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On this webpage, we will be discussing Methods Of Opening a Discord account at Setting Up Your Discord Account. handling your Discord account friend list. How To Enter A Discord Server. Modifying Notification Settings On Discord. The Advancement In Discord’s Fame.

Definition Of Discord

To gamers, the Discord web application is not a new thing. But to the rest of the world, it might be unfamiliar. Discord is merely an application that facilitates communication in diverse forms. It allows its users to send and receive messages. Make voice and video calls as well as become part of community “Servers”. A server in Discord is a group of endless chat rooms and voice chat channels that creates different subjects that can access via invite links. The link can be created by anyone and shared with the people they wish to connect with.

When it was first founded in 2015, the app tools specifically for the community of video gamers to facilitate them to communicate smoothly through channels during and outside play. But over time, the focus expands and now goes beyond being a medium of communication for gamers to being a communication tool that accommodates various kinds of users aiming to build an online community.

Fixing Your Discord Account

To become a user of the Discord app, you need to first create and set up an account on the platform. Setting up the account permits you to use Discord on any preferable web browsers. Once you set up the account and log in. You can now find and access any communities of interest to you. As well as customize your notification for the communities you join. The entire process highlighted below

  1. Open Discord on your browser by going to
  2. Fill in the name you want to appear as your username and then click the arrow
  3. A captcha will appear, answer it as directed
  4. A popup will appear giving you the options to either Get Started with creating a new server or skipping this step just to be done with creating your account. Click Skip for now.
  5. You would then have to claim and secure your account by filling in the details of your email address and setting a password. After filling in your details, click on Claim Account.
  6. Another popup will appear offering you a download link for the desktop version of the Discord app. Cancel the popup by clicking on the X sign to skip it for now.
  7. A confirmation mail would be sent to your email account.
  8. To complete the entire process, log in to your email for the confirmation mail and click on the link to confirm your new Discord account.

Methods Of Opening a Discord account at Setting Up Your Discord Account. handling your Discord account friend list. How To Enter A Discord Server. Modifying Notification Settings On Discord. The Advancement In Discord’s Fame.

Handling your Discord account friend list

While the server acts as the main mode of communication for most users, it is also possible to have a list of Friends you chat with on Discord. This list allows for direct messaging or voice and video calls with other users outside your community.

  • To add a friend, click on the Add Friend button on the Discord home page.
  • A prompt will then appear asking for a username. The username serves as the DiscordTag of the friend you wish to add.

The username called DiscordTag follows by the # symbol and a string of random numbers. It can be found either at the bottom left corner of the Discord page or by clicking on the profile picture of the user you wish to add as a friend. Following this option takes you to the users’ profile page which will display the DiscordTag. Also rather than adding the user, you can as well click on the Send Friend Request button on the users’ profile page to send a direct request.

  • After entering the DiscordTag you wish to add click Send Friend Request.
  • Once the other user accepts your request, they will appear on your friend list.

You can now successfully add a friend on Discord

How To Enter A Discord Server

Since different communities are held in unique servers, you will need to search for a server housing your community of interest. Once you find a community you would like to join, you have to join their server to become a member. Highlighted below are the processes to apply:

  1. Click on the search symbol to begin searching for servers
  2. In the text field that appears, type in what you want to search for and press the enter key. For example, if you have an interest in joining a community on cryptocurrencies, you could enter the search term “crypto”
  3. A list of servers will appear. Click view to access the server homepage for any server that you have an interest in.
  4. When you find a server of interest, click on Join Server at the bottom of the server page
  5. For quick access, the icon for the new server will display on the left-hand side of the Discord home page
  6. To leave the server at any time, right-click on the server icon and select the Leave Server option. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation. Click on Leave Server to confirm this.

To add as many servers as you desire, simply follow the above process.

Methods Of Opening a Discord account at Setting Up Your Discord Account. handling your Discord account friend list. How To Enter A Discord Server. Modifying Notification Settings On Discord. The Advancement In Discord’s Fame.

Modifying Notification Settings On Discord

To ensure you are up to date on anything that happens on the servers, you may want to change the notification settings of your joined servers. The process of doing this is listed below:

  • Right-click on the server icon you want to change
  • Choose notification settings
  • The first option you’d see allows you to mute the entire server. Choosing this still permits you to receive notifications if your username mentions in of the chat channels. This could come in handy when you wish to receive notifications only when someone is trying to contact you.
  • From the notification settings menu, select the following options:
  • All Messages: choosing this allows a notification send anytime a new message sends in one of the chat channels you have access to on the server
  • Only @Messages: here, there is a notification whenever you tag using the @ symbol before your name
  • Nothing: You won’t receive notifications from this server.
  • Below these options are three toggles with which you can further change your notification settings:
  • Suppress @ everyone and @ here: by default, Discord sends a notification to all users when someone uses the tags “@ everyone and @ here”. To disable these notifications, turn on this option.
  • Suppress All Role @ mentions: by default, all users assign a particular user role on a server notification whenever the @UserRole types in any of the chat channels. To disable these notifications, turn on this option.
  • Mobile Push Notifications: Discord by default forwards any notification you receive to the email address linked to your account. To disable these notifications, turn on this option
  • There’s also an option to override the default settings at the bottom of each server instead of the entire server. To enable this, click on the drop-down menu and select the channel you wish to override. Click on the matching bubble for the notification settings you wish to change.  Because it allows you to filter the channels you wish to receive notifications from, this option is very useful for servers with a lot of chat channels.
  • Once you are done with the changes, click Done to save and affect those changes.

Once you specify your notification preference, you are ready to enjoy the full Discord experience without interruptions from unwanted notifications.

The Advancement In Discord’s Fame

With the need to maintain social connections with the world following the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for social networking and communications tools rose sharply. This alongside the increase in content creation contributed greatly to Discord’s popularity. At the end of 2020, it had over a 140million active users.

While its initial fame came from the gaming community, it experienced an additional increase mostly in downloads from the same community during the pandemic. This is because during the pandemic, people had more free time and resorted to playing e-games and some even started live-streaming their games. Lately, due to its communities embedded in servers, many crypto enthusiasts have turned to it as a medium of easy communication.

Discord allows online streamers to receive calls from guests while streaming. Gamers can use the app to play multiplayer games. In addition, it offers other integrations that allow for different features like listening to music on Spotify with friends as well as automating some tasks by setting bots.

Due to its lack of end-to-end encryption, it’s not the safest platform because third parties can easily access any data posted through the servers. While Discord can be easily accessed directly from the website and used within the browser, it is also available in the form of applications for Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux.

Methods Of Opening a Discord account at Setting Up Your Discord Account. handling your Discord account friend list. How To Enter A Discord Server. Modifying Notification Settings On Discord. The Advancement In Discord’s Fame.

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