Meaning Of Censorship Resistance

In this article, we will be learning all about censorship resistance. We will know the meaning of censorship resistance, Blockchain censorship, Bitcoin’s effect, freedom of speech, influence of cryptocurrency and comparison between liberty and security.

Now, let’s discuss the meaning of censorship resistance. When you hear the phrase, censorship resistance, what comes to your mind?

What Is Censorship Resistance?

The meaning of “censorship resistance” describes the privilege everyone has to take part in a particular network. No individual or a group, has the right to deny you freedom of participation in any platform. In the meaning of censorship resistance, there is no room for compromise. This is so because the rules guiding a particular blockchain network is applicably to everyone. It doesn’t consider age or social status.

Features Of Censorship Resistance

In the course of studying the meaning of censorship resistance, you will know the unique feature of censorship-resistant blockchain that is interesting. Maximum security is to all transactions that is performed on the network. Therefore, the complete execution of a transaction makes it unable to br altered. Bitcoin is the first asset to display this feature. However, other cryptocurrencies have adopted this property.  

People search for the meaning of censorship resistance and how it affects DeFi. This project of censorship resistance, has a huge positive impact on DeFi application. This is due to the high prohibition of people from belonging to some finance platforms. In comparing DeFi to the native finance system, DeFi produces good risk management. In addition, it has high productivity.

Some finance systems do not give leverage to people in terms of active participation. The consistent marginalization has raised a lot of concern. Therefore, increasing the need for blockchains to be used. Similarly, powerful platforms inhibit journalists from being part of a particular network. This has caused a campaign for the distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to be implemented. Now, social bodies are set up to remedy the situation. Some of them are, Steem, Subsocial and others.

A blockchain is suitable for censorship resistance because, it has a high security capacity. However, it can still be affected by attack. An attack on a blockchain can’t last long, so it will be unwise to keep trying. This is the introduction to the meaning of censorship resistance.

Censorship-Resistance Of Bitcoin : A Beginning of a Revolution.

This is a little background history of bitcoin’s censorship resistance. In the 2017, a business man known as JPMorgan Chase a.k.a Dimon, used to cajole Bitcoin to gain relevance. This attracted the attention of a successful entrepreneur, Adam Ludwin.

Adam Ludwin made it known to Dimon that, the success of a known cryptocurrency is due to censorship resistance.

Adam Ludwin’s Quote

“Nothing can stop me from sending bitcoin to anyone I please. No can stop me from executing code on Ethereum. Nothing can stop me from storing files on Filecoin. As long as I have an internet connection and pay the network’s transaction fee, denominated in its crypto asset, I am free to do what I want.”

When speeches are to be said, using technical terms, censorship resistance is adopted. Meanwhile Ludwin, attributed it to being a vital attribute of distributed ledgers. With the assistance of censorship resistance, a lot irregularities will be corrected, even in politics.

All these didn’t begin now. It has been there, right from years ago. The transformation that censorship resistance is attributed to the influence of Western civilization.

Without the involvement of censorship resistance in computer networking, it would have recorded a low performance. Even before the emergence of blockchains on networks, censorship resistance has been there. In 1993, John Gilmore made a statement. He said “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”

Negative Effect Of Censorship

The earlier people understood the negative effect of censorhip, the better for assets like crypto and the rest. Resistance to oppression leads o Liberation.

In the words of Alex Gladstein, he said “I will die on the hill of privacy and free speech.” He went further to say, “In an authoritarian environment, the government shuts down bank accounts of the people who are its critics. They can’t do that any more with bitcoin … Bitcoin is like a machine that turns greed into freedom.”

Not everyone understand the concept and importance of cryptocurrency. Some believe it is all about the profits that can be gotten from it. But, it goes beyond that. There are investors who have studied the crypto market very well. They still maintain their stand even in fair or bad conditions. This is because, the understood the whole concept of cryptocurrency.

A period of close relationship with cryptocurrency networks leads to either positive or negative outcome. On the other hand, crypto and cypherpunk ideas, have a mutual relationship. This is in contrast to the doctrine of freewill. This doctrine preaches that people should have the freedom to carryout activities that are productive, without any state interference.

Effects of Blockchain Technology in Censorship Resistance

Meanwhile, in a way, blockchain technology practices censorship resistance. It provides an avenue, where different people can air their views with any hindrance. You can express yourself either by words or asset..

It is assumed that the quest for freedom of speech started from the West. Let us give an illustration. In the ancient Athens, their culture promoted the freedom to be bold and expressive. Even the poor and the young ones can say their mind with fear of oppression. Everyone had equal right to freedom of speech.

Comparison Between Liberty And Security

There is a vast difference between liberty and security. From the topic “censorship resistance”, you will notice it leans towards liberty. In a lay man’s term liberty is to freedom, while security is to protection. The cypto companies adopt both liberty and security for its users. We shall discuss all about freedom and security in the next paragraph.

Step change

In demand for an evidence of censorship freedom, cryptocurrency technology will be presented. It has truly defined the true meaning of freedom of speech and participation. Before, there was little or no participation in the state or societal affairs. This lingered until United States was formed. It brought about the freedom of speech to the people. However is isn’t very efficient, as there are cases where the right is being neglected.

It was argued that, when you are not allowed to be part of a body, it isn’t a freedom of speech problem. This happened in the U.S. Rather, the catogorised it as a property rights problem. Meanwhile, following American’s legal process, the fact is wrong.

Reason For State Censorship

The cause of state censorship can be fear. Fear from those who are superior. This can make one not to participate in the affairs of the state. When people eliminate fear, and are true to themselves, them state censorship will be eradicated.

In recent times, blockchain technology has been very compatible with the censorship resistance. As regards to this, new developments are created to promote the resistance to censorship. Now, power is taken from those who don’t value it and given to those who do. It may seem impossible, but it is achievable.

More On Step Change

With what we have discussed above, it is evident to what point does the agitators of freedom and security go astray. In ”The libbitcoin Manifesto,” for example, Amir Taaki wrote, “The internet is a tool of freedom and self determination. Meddling in its affair is destructive. Whenever a website is blocked, a protocol is corrupted at some low level. When shaping occurs then seismic ripples of censorship and destruction lead to degradation of the network. The internet is fundamental to humanity, and must be protected at all costs.” Heady stuff for a set of software libraries.

Could it be that Bitcoin may have been the internet’s way of protecting itself?

“I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, unexercised and unbreathed, that never sallies out and sees her adversary, but slinks out of the race where that immortal garland is to be run for, not without dust and heat,” John Milton wrote in “Areopagitica,” an article he shared in 1644.

John Milton, due to the challenges he faced on licensing books suggested for a public review of books. This way, people can know if it is a bad or good book. Also, authors will be able to express their ideas.

Let’s talk about Germany’s Immanuel Kant. He is well renowned for his Copernican Revolution. He narrated broadly how we know what we know. However, he brought to life, his imagination through writing.

Overview of Enlightenment

“Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance. This nonage is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding but in indecision and lack of courage to use one’s own mind without another’s guidance.”

The whole idea is to achieve freedom. Both freedom of speech and expression, helps to develop the community.

Andrew Bailey, a renowned writer.said : “Speech feels more narrow to me than expression.” He has the opinion that, for any society that wishes to progress, should put the people’s welfare first.

That is to say, the benefit of free speech helps to build self confidence and generate go thinking. This way, people will be productive.

The positive aspect of technology is the execution of ideas. The ideas can be refined and made better when handled by experienced people. But, this may face challenges from those who perceive the idea as harmful.

Like I said earlier, cryptocurrency technology has a positive impact on censorship resistance. Although, it still faces attack from different angles, but it can sustain.

Due to the way technology fought censorship, Tim May had to write an article name “The Cryptocurrency Anarchist Manifesto,” He stated :

“Combined with emerging information markets, crypto anarchy will create a liquid market for any and all material which can be put into words and pictures. And just as a seemingly minor invention like barbed wire made possible the fencingoff of vast ranches and farms, thus altering forever the concepts of land and property rights in the frontier West. So, too, will the seemingly minor discovery out of an arcane branch of mathematics come to be the wire clippers which dismantle the barbed wire around intellectual property.”

Influence of Cryptocurrency

Some individuals do not accept that the influence of cryptocurrency industry has help to salvage human prosperity.

Some platforms were taken down when they went against property or free speech right. This confirms that, for free speech to flourish, property rights must be upheld.

Erik Voorhees Contribution

The creator of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees, make his own contribution regarding freedom of speech and property rights. “There’s just one right and that’s that you own yourself. Everything else is just derivative from that,” he said. In his last words, he agreed that the base for freedom of speech is from property rights.

However, the oppositions have a different opinion to this situation. They believed that, as an individual, you have sole responsibility of looking out for yourself. That is why, a person must find a way to survive and not bringing personal issues to the public.

Elaine Ou’s Contribution

A lady, Elaine Ou, who is a computer engineer and Bitcoin analyst gave her own perception. Firstly, she accepted that Bitcoin is beneficial for censorship resistance. Then she went further to advice that, the best way to resist censorship, is to make use of communication forms with high privacy features.

Her concern is, why money is used to acquire both good and bad values. People might not see the negative impact of accepting negative values until it is widespread. Then it becomes risky for everyone.

In some part of her a review, she accepted that Bitcoin is used by any individual for free expression. But some free expression types doesn’t guarantee full liberty.

David Golumbia’s Speech

Till today, there are people who consistently fight against cryptocurrencies. This made David Golumbia , an author of 2016’s “The Politics of Bitcoin,” to say :

“I see all through digital culture, really, a dismissal of really core aspects of Enlightenment philosophy,”. He is of the opinion that, government should work for the people and not the other way round. This is against the motto “code is law”. With the help of cryptocurrency, he perceives the threat which lies on the government controlled by the citizens.

It is certain that some people see free speech as a property problem. Tgis contradicts Mill’s concept of free expression. However, it will gain dominance in the Ethereum community. This is because, its main aim is to propagate public assets rather than private assets.

With modern technology and internet, freedom of speech if almost highly efficient. Now, people understand easily all about censorship resistance. One must not necessarily make a statement. Communication is with codes and symbols. Example is Bitcoin and NFTs.

The Principle Complications

This has to do this virtual reality. The act bringing to life, things that are not real. This has lead to the introduction of Metaverse. This virtual space creates real life malls, humans, zombies, etc. People haven’t really understood all about metaverse. But gradually, they will.

A man known as Bailey said : “The old school way of establishing the freedom of speech is physical harm to someone else, but that criteria doesn’t make sense in digital”

Some people are of the opinion that the physical way of obtaining freedom of speech is harmful. However, some perceive the digital way as harmful.

Julian Dibbell’s Account

There is an account by Julian Dibbell from 1998, called A Rape in Cyberspace. In that article, people assumed there was a case of sexual immorality that occurred in space. Then it was just mere words that were in use.

After he made the report, some didn’t believe him. They assumed it was just his idea. So he wrote:

“For whatever else these thoughts were telling me, I have come to hear in them an announcement of the final stages of our decades-long passage into the Information Age, a paradigm shift that the classic liberal firewall between word and deed (itself a product of an earlier paradigm shift commonly known as the Enlightenment) is not likely to survive intact.”

Dibbell went on to give illustrations, to clarify people who objects that actions on an old website have nothing to do with digital currency. He made this illustration in reference to blockchain.

Dibbell’s Illustration

This is one of the illustrations he gave : “The commands you type into a computer are a kind of speech that doesn’t so much communicate as make things happen, directly and ineluctably, the same way pulling a trigger does. They are incantations.”

People can feel threatened with those incantations. Evolution of cryptocurrency makes new incantations. Amongst many, is one which can clear huge amount of money with just a command. However, the world makes the pure state of free speech, difficult.

Unbreachable Speech

John Milton made a statement. He said : “We can grow ignorant again, brutish, formal and slavish as ye found us, but you then must first become that which ye cannot be, oppressive, arbitrary, and tyrannous as they were from whom ye have free’d us.”

This speech is old . He was direct in talking about the side effects of suppressing ideas due to lack of innovation and good thinking. All accolades goes to cryptocurrency and blockchain for revolving the primitive nature of things.

A perfect illustration was the British World War 1. Mchangama gave this account. This took over the communication lines and the government placed a restriction on communication. Due to how powerful the British saw their self , the utilized those with degree of centralization.

Effect Of Democracy on Censorship Resistance

The benefit of democracy to freedom of speech and expression is so effective. It is on democratic soil that this freedom thrive more. Voorhees made a statement. He said: “Before bitcoin, censorship resistance meant a system of more trustworthy people.” Also, Voorhees believed that liberal democracy follows this part too.

However, Mchangama challenged the statement. Instead, he feels that, if only we take freedom of speech serious, then communal understanding will progress. In the early time of African Americans, they suffered state censorship as a result of their quest for their civil right.

This is why we should appreciate the blockchain technology, as it has brought a positive revolution. Details, assets, files and many more are all protected under blockchain.

Through the meaning of censorship resistance, blockchain technology does not require deliberation or debate. It gives room for free expression. You use cryptographic tools to do this. Its challenge is the amount of people receiving the message at the other side.

Kant’s Article On Censorship Resistance

In 1748, Kant’s article tried to distinguish how people can give their opinion and also not do so, in situations. Situations like “content moderation” and “anti-money-laundering” demands actual facts and not assumptions.

So the big question Kant asked was : “Should humanity embrace nonage and let others decide which experiences, ideas and transactions they can handle or should it embrace a technology that lets them use the global network of the internet as they please?”.


I believe you have learnt a lot from this article. Study more on meaning of censorship resistance, Bitcoin censorship resistance, cryptocurrency and comparison between liberty and security.

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