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Erik Hag, the Manchester United manager says he sees a happy Marcus Rashford that is enjoying the fruits of his hard work and good energy in training. On Sunday, the early impact Marcus is having under his new boss was highlighted. During Ten Hag’s pre-match press conference ahead of Thursday’s Europa League opener against Real Sociedad, the 24-year old’s new season form was a talking point.

When asked of Marcus performance between this term and last season, Erik asserted it’s hard to talk about the past. Though he sees a happy Rashford and some phases that can be improved in his game. He also explained how hard they have worked in the last two and a half months on different aspects. He added that what we see at the moment is happiness that he wants to transfer to the pitch. Expressed that he hoped to work with Rashford for the long term and like him to be in United for years. When responding to a question about the future, he added that United control the situation.

As their European campaign starts at 20:00 BST at the Theatre of Dreams, their first opponent is the Spanish side in Group E. Hag previewed Thursday’s fixture from Carrington as United look to emulate our 2016/17 run which brought the trophy to the Reds. Questions on United’s ambition in the competition, the form of Marcus Rashford, squad rotation was fielded by the boss.

Ten Hag and Darlot’s Press Conference

To the question about Anthony Martial, he responded that he’s progressing but not yet ready to get back into training or in the game. He said he won’t comment on the question of whether English players were selected more often last season because he wasn’t in charge. When asked about selections based on Nationality, he said that it was not for him. Also, he was asked of his rotation of players during the tournament since he will have a hectic schedule. He answered that the mentality that Manchester United needs is that they have a squad and not just a team. So, they have to take everything serious so as to win every tournament and game.

He was also asked if he tries to make them all happy when he looks at the substitute bench and sees players. He stated that everyone gets a chance if they perform well and each person is essential as they have lots of games ahead. Furthermore, when his reaction on Thomas Tuchel’s sacking was asked about. He expressed his sympathy but said he couldn’t say anything as it was Chelsea and not Manchester United. He added it was early in the season so yeah, when asked if he was surprised.

Further Questions

His choice of Scott MacTominay again brought the question of staying in the team if you play well ”. He responded in the affirmative and chipped in that when players are performing well, then you stay in. In addition, he was asked of his opinion on Marcus Rashford’s reborn form this season. He stated that once again it’s hard to talk about the past but says he sees a happy Rashford and some phases to be improved in his game. He explained the hard work put into the past two and a half months. Also, what we see at the moment is the happiness being transferred to the pitch. Plus positive vibes to the contribution of the team and development of self.

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