List Of Best Metaverse Tokens In 2023

The list of best Metaverse Tokens In 2023 is important topic. For one to be a very active member of the crypto space,you must know certain terms. It wouldn’t be bad to assume that you must be aware of virtual worlds, virtual-reality-based gaming and the concept of 3D-based metaverse. In this post we need to know potential metaverse tokens, how Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry, market capitalization, token utility and the list of the best Metaverse Tokens in 2023.

Metaverse Shapeshifting the gaming industry will require a lot. Due to the global pandemic, VR-based socialization methods are proving to be extremely helpful. This is by maintaining people’s sanity across the globe. When I will list the best metaverse tokens in 2023, you will find it very helpful.

Remote Businesses to level up productivity. They do do by bringing to existence work meetings on the metaverse, which according to Bill Gates will take over Zoom meetings within two or three years. Some are even opening virtual offices — as is the case for Binance.US and FTX. This is why we need to study potential metaverse tokens. Understand metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry and the list of best metaverse tokens in 2023.

Metaverse Shapeshifting the gaming industry isn’t bad. From an investor’s standpoint, it is not bad to say that metaverse platforms and metaverse tokens are only increasing in frequency. Potential Metaverse Tokens and the list of best metaverse tokens in 2023 are all volatile.

Metaverse Shapeshifting is very much ok. Investors are in for a treat as adoption of metaverses increases in the years to come, potentially reaching 25% of the world population according to research firm Gartner. We should consider Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry.

What are the Potential Metaverse Tokens to Anticipate for in 2023?

I will list Potential Metaverse Tokens below. I will also elaborate The list of best metaverse tokens in 2023 for easy understanding. Metaverse as a concept has boomed in the last year. Major tech giants have been focusing on the development and growth of the metaverse platforms. This includes Microsoft, who currently bought Activision Blizzard in order to secure a major spot in the metaverse. Still looking for Potential Metaverse Tokens? I will soon give you the list of best metaverse tokens in 2023.

Moreover, major companies like Meta (formerly known as Facebook) are also entering into the space. Although the timing of Facebook’s rebranding seems a little opportunistic and pre-planned, it had very huge positive results for the brand as they were successful in constructing an image that Meta is pioneering the metaverse. This potential metaverse tokens are very essential. Also, metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry is essential study point. You are getting closer to knowing the list of best metaverse tokens in 2023, keep reading!

Just recently, South Korea’s sovereign wealth fund highlighted that it plans to vigorously grow its portfolio by increasing its investments into various domains including the metaverse and AI products. The have to considere Potential Metaverse Tokens. While Hong Kong is launching its first one on Feb. 21, 2023. The study of the list of best metaverse tokens in 2022 enables you to acquire more knowledge of current tokens.

With large amounts of capital flowing into metaverse prospects and more traditional organizations jumping onboard, the opportunities appear endless. To help you get a good knowledge of why metaverse tokens might be the most profitable types of cryptocurrencies this year, let’s go through a detailed list of Potential Metaverse Tokens.

1. Axie Infinity (AXS)


The popular blockchain game, took the world by surprise in 2021, with its early implementation of the concept of play-to-earn. However, it did not gain much grip for the first two years. This is to rated in the list of best metaverse tokens in 2023.

However, in the second quarter of 2021 (June 2021), as the metaverse concept was gaining recognition, Axie Infinity (AXS) made it to the news due to the inflow of people who were able to generate an income by playing the game. After raising $7.5 million Series A funding in the first quarter of 2021, Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, also managed to secure a Series B funding of $152 million led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Axie Infinity’s unique implementations and pioneering endeavours related to the concept of play-to-earn gaming have been an attraction for investors worldwide.

With the increased fame, the cost to start playing has risen(players need to own 3 Axies to start). Hence, the concept of Axie scholarships started. It involves a manager (any player who has a sufficient amount of Axies) and a scholar (someone who cannot afford the purchase of an Axie team) to play the game. The split entirely depends on the agreement between the manager and the scholar.

Market Capitalization

At the beginning of 2021, the market cap of AXS was $31 Million. As the number of monthly active players rose from over 500K at the start of 2021 to 2.7M recently, the project’s market dominance and market cap increased as a result. It reached a peak valuation of $9.77B at the beginning of November 2021. Currently, the token is situated at a market valuation of $4.5B


Currently, the leading metaverse token has partnered with the following businesses to widen its digital footprint and ensure that it covers masses across the globe:

– Binance,

– HTC,

– Kyber Network,

.- Ubisoft: Considering the scale of growth of the blockchain-based game, Ubisoft partnered with the platform to become a launch validator for Ronin, the game’s Ethereum sidechain.

Token Utility

As mentioned earlier, AXS is a play-to-earn game that provides players with axies (NFTs) that can be traded in exchange for the respective AXS token (tokens of the game). Players earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as in-game reward tokens that can be used to spawn new Axies.

The AXS token has a lot of uses such as governance and staking. This process of staking will allow users to earn weekly rewards. This is one of the Potential Metaverse Tokens.

2. Bloktopia (BLOK)


Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper that consists of 21 different levels designed to honor the total supply of Bitcoins, i.e., 21 million. Bloktopia token bearers are known as Bloktopians that will have dedicated access to the different facilities present on the platform.

Like every other metaverse platform, BLOK also had an initial idea of reshaping the future and reshifting the world’s focus from the real world to a virtual world that can mimic many, if not all, activities performed in the real world and more.

Since its founding in 2021 by two founders, Paddy Carroll and Ross Tavakoli, BLOK has been on a mission to create public awareness regarding the metaverse.

As the platform attracts more public attraction and investment plans from renowned brands, its ultimate goal is to be the go-to metaverse platform. To have more information about its success, let’s have a brief look at its market capitalization since its IDO.

Market Capitalization

Bloktopia has been a big success since the launch of its Initial Dex Offering (IDO). The metaverse token had a welcoming response in the initial round as the token managed to launch with a market cap of $471 million in November 2021.

Bloktopia’s platform is built on the Polygon Network using the Unity3D Game Engine. Unity is primarily used by game development companies. The 3D development engine is certainly the most advanced and thorough video game engine that provides premium-quality graphics.

The token continued to grab the audience’s attention, with its market cap growing to an all-time high of $1.18 billion, as investors are banking on the metaverse growth prospects.

The current overall bearish trend has resulted in a current market cap of $263 million. With prices being at its all-time low, getting in the project at this point may be considered to be a value proposition.


Recently, Bloktopia has managed to secure partnerships with a few companies,Viz a viz:

– Avalanche,

– DuckDAO

– KuCoin Labs,

– Polygon Network,

– Shima Capital,

– TKX Capital.

– CoinMarketCap

Metahero x Bloktopia was the most anticipated partnership that attracted a lot of hype from the crypto space. Considering the detailed virtual world of Bloktopia and the need for realistic structural and architectural designs, the technology of 3D avatar generation provided by Metahero is a gamechanger for Bloktopia’s platform.

Token Utility

Since the Bloktopia platform has a structural design that mimics a skyscraper with 21 unique levels, the Bloktopians have the freedom to interact with the different facilities available on the platform.

With more and more brands coming on the platform, Bloktopians will be able to interact with them and purchase various virtual in-game assets that will be functional within the Bloktopia platform using $BLOK. Moreover, the Bloktopia tokens can be used by the HODLers to sell and buy real estate that is known as Reblok.

Reblok NFT holders are a part of the Governance council. This will allow them to participate in several voting events to make decisions on important matters related to the platform. One of the most notable potential metaverse tokens..

3. Chromia (CHR)


Chromia, backed by ChromaWay, was launched in May 2019. Since the metaverse token is one of the oldest players in the crypto community, it has a significant reputation among crypto geeks.

Chromia has powered famous metaverse My Neighbour Alice and the P2E game Mines of Dalarnia. Moreover, Revolve Games has also partnered with Chromia and agreed to utilize CHR’s technology. This push comes as the development of interconnected game worlds accelerate. A Metaverse Grant Program will award R&D grants to the most detailed and thorough concepts.

With its core team involving Henrik Hjelte, Or Perelman and Alex Mizrahi, the team plans to utilize their experiences and develop a decentralized, publicly-hosted internet infrastructure that will allow users to access their data.

CHR is known for building solutions for several banks, enterprises and government institutions. A potential metaverse tokens.

Market Capitalization

With its various unique features that revealed new implementations of the metaverse concept, CHR was valued at $9 million in January 2021.

However, as the metaverse trend took hold, the token price rallied almost 30X with a market cap of $242 million in a span of 2 months. The token market cap reached an all-time high of $720M.

Currently, the metaverse token is at 50X from its last year’s value with a market cap of $458 Million.


Due to the efficiency of its blockchain implementations, CHR has managed to join hands with the following crypto gaming ventures:

– Chain of Alliance,

– Krystopia: Nova’s Journey,

– Mines of Dalarnia,

– My Neighbor Alice.

Moreover, the enterprise partners of Chromia are as follows:

– Capchap,

– LAC PropertyChain,

– Lingon.

Token Utility

For beginners, the CHR token acts as a currency in the Chromia economy. With its efficient synchronization with several DeFi applications, users can use CHR tokens to stake and pay other operational fees.

4. Decentraland (MANA)


Since the advent of life-simulation video games such as The Sims, millions of players around the world has adopted this game mode. For this reason, when the crypto gaming community started pondering the idea of a virtual life simulator gaming project, many aspiring project leads came forward with their intuitive ideas.

Decentraland requires no introduction in the list of potential metaverse tokens. Since social media users are more alerted about their digital presence, projects like MANA come into play that can serve as alternatives to our real-world activities and keep us entertained in our leisure time.

Although Decentraland was founded 5 years ago, their market dominance has only accelerated in the last 12 – 16 months. An ERC-20 token, MANA was formed on the idea of normalizing the sale and purchase of virtual land in the metaverse.

The overall structure of the platform is categorised into four major phases:

– Districts,


– Plazas,

– Roads.

Users can visit themed districts, own virtual pieces of LAND, and attend events of their choice. LAND pieces are marked pieces of land that can be traded on the marketplace. Districts are where private properties lie with dedicated themes and are usually not for sale. Moreover, Plazas were designed for breeding of players which contains high footfall. The plazas are not for sale either.

Market Capitalization

Whoever is a fan of the metaverse, must have heard about the unrivalled success of MANA in the crypto universe. MANA started 2021 with a market cap of $124 million, which is considered substantial for a project in the crypto world.

However, since the metaverse narrative took charge and Decentraland was one of the pioneers, the metaverse token managed to inflate its market cap to $1B in a matter of 2 months by March 2021.

The uniqueness in implementation and the depth of the platform helped the metaverse token to increase further its market value, doubling its market cap to an astounding $2.47B by May. However, the real jaw-dropping growth was attested to in the last quarter when the token almost grew five times to an all-time high market cap of $10 billion.

Currently, the token is situated at a market cap of $5 billion, still extremely higher than its market capitalization of the same date last year.


Decntraland’s market dominance has been on a constant rise since the beginning of 2021. For this reason, the metaverse token has managed to secure collaborations with quite a few famous business giants. Some of which are mentioned below:

– Binance,


-Samsung Electronics partners with MANA to open a digital store in the metaverse,

– Under Armour.

Token Utility

The metaverse platform allows holders to engage with the in-game ecosystems using their respective MANA tokens. Currently, the platform’s operations can be categorized into two ways:

– The Builder: If you do not have any coding skills and only wish to play the game, you can start by buying MANA from any crypto marketplace and move the MANA tokens into your wallet that you can access on MANA’s website.

This will simply allow you to drag and drop pre-made elements on preset scene environments in order to create your version of land or property that can be sold as an NFT on its own within MANA’s ecosystem.

– Decentraland SDK: Write code through software to multiply your starting quantity of MANA tokens.

Once you get inside the game after connecting your wallet, you’re exposed to a wide set of facilities and digital assets that are waiting to be traded by potential buyers. Due to these limitless possibilities of growth and the accelerating depth of the platform, more and more investors are flocking towards the metaverse game.

5. Enjin Coin (ENJ)


Enjin Network was originally launched on the Ethereum mainnet in June 2018. However, the company behind — Enjin, was founded in 2009 as a developer of blockchain-based gaming products. This makes Enjin one of the oldest players in the metaverse and overall crypto market. The space gaming platform was focused on developing a platform that will allow multiplayer access to ensure that people can communicate with new players worldwide.

However, the company only started to gain a prominent status from 2017 with its ICO that managed to generated a total of $18.9 million. This boosted the growth and recognition of ENJ and helped the business venture to develop systematic and standardized blockchain tools and services.

Market Capitalization

Enjin Coin has been a big success in 2021 according to most crypto pundits.

Starting in January 2021, ENJ had a market cap of $100 million. Luckily, the bullish trend of Q1 2021 accompanied ENJ with it too by inflating its market cap to ten times greater value in a matter of 2 months. By the end of March 2021, ENJ had a new all-time high market cap of $1B.

As the metaverse hype reached the peak, ENJ hit a high of $3.93 billion in market cap. Currently, the token sits at a market cap of $2.18 billion.

Token Utility

Since ENJ has been in the crypto market for the longest time, the developers are well aware of blockchain applications. For this reason, ENJ tokens can be utilized by developers as in-game currency. The platform plans to collaborate with over 250,r000 existing gaming websites for the successful consolidation of ENJ as in-game currency.

6. Epik Prime (EPIK)


Epik Prime (EPIK) is an NFT platform founded in 2018 with the mission to enhance the quality of digital items for both brands and games. The idea was to bring control in the hands of the players and provide premium quality digital assets to improve the way people express themselves.

Since digital items collections are generally channelled towards a specific theme correlating to the status, identity, or performance of the item, EPIK is making its way as an outstanding signifier for premium digital assets for both brands and games.

Market Capitalization

Despite being epic with the implementations, EPIK’s journey of market capitalization has been rather dull. Although the metaverse token profited a considerable response from its initial funding round, its market cap has been in constant decrease since its public launch.

Starting from December 2021, when its market cap was $92 million, it has been in constant decrease due to the overall bear run. However, it has further gone down to the recent value, which is more than 50% lesser than the launch value at $42 Million.

Token Utility

If you’re an EPIK token HODLer, you’re in for a treat as the HODLers will be able to have dedicated access within the EPIK ecosystem. The platform allows users to stake their EPIK tokens to get access to Epik Prime (a premium service). Moreover, if the users wish to upgrade their membership from Epik Prime to Epik Prime+, they can become qualified for exclusive NFT airdrops apart from the staking rewards.

Moreover, you can use your EPIK tokens in the following games:

– AdventureQuest 3D (Korn: Battle Concert Arena)

– Avakin Life: HEAD

– Food Truck Chef (featuring Chef Duff Goldman)

– Scotty McCreery at Club Cooee

– ULTRAMAN: Arena of Valor

7. Meta Hero (HERO)


While most of the metaverse tokens listed have been around for at least 2 to 3 years in the crypto space, Meta Hero (HERO) has only been around for a year. However, this lack of experience hasn’t overshadowed the depth of potentials of the platform and its team.

Meta Hero provides metascanning technology — a 3D chamber consisting of 16 non-stationary stanchions and four cameras. A total of 64 cameras can capture images.

Market Capitalization

HERO opened its project idea and prototype to the world, this made their IDO sale highly watched out for.

The depth in their implementation of its next-generation 3D technology resulted in Meta Hero inflating its market cap to $700 million in the first month of its public launch in December 2021.

Although the overall crypto market is clouded with consistent bear run, HERO has managed to stand strong holding its position, and has only witnessed a decline of 30% in its market cap with a current valuation at $500 million.


HERO is impervious about revolutionizing the level of detail of avatars in the metaverse. Their 3D scanning technology is primarily directed towards perfect measurement. Examples are:

– Bloktopia,


Bloktopia x Metahero happened with a common intention to provide accurate 3D avatars to people signing up for their gaming sessions on Bloktopia’s network.

Token Utility

Since Metahero is an intelligent mixture of B2B and B2C models, it brings great advantages for all of its users. The token is utilised for all transactions in the Meta Hero ecosystem. This includes HD metascanning, licensing and NFT sales.

With 3D printing being the most important utility of Metahero alongside the development towards recyclable plastics, the HODLers of HERO token are in for a treat.

8. MyNeighborAlice

MyNeighbourAlice (ALICE) is a yet-to-be launched P2E metaverse game. The concept of the game is related to that of Animal Crossing. It is also allowing players to collect NFTs that can be traded both inside and outside of the ALICE ecosystem.

ALICE’s virtual world comprises of multiple islands. Each plot is traded as a different NFT both within and outside of the ecosystem. The flexibility in the blockchain implementation of the token gives players the room to customize their in-game property, decorate their digital assets, and even customize the terrain underneath your property.

Market Capitalization

ALICE has been a favorite token throughout last year. Many long-term crypto HODLers wanted to know what ALICE had for the crypto world. For this reason, ALICE received unequalled support from the community in its pre-sale event and reached $500 million in market cap in a matter of 30 days.

However, the bearish dip made the token reach $74 million in July 2021. Following that, the token managed to claim a new all-time high in Q4 2021. The market cap. was at the value of $870 million.

Currently, ALICE’s market cap is ranging at $300 million.

Token Utility

ALICE tokens can be used to purchase in-game items.

This includes land and cosmetic items for the avatar. Moreover, the token is used to earn staking rewards. This encourages users to continue being in possession of their assets.

In addition to that, the token holders can partake in a decentralized governance process. This gives them a stand in deciding the use of revenues, scaling the growth of the platform, etc.

9. RedFox (RFOX)


The aim of most metaverse projects is on bringing products to the market. The world hasn’t witnessed many service-based cryptocurrency projects. RedFox (RFOX) aim is to be the global leader. in engrossed metaverse experience focused on retail, media, gaming and rewards.

Since its launch in February 2021, RedFox has been active in becoming Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder. The initial idea of the metaverse project is to develop several business ventures within the crypto space. This is to create a popularity in the crypto community with noteworthy and intuitive business ideas.

Market Capitalization

Due to the unique changes, RFOX started trading at a market cap of $100 million in February 2021.

Since then, the metaverse token 4X in value in the first quarter of 2021. However, the bearish trends of Q2 2021 got hold of RFOX too. It brought it down to an all-time low market cap of $43 Million. Luckily, RFOX retraced to reach a new all-time high of $440 million in Q4 2021.

The value of RFOX token is currently at a market cap of $100 million.

Token Utility

RFOX has its utility can be categorized into various dimensions:

  • VALT: Helps users to interact within RFOX’s ecosystem.
  • NFTs: Trade NFTs using RedFOX as the payment method.

Games: Play RedFOX games with the help of its tokens and even earn its tokens as rewards within the system.

-Media: Users can use RFOX tokens to purchase media content such as images and videos.

  • Finance: Partake in DeFi products like staking and liquidity pools to earn RFOX tokens.

10. The Sandbox (SAND)


The Sandbox is one of the most diverse metaverse games. This is why more and more people are engaging themselves in the platform. They enjoy the activities of building, owning, and monetizing their digital assets.

Similar to Decentraland, The Sandbox allows users to purchase and own lands as NFTs. It recently made the news for a record-breaking $4.3 million land sale.

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Kiguel considered this purchase. Example, purchasing land in Manhattan 250 years ago when the city was still under development.

Market Capitalization

Being consistent on metaverse space, you must know the positive valuation of SAND.

In January 2021, the token valuation was $23 Million.

Riding the overall bull run in Q1 of 2021, the metaverse token’s market cap value accelerated to $500 million. This happened by the end of the first quarter. Due to the platform’s uniqueness, SAND managed to rise at an all-time price of $7.5 billion in its market cap.

Due to the recent bearish trends, the token is currently ranging at a market cap of $3.3 Billion.


Since its launch, SAND has attracted a long list of partners and investors. Below are some of the notable ones.

– Adidas,

– BlockchainSpace,

– Care Bears,

– Simplex,

– Snoop Dogg,

– The Smurfs,

– The Walking Dead.

Token Utility

SAND holders can use tokens for in-game purchases of pieces of LAND. Also sell and purchase of different accessories and in-game assets.

11. Star Atlas (ATLAS)


Launched in December 2021. The only purpose of developing a space-themed metaverse. Star Atlas brands itself as a “grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.

”95% of the digital assets available in the ecosystem are NFTs.

Market Capitalization

The surreal out-of-the-world concept of developing a virtual world in space attracted the community in the IDO stage. It helped ATLAS launch at an accumulated total of $300 million in September 2021. During the bullish wave of the last quarter, the token managed to soar to new heights. It did it with an all-time high of $458 million.

However, due to the bearish trends, the metaverse token is ranging at a market cap of $138 million. Token Utility within the futuristic space has exploration game. Players will be able to purchase and trade in-game assets. So to improve their playing experience within the ecosystem. ATLAS will be good if used as a governance token. This probides the HODLers with a stand in major decisions regarding the development of the game.

12. SushiSwap (SUSHI)


SushiSwap was first seen in August 2020.

The unique story about Sushi’s involvement is both a metaverse token and a DeFi exchange. The decentralized exchange started out as a token swap AMM. Then widened its suite of products to lending, farming, launchpad, and more. Shoyu, the latest product, is a NFT metaverse marketplace. Sushi launched it for digital art.

Market Capitalization

SUSHI started off 2021 with a market cap of $593 million. It grew to a value of $2 billion by the end of February 2021. The bullish wave moved the token to a high of $2.9 billion by the end of March 2021. Due to the recent bearish trends, the DeFi token is currently ranging at a market cap value of $450 million.

Token Utility

By token utility, SUSHI tokens are governance token. It give users chances to participate in taking pivotal decisions. Decisions for the development of the ecosystem.

13. WAX (WAXP)


Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), discovered in 2017. The idea was, developing the most environment-friendly blockchain for collectibles, NFTS, and games.

Being a pro metaverse token, WAXP has the potentials of providing dedicated e-commerce transactional services within a metaverse environment. Ideally, this should make WAXP head for e-commerce transaction. This is because of a successful implementation of its blockchain services.

Market Capitalization

Just a year ago, WAXP was sitting at a market cap of $53 million. The depth of features available in the token’s utility attracted investors and speculators. This resulted in the token soaring its market cap to almost 10X its starting value in 2021 to $516 million.

The growth potential of WAXP was far from over in March. The token managed to hit a new all-time high just months later in Q4 of 2021. It was with a market cap of $1.73 billion.

Currently, the token sits at market cap of $709 million, over 50% below its high. This is all about Market capitalization of this token.

Token Utility

In token utility, WAXP ecosystem provides various services such as WAX Cloud Wallet, OAuth and more. The utility of the token was to develop trading of virtual assets for NFTs, etc. on the blockchain. This is one of the potential metaverse tokens. This is the Token Utility.

Moreover, holders can earn rewards. This is for consistent staking of their tokens to help stabilize and support the growth of the token.

There is need to discuss Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry

The big question goes, is metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry? See below.

How Is the Metaverse Shapeshifting the Gaming Industry?

It is a sensitive question to ask how is metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry. People really ask; how is metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry? Artificial reality has been in existence for quite some time. Despite the low rate of adoption to the technology, both gaming and health-based business ventures have made great leaps. Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry is very paramount.

People wanted the concept of creating an entire world based on artificial reality. This is because virtual reality concepts are booming on both mobile and PC platforms. Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry took effect. This is why many metaverse gaming projects received severe attention last year. It is safe to say its true Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry.

Metaverse Shapeshifting the gaming industry is widespread.

With Meta, formerly known as Facebook, jumping into the metaverse scene, the scale of recognition of the concept grew exponentially. Metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry is a good idea. The video gaming implementations were in a 2D screen. Now the are in 360-degree virtual world View. The gaming industry is undergoing metaverse shapeshifting. Now you can mention the list of best metaverse tokens in 2022.

By the global popularity of metaverse, the good developments and innovations in the community will be one to pay attention to. That is, metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry and the list of best metaverse tokens in 2022.

I hope you now know the list of best metaverse tokens in 2022. Also, potential metaverse tokens. Understanding how metaverse shapeshifting the gaming industry. what market capitalization is and token utility.

The next Crpto cycle will make many multi-millionaires.

See the List of things to learn.

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