List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms

List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms. On this webpage, We will be discussing The List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms, With all the money involved in cryptocurrency, is it something to be considered profitable. Understanding How Crypto VC Funding Function. The Three Arrows Investment Capital (3AC). The 3 Big DeFi VC Funds.

The year 2021 registered a lot of crypto venture capital funding, this act was driven by the loss of monetary policy which was after the lockdowns, the pandemic, made investors increase their risk appetites leading to the flow of money into crypto than ever before. 

List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms

The beginners in crypto received about $25.2 billion in the year 2021 compared to $3.1 billion in 2020 this was shown by venture capital analysis, in the crypto industry all sections saw strong growth with the VC funding for the NFT exploding to about $4.8 billion compared to 2020, $37 million made. The Blockchain venture capital funding total shares in the entire global venture capital market grew from 1%to 4%, therefore the year 2022 is said to be a more challenging or tasking year for the world of crypto venture capital firms.  However, the risk-taking capital will continue to speed the growth of the crypto industry in the year to come, therefore knowing the main players in the crypto VC market will make a difference for a retail investor between a profitable and unprofitable investment.

Understanding How Crypto VC Funding Function

The crypto VC funny is a bit different from the general VC funding having few commonalities. This type of funding works with lots of investors who wish to multiply their investment through investing early in a company, before their investment they try reviewing different projects by checking the company’s growth potential and the potential return if they should invest. VC funds spread their investment to enable them to minimize their downside risk and potential volatility.

A standard venture capital funding occurs, it takes place in five(5) stages which are;

  • The pre-seed stage: At this stage, the project is still in its early phase often more than an idea where the investment comes from family and friends.
  • The seed round stage: At this stage, the product is being tested For its viability which are the competitor analysis, market potential analysis, and the development of a minimum viable product. Also, in this stage, cash flow, pitch decks road maps, and other materials are used to seek investors actively out
  • The Series A: Here s strong community validates the growth of a product, at this stage investments are less risky for investors but more expensive thereby focusing on the product’s marketing and advertising.
  • The series B: this is a stage where the product has a massive, expanding user base where the investment is based on the marketing aspect, sales, human resources, business development, and also customers service
  • The Series C: this stage relies on diversifying the lines of product, accessing the product commercially in the international market.

List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms

In the above stages, many projects never get past the first two Initial stages which makes crypto VC funding to be quite different. Only a few companies have acquired the FTX maturity which in the Series C funding raised $32 billion. The examples of the other two series stages are praxis, Rarify for the series A funding and Dune analysis, Palm NFT studio for the series B funding, the crypto industry is still comparably new and most projects would not have validated business models. Most cryptocurrency projects for example raise money via tokens instead of equity.

In the project, the effectiveness of the token means equity, the raising of money through an ICO or an IDO instead of selling stocks which shows that the investors take a different form of risk. To purchase a token via an ICO enables the investors to cash out their stake more easily and much earlier, whereas the product most times less quality and less trustworthy than their equivalent stock selling.

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Most importantly, the crypto market uses different forms of marketing platforms such as Facebook and google thereby restricting the traditional extent of digital marketing for cryptocurrencies. This has resulted in cryptocurrency relying heavily on the market influencer and the guerilla methods for marketing thereby limiting the rate at which a product’s viability is tested before launching.

The crypto VC funding, in conclusion, has is faster but based on more trial and error involving lesser regulation. The VC funds make effective use of their relationship in the industry and most times support the project which has influencer marketing thereby rising a project’s legitimacy. Also, the crypto VC funds could fall apart, facing headwinds for introducing tools that are from traditional finance that goes against the decentralized reasons for the crypto industry.

There are several investment funds that have emerged in the last few years as the top crypto VC funds.

The Three Arrows Investment Capital (3AC) Are Listed Below As:

The three arrows capital was considered to be one of the top hedge funds likewise market makers in the space which was founded by Su Zhu and Kyle Davies in the year 2021. This holds a stake in many big blockchains such as Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ethereum, Terra, Avalanche, e.t.c, with lots of investments across the GameFi and DeFi projects which include Aave, Axie Infinity, and many more. The 3AC also invest in equity-based blockchain project for example the fund’s stake in BlockFi, Starkware, and Deribit.

The Andreessen Horowitz VC Firm( a16z):

This was founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz in the year 2009. It is also known as a16z, a Californian crypto VC firm that invests in a based non-blockchain technology companies such as the 3AC, having stakes in many top crypto industries like Celo, MakerDAO, Coinbase, and many others

  • Alameda Experimentation: This is a form of a crypto hedge fund that was founded by Sam Bankman Fried who was an FTX founder and is now headed by Sam Trabucco. The Alameda Research was listed to have stakes in most blockchain companies and also in Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, Binance uni swap, and many more.

Jump Crypto VC Firm

This is another arm jump trading investment with offices located in Asia, Europe, and North America. Its mission statement themed ” Modern Slavery Statement” has tongue-in-cheek ways to refer to the uniform of mission comparable statement it also has stakes in wormhole Terra, Solana, and so on.

The Digital Currency Group VC Firms

This is also referred to as the “epicenter of the Bitcoin and blockchain industry”. Its purpose is to build and support the blockchain and Bitcoin industry by gaining an advantage over its insights and capital. The above group has their investment in coin desk, Kraken, Coinbase and so many other blockchain protocols in its stands.

Coinbase Ventures VC Firm

This is a popular centralized exchange of arm of coin investment for cryptocurrencies whereas other crypto VC funds have their investment in Coinbase, the Coinbase venture itself into projects like Starkware, BlockFi e.t.c.

Binance Labs VC Firm

This is another important and famous centralized exchange belonging to Binance. They take advantage of the DEX Binance to invest in new crypto projects with its stakes in Terra, Coin 98, Moonbeam with others

List Of The Top Crypto VC Funds

In the cryptocurrency world, crypto VC firms and funds are identically essential, although the funds found in this category are often owned by capitalists venture and hedge funds which were mentioned above.

Paradigm VC Funds

This is a form of crypto VC fund which backs crypto companies having stakes between $1 million to $100 million. Paradigm follows a long-term global and multi-stage approach in helping crypto investing teams with operational and technical questions, such as the Open sea, Argent, and Optimism.

Multicoin VC Funds

This is a native crypto fund, a dissertation-driven investment firm that does its investment in tokens, blockchain companies, and cryptocurrencies. It also takes part in staking, liquidation, and other crypto operations, with its portfolio staking in Arweave, Audius, and Near protocols.

Pantera VC Funds

Since the year 2013, Pantera has pitched itself as the first U.S asset institutional manager that focused exclusively on blockchain investing essentially on the infrastructures of the blockchain such as exchanges, institutional trading tools, decentralized finance, custodians, and so on. Its roles feature stakes in Polkadot, FTX, Coinbase, and many more.

Draper VC Funds

The Draper associates which was founded by Tim Draper in the year 1985, has become a venture capital firm used for industry-transforming companies. He also had investments in technology companies whereby its blockchain investment include positions in Tezos, Bancor, and MakerDAO.

Polychain VC Funds

This a type of VC whose main focus is on blockchain-based digital assets. Which is the most notable investment in Celo, dYdX, and Acala

Framework Ventures VC Funds

This type of venture aims at the global transition to decentralized technology. As a venture firm is driven by dissertation, its partners and teams with founders built crypto economies and scalable communities. This venture holds several investments in the DeFi protocols space such as the Zapper, Fei, and Rari.

We will be discussing The List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms. With all the money involved in cryptocurrency, is it something to be considered profitable. Understanding How Crypto VC Funding Function. The Three Arrows Investment Capital (3AC). The 3 Big DeFi VC Funds.

The 3 Big DeFi VC Funds Are Listed Below As:

Apart from VC crypto funds which focus on blockchain investment technology and generally in the crypto companies. There are specific specialized DeFi VC funds. Most times they take smaller positions that are comparable to boutique venture capitalists in technology.

PetRock Capital Defi VC Funds

This is a VC funds based in Singapore, with which its main focus is on the multi-chain protocol. This was found in Goldman Sachs, PwC, and BCG by alumni. Their investment includes Raydium, Klima DAO, and step finance.

TRGC Defi VC Funds

This is also a DeFi fund that is based in New York and Amsterdam. Its main focus is on the DeFi application with its portfolio consisting of investments in Reef. KAVA, Polkadot and so many other focused DeFi startups

Fabric Ventures Defi VC Funds

This is a type of DeFi VC fund based in London. Backing investments in the open economy focuses on decentralized finance. Its investment stakes are in Angle, Liquid, and Cashflow among its more than 20 investments.

The 3 Big Metaverse VC Funds Are Listed Below As:

With the existence of NFTs as a blockchain major technology. Its dedicated and metaverse VC firms have come up just like the DeFi VC funds. Having the smaller and specialized investment in the metaverse and GameFi projects only.

Animoca Brands Metaverse VC Funds

This is one of the metai VC firm space leaders which was ranked in the financial time. List of highly growing companies in the region of Asia Pacific which was in the year 2021. Having their investment in several important NFT related projects and metaverse such as. Axie infinity, Sandbox, OpenSea, Dapper Labs, and many others.

Genblock Capital Metaverse VC Funds

This form of capital since early 2017, has been interested in the blockchain space and its VC fund. Focusing on decentralized finance and its metaverse. Genblock capital fund’s main oriented gaming investments are Aurora, Bloktopia, and Efinity.


This is a form of an NFT fund investment and production studio. Whose main area is in the identification of early-stage projects across the blockchain infrastructure? Art, finance, its unique collectibility, and virtual state. They have their investment in Nifty Gateway and also in Decentraland.

We will be discussing The List Of Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Firms. With all the money involved in cryptocurrency, is it something to be considered profitable? Understanding How Crypto VC Funding Function. The Three Arrows Investment Capital (3AC). The 3 Big DeFi VC Funds.

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