Services Offered by Life Direct Insurance South Africa

Life Direct Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing today has pushed itself to South Africa’s number 1 direct life insurer. Their greatest objective is to help you have a better life tomorrow through their insurance products.

Below, we shall be discussing the various insurance products that they offer and the history of Life Direct.

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History of Life Direct Insurance South Africa

The insurance industry was shaken by the innovative insurance products Life Direct had to offer when it launched in 2006. Over the years, they evolved to becoming multi-distribution insurers rather than just being direct life insurers. Therefore, they provided services for all classes of independent financial advisers in 2013. Furthermore, their own tied broker was successfully launched in 2021. Indeed, the aim of catering to their clients made them the first to sell life insurance direct online. In addition, they were also the first life company that launched a USSD policy management service for their policyholders.

Also, the usage of saliva to test for HIV instead of blood tests was first introduced by Life Direct Insurance South Africa. As a result of their automated claims processing, funeral cover claims are made easier as they can be settled in three minutes. Lots of innovative and affordable new products are introduced and digital innovation helps them satisfy customer needs efficiently.

Services Offered by Life Direct Insurance South Africa

Pure Life Cover

This cover can easily be gotten by a call, instant underwriting, and no medical exams or paperwork except a quick HIV saliva swab. With this policy, you tend to secure the financial security of your family as the R10 million life insurance makes sure your family is taken care of. For the first 12 months, you are assured that no increases will be made but a fixed premium is guaranteed. In addition, your funeral expenses are covered by a Pay Now funeral benefit of R50 000. Furthermore, you are covered instantly in cases of natural or accidental death and COVID-19-related issues.

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Funeral Cover

This policy offers you and up to 16 members of your family the best funeral cover and you are guaranteed of a fixed premium for the first year. In addition, you are given repatriation benefits and the memorial and grocery is covered. In fact, the best part is that qualifying claims are processed, approved and settled in just three minutes. There is a 6 month waiting period for natural death but this does not apply for accidental death.

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Pulse Life Cover

Big rewards are gained from this cover as you are awarded an immediate bonus cover of between R50 000 and R125 000 once you sign up. In order to track your progress, you can decide to get a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. There are no increases for the first 12 months as you are guaranteed a fixed premium. Better still, you are given the benefit of a free subscription to the LifeQ COVID-19 screening app.

Pure Life Plus Cover

Indeed, this policy offers life plus funeral cover in one affordable and convenient policy for up to 16 family members. In addition, it provides an R5 000 memorial and R6 000 grocery coupled with a repatriation benefit. Note that you are covered instantly as waiting periods do not apply. For the first 12 months, there are no increases as you have a fixed premium. By applying for this simple cover, you enjoy both life and funeral cover and save up to 28% premium. In making a claim, just a quick HIV saliva swab will be conducted as there will be no medical checkups needed.

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How to Contact Life Direct Insurance, South Africa

To reach Life Direct Insurance South Africa, you can contact 0860 10 53 40 for sales and contact 0860 10 51 94 for client services. For claims, you can contact 0860 10 51 96, and in cases of fraud or suspicion of any, contact 0861 11 56 53. Those who wish to utilize the policyholder USSD should dial 120101#. You can also send an email to for client services. Then, you can email for general inquiries. Email for your claims and for your compliments, email With regards to reporting fraud or suspected fraud, email


We have learned a lot about Life Direct Insurance and the innovative insurance products that they offer. However, you can carry out personal research if you wish to get extensive information on Life Direct Insurance in South Africa.

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