won’t go up as a result of your first offense. However, California does not offer this coverage, and state laws can differ as well.

New car replacement 

The full cost of a new car, not just the depreciated value, will be covered if your car is totaled within the first model year and the first 15,000 miles.

Application of Deductible fund

Liberty Mutual establishes a “fund” to reduce your collision deductible when you add this feature to your insurance plan. Each year, the insurer provides $70 and you $30. The amount of money in the fund will be deducted from your out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident.

Usage of Gap insurance

Gap insurance can cover the difference if your automobile is totaled and you owe more on your loan or lease than it was worth it.

Replacement of original car parts

This type of coverage makes sure that if your car is damaged repairs are made with original manufacturer parts when available.

However, for policyholders who have rental car reimbursement on their policy, Liberty Mutual provides a valet service for rented cars. When your car is being repaired Liberty Mutual will supply a rental automobile. This happens when it was damaged in a covered collision but is still drivable. Also, Your car will be driven to a mechanic and returned by a valet driver. By state, availability could differ.

You can get more information on discounts and different offers in liberty mutual auto insurance on the website and App.

Other insurance from LiLiberty Mutual.

  • Condo insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance 
  • Business Insurance 
  • Flood Insurance 
  • Landlord insurance 
  • Boat and watercraft insurance 
  • Term and whole life ( through third parties)
  • Mobile home ( through third parties)

Liberty mutual life insurance coverage 

Major insurance provider Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of insurance coverage, with property and vehicle insurance being the most popular. Before 2018, it also offered individual life insurance and annuity products. but Protective Life Corporation bought out that part of its operations. Customers can still purchase the two types of life insurance. They are term life and whole life insurance policies via the company’s website and its brokers. However, Protective Life, not Liberty Mutual, is the one who issues the policy. According to reports, it’s better to get better coverage from an insurance agent. An insurance agent is considered to be better than visiting the web or app as they are limited information. 

Moreover, you can Get quotes for up to $300,000 in term coverage online, and also there is Simplified coverage available. On the other hand, quotes are not available online for insurance options. And they don’t have a guarantee issue policies. One of the major disadvantages is that Surrender charges may apply if you cancel your policy.

Term life insurance 

Families that want to protect their loved ones frequently opt for term life insurance. It is a type of short-term insurance that is valid for a set period. Your beneficiaries will be given a lump sum payment of the plan’s death benefit if you pass away within the duration of the covered policy. Your beneficiaries won’t get anything once the period is through.

  • Protective Series Passport Simplified Issue
  • Protective Classic Choice Term

Whole life insurance 

The Whole life insurance is an option for those who desire the security of long-term protection. Whole life insurance plans, in contrast to term life insurance, are permanent and have the potential to build financial value over time.

Two whole life options are offered by Protective Life and Liberty Mutual: 

  • Protective Non-Participating Whole Life
  • Protective Series Whole Life Simplified Issue

What is the Riders clause in liberty mutual life insurance?

The opportunity to add insurance riders, often referred to as endorsements, to your policy is available when purchasing life insurance with Liberty Mutual. With riders, you can alter your insurance, receive benefits earlier in certain situations, or add additional coverage for others.

Benefits of Riders

  • Your beneficiaries will get an extra death benefit if you add the accidental death rider to your policy and pass away from a covered accident.
  • You can receive term life insurance for your kids by including the children’s term rider in your policy.
  • You can raise the face amount of your insurance in the future without getting a new set of health exams thanks to the assured insurability rider.

For more information on liberty mutual life insurance visit

Liberty Mutual Insurance Customer service 

Liberty Mutual Insurance
175 Berkeley Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Phone: 617-357-9500

This is the company corporate headquarters line

Phone: 1-800-290-8206
M-F 8 am – 10 pm ET
Sat: 8 am – 8 pm ET
Sun: 11 am – 5 pm ET
Email Us
Tweet Us @AskLiberty for customer service-related concerns or inquiries.

Customer service and sales personnel at your local Liberty Mutual office are eager to assist you.

Who is the CEO of liberty mutual 

Sweeney, President, and Chief Executive Officer. Tim Sweeney is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Is Liberty Mutual in Africa?

Through an insurance office in Dubai, Liberty began conducting business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in 2006. This gave local brokers and insurance firms more capacity to fulfill the expanding market demand for specialist insurance products.


Liberty mutual insurance Company is a good company in the US. It also has its establishment in countries like Spain, Netherlands, France, and so on. for more information visit the official site or employ the services of an insurance agent.

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