Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid Reviews/Assessment

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One of the best steering wheel fluids available is made by Lucas Oil, which is ideal for drivers searching for a universal power steering fluid. Power steering fluid from Lucas Oil can be used with a variety of automakers. This complete solution essentially guards against wear and tear in addition to maintaining the functionality of your hydraulic system. Your O-rings, seals, cylinders, pumps, and valves will last longer if you use this revitalizing formula.

By making rubber parts less rigid and decreasing friction in your power steering, it improves the general longevity of your system. The result is a significantly better drivers enjoyment. Additionally, Lucas’ power steering fluid prevents fading and foaming, both of which can happen in high-performance settings.

Even though Lucas Oil’s fluid is the ideal synthetic power steering fluid, it has some drawbacks. This power steering oil will not last as long as other universal fluids due to the extra protective properties. As is the case with the majority of aftermarket steering fluids, not all vehicle manufacturers can use Lucas Oil’s product.

A multipurpose item is Lucas Power Steering Fluid. It is designed with unique base oils and lubricity-adding additives to aid reduce wear and boost performance. It has gentle agents that condition seals and o-rings to help stop minor leaks. aids in halting pump squealing and maintains smoothly operating power steering. Additional oxidation inhibitors and foam inhibitors are included in Lucas Power Steering Fluid to help the fluid last longer.

Key advantages

  • Increases lubricity to reduce wear and enhance efficiency.
  • Stops tiny leaks by sealing them
  • Foam inhibitors assist prolong the life of fluids

Regarding this item

  • Enhances steering feel and reaction
  • Prolongs the life of valves, cylinders, seals, rack & pinion gears, and pumps
  • Compatibility with all petroleum-based and synthetic power steering fluids
  • In high-performance settings, prevents fading and foaming.

Product Information

  • With the best base oil and unique Lucas additives, it outperforms all others in terms of smooth, silent operation and seal conditioning for leak prevention.
  • Makes the steering feel and response better
  • Prolongs the life of valves, cylinders, seals, racks, and pumps.
  • Compatible with all power steering fluids, whether they are synthetic or petroleum-based.
  • 16 ounces of liquid.
  • Made in the USA
  • An all-encompassing, all-purpose power steering fluid that supports your system functioning properly and guards against wear and tear.


  • Anybody can use this steering fluid.
  • Your steering system will last longer thanks to it.
  • And to improve general performance, it prevents fading and foaming.


  • Not compatible with all manufacturers and does not last as long as some other fluids.

Answers to questions from clients


Would this fluid function as a suitable replacement for the Dexron 3 trans fluid used in the power steering fluid of a Toyota truck?


• I’d decline. Never mix hydraulic fluid and transmission fluid; systems are designed for either one or the other, never both. It is never a good idea to use automatic transmission fluid in place of regular power steering fluid (which is essentially standard AWE32 hydraulic fluid).


I own a 2004 Honda Pilot with 280k miles and a steering groan under light loads.
bleeding ps fluid while still groaning slightly Can this thing really help?


• I experienced the same low-speed groan in my 2006 Ridgeline. To get rid of the majority of the current ps fluid, I used a turkey baster. I next added Lucas PS Fluid to the PS reservoir. Since doing this over a year ago, I have not encountered any new problems. Good fortune.


Can you combine this with mercon atf? That is particularly used by the power steering pump on my Ford Ranger.


• Sure. I did! Posted on August 27, 2016 by Bill Thomas


Will a Mahindra tractor’s power steering pump work with this? Thank you.


This excellent product is compatible with EVERY power steering system.

Top ratings

Merry B.

The steering has been improved, and the whining has stopped. For power steering, I only use Honda fluids, although Lucas DOES function in Hondas, and in my case, it made the pump quieter. I will ultimately have to rebuild the pump or substitute the seals. The power steering line’s O-ring may occasionally merely need to be changed.

Ashley Granger

Our 1997 Corolla has been kept operating for YEARS using Lucas conditioners. When the car began to leak oil, my father, who has been a mechanic for 40 years, suggested it to me and it was a huge help. Our mechanic concurs that he has witnessed some amazing things involving it. This is for our power steering; we’ve had a leak for a while, and if we don’t use the conditioner frequently, we’ll realise that it worsens. We can add power steering fluid to it, however rather than prevent it from degrading too much, we must use the lucas conditioner frequently.

Andrew Ketcherick

Confirmed Purchase

My power steering pump was grunting and squealing. I removed the old fluid with two Turkey Blasters and replaced it with Lucas fluid. Since I did not use leak stop, I cannot comment on whether the regular fluid is better than the old fluid.


Confirmed Purchase

I of recent bought a truck and wanted to flush the PS system. I resolved to use the Lucas fluid. Because I’ve always had great luck with Lucas products. I was wowed upon cleaning it out and adding brand-new fluid. There was no longer any pump whine (which was not unpleasant however was present), and everything was running smoothly. Although the old fluid wasn’t too bad (I’ve seen it be jet black before), it needed to be changed because it was old.

Based on what you already have or are willing to purchase, there are a few different ways to change PS fluid.

Joshua Recinos

For the past three weeks, I’ve observed a slow leak on the power steering pump. seems to be more noticeable when it is cold. this in, and there have been no leaks for the last two weeks. will update when leak reappears.

Josh Crow

Confirmed Purchase

Good Deal

G-T Ford

Worth the price for a good product.

Senior Robert Bloomquist

PS Pump was wailing loudly. removed PS fluid from the bowel and replaced it with this fluid. When I restarted the engine, the sound returned right away to normal! After a month, it absolutely performs admirably! 5.4 liter Ford Expedition from 2011.

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