List of the Top 10 Insurance Broking Software in the Market Right Now

If you have been looking for a List of the Top 10 Insurance Broking Software in the Market Right Now then this article is for you. What Is Insurance Broker Software System? Keep reading to find then answer and information about softwares like Go-Insurance Software, AUSIS, SmartAgent and much more.

What Is Insurance Broker Software System?

The foundation of the brokerage system is the insurance broker software. This program is used to manage all client data, inbound and outbound transactions, and customer care. Software for insurance brokers helps the broker automate operations, simplify tasks, and save time.

Modern business management solutions, such as an insurance broker system software, are available for managing daily operations. It offers a central location where data can be organized and kept for quick retrieval. By assisting agents in automating processes like quoting, underwriting, billing, claim management, and more, it also streamlines business operations.

There are various reasons why a company should think about acquiring software for insurance brokers. First off, equipping their personnel with automation solutions can assist companies lower staff expenditures. It can make their business scalable and offer them protection against cyber security concerns. Because they will have improved reporting capabilities, it will also improve the experience their clients enjoy with them. Agents can save time by using an insurance broker system software because they won’t have to squander it on menial duties like updating the database or completing paperwork.

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The Best 10 Insurance Brokering Software Products Available Right Now

This guide’s main goal is to introduce you to the top software that some of the leading insurance brands are already using. The truth behind this is that large client bases and insurance brokerage organizations consistently find newer technologies to be more useful than older ones.

Which insurance broker software is the best? The top 10 insurance brokerage applications available now are listed below:

1. KAEM – Software for Tracking and Managing Auto Insurance Claims

This program specializes in auto insurance. It is designed to keep track of policy payments and management for auto and other relevant vehicle insurance.

The KAEM insurance software sends emails automatically and reminds users to pay premiums. For insurance brokerage companies who handle several auto insurance agreements, this software could be quite beneficial. One of the best tools for managing and tracking vehicle insurance claims is KAEM.

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2. Go-Insurance Software

With innovative insurance software called Go-Insurance, brokers may increase sales and effectively disseminate their services. It’s simple to use this program. It enables users to complete more distance sales.

The software is quicker and simpler to use thanks to its user-friendly layout. Almost all insurance brokers would undoubtedly desire this as one of their strategies to increase sales.

Sales is one of the daily tasks that insurance brokers target. Sales are the main source of income for insurance brokers. So, having this kind of software is advantageous to brokers.


AUSIS is a program for life and health insurance. Effectively scores, prices, and makes decisions on policy risk. Even integration with specific agents or primary insurance platforms is possible.

Using this software could be advantageous for brokers that have a sizable clientele in the health and life insurance industries. The majority of the time, elements like premium calculation and policy risk evaluation are not always simple.

Your meticulous effort in this area will undoubtedly be handled by this software.

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4. I2GO Software for Insurance

I2GO is insurance software that makes several crucial procedures simpler. All sizes of insurance organizations are able to use this software.

A broker can manage the claims process, develop new products more quickly, and sell policies online with the help of i2GO insurance software.

5. The ALFRED Claims Automation Program

Your consumers can submit claims entirely digitally with Alfred software. Insurance brokers and TPA companies can now allow their clients to submit claims online thanks to software that automates and assesses claims using AI.

This will make it simple for your consumers to submit any claims, and it will also give you the chance to respond to them quickly. The software bridges the communication gap between you and your clients. That will ultimately result in a positive relationship that could result in extra clients for your insurance company.

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6. SmartAgent

SmartAgent is an all-in-one insurance policy administration tool that is user-friendly and simple to use. It is also an app for insurance companies and a reminder program.

Any type of insurance policy, including those for life, health, general car insurance, etc., can be managed with the help of this really helpful application. Also, it aids insurance brokers in increasing the revenue of their business.

An insurer on a tight budget now has the option to handle their customer data using cloud-based technologies. Using this properly will assist in controlling many elements of your business’s services.

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This cloud-based program was created to assist insurance companies in managing and streamlining various administrative procedures. It aids in handling tasks like reporting, management, and general management.

With this, managers may create performance reports and track workers’ productivity based on predetermined criteria.

With the aid of this software, your insurance company’s internal operations can now be effectively controlled. Even though some tasks can’t be easily tracked by automation, this software will undoubtedly be of great use to you.

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8. Commission Tracker

Various insurance broker applications

Insurance businesses utilize Commission Tracker, or sales commission software, to organize and track sales commissions. It precisely and methodically determines how much commission must be given to agents.

One of the most interesting methods for agents to earn money online is through an affiliate network for insurance. When used correctly, there is no way to fail. Large-scale employers can easily integrate their payment method into Commission Tracker.

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9. EZLynx

Do you struggle with management and marketing in your insurance businesses? A cloud-based tool called EZLynx assists insurance brokers in streamlining their marketing operations.

The program manages marketing circumstances involving email marketing, lead management, online quotation, and client retention. When it comes to marketing and reaching new clients, these areas are essential.

After using this software for a while, you’ll undoubtedly find new marketing applications for it. Similar to cost estimation, you can submit quotes using this program on a centralized site.

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10. CaptaIMS

Workflow is streamlined by the user-friendly insurance program CaptaIMS. CaptaIMS is the best new piece of software on the market for organizing your work. It became created to arrange your professional, personal, and medical affairs.

It aids organizations in centrally organizing and managing all leads and clients. Using this, brokers can select which industry to follow or concentrate on. This software, along with others, will help you stay better organized and put your job into perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What independent insurance agency is the biggest in the world?

Lockton Performance: Our Story. The largest held international insurance broker is Lockton. Lockton has grown from humble origins in Kansas City in 1966 to become a major broker globally.

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In Nigeria, how many insurance brokers are there?

There are roughly 15,000 licensed insurance agents and 460 registered insurance brokers. Because brokers currently hold a majority of the premium revenue, the Nigerian insurance market has been referred to as a brokers’ market.

What is CRM software for insurance?

An insurance CRM is a service that addresses the specific needs of insurance brokers and insurance firms. You may manage numerous policies in one system, automate assignments to the right workers, and arrange all of your leads and claims with the aid of an insurance CRM.

What insurance app has had the most downloads?

The most downloaded auto insurance app is one from GEICO, with over 10 million downloads. More than five million people have downloaded the State Farm and Allstate applications.

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Who is the largest broker in the world?

Charles Schwab, which established in 1971 and became the biggest stock brokerage firm in the world, pioneered the idea of the discount brokerage.

Who are the top five insurance providers?

According to membership, UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana are the top five health insurance providers.

What is the biggest insurance provider in Africa?

The headquarters of the Sanlam financial services group are in Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa. Sanlam is the largest insurance company in Africa. It trades on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Namibian Stock Exchange, and the A2X.

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How big is the market for insurance software?

The p&c insurance software market, which valued at $11.6 billion in 2021 and predicted to increase to $28.5 billion by 2031. Rising at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2022 to 2031, according this analysis.


More than ever, insurance brokers working in countries like the USA, UK, or Canada use insurance broking software. Automation systems have taken over tasks like maintaining individual clients, recording client policies, and premium calculation.

If they want to have good operations, every insurance provider needs to start using broking software.

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