Motor Trend SafeKeep Reviews/ Assessment

The product testing team’s choice for the best Multi-layer Cover 2022 is the Motor Trend SafeKeeper. This article on Motor Trend SafeKeep Reviews/ Assessment will enlighten you on the multi-layer covers we tested. You can check also for Reviews on Motor Trend SafeKeep, products description, manufactural description.

What we experienced

Note that the Motor Trend SafeKeeper is one of only two multi-layer covers that we tested. Although the number of layers of a car cover wasn’t in our testing criteria. This car has an advantage in the competition as a result of the multi-layer design.


Despite the numerous cars we tested, only this car has multiple materials. There was no qualms as a regards to the interior and exterior layers. It was designed in a way that the interior layer is soft and prevents damage on the car paint. In addition, the exterior is thick, durable, and can endure any form of hardship.


This car cover fit perfectly on our test vehicle, and it was designed with wind-resistant safety straps to prevent the car cover from blowing off. Also, the car front hood fit especially well. Although, in this testing category they would have gotten a perfect score if mirror pocket were added to the design.

Ease of Installation

Indeed, of all the covers we have tested, this car cover is one of the easiest to use. It was made easier as the wind-resistant safety straps was buckled already. The only thing we did was tighten the straps and the car cover was good to go.

Feedback from customers

Having over 1,700 customer reviews on Amazon, the Motor Trend SafeKeep has gotten numerous positive feedback. This waterproof car cover has a whopping 87 percent reviewers rate it 4 stars or more. Some reviews are about the warranty on the car cover. Furthermore, some say the Motor Trend SafeKeeper has quality just like any custom-fit car cover. Just few see the buckles as beneficial and easy to fasten while others commend the heavy-duty of the car cover. As you read further through this Motor Trend SafeKeep Reviews/ Assessment, you will see few selected reviews.

Product Details

Your vehicle and paint is secure from UV Rays, rain, snow, dirt, bird, and tree droppings. Unlike our rival models, this car cover offers a variety of features. Moisture build up is hinder and heat and cold resistance is provided by our breathable woven polyester. The cover doesn’t leave a mark as the inner layer is sealed with scratch-proof lining.

In addition, protection from rain, snow bird/ tree droppings is certain as 100% waterproof fabric is used to make the exterior fabric. You are assured that no dirt or dust will taint your paint as a result of the heavy-duty layers made from durable materials. Go through our Compartment Chart to ascertain perfect fitting as they are designed to fit various vehicles. BDK: Superior Quality- Premium Material-Fresh Design.

  1. Motor Trend Car Cover 7 Series Defender Pro- All weather proof- Ultra Heavy 6 Layers.
  2. Distinguished brand- To protect your vehicle, there is Motor Trend’s very own multi-layer car cover.
  3. Reinforced material- Multiple heavy-duty layers with improved comfort layer, breathable woven polyester and more.
  4. Inner and Outer protection: 100% waterproof and sealed scratch-proof lining for the interior. Then, the exterior has durable lining.
  5. All conditions and approved for all seasons.
  6. Universal fit: Designed to snuggly fit all sedans but do well to check measurement before installing.

Top Reviews/ Assessment on Motor Trend SafeKeeper


I wore this car cover over my 2018 Toyota Highlander. Although at first, it didn’t fit well then I realized that “motortrend” should be in front. It instantly fit snugly once I did that. Even though it has not rained, I believe it’s waterproof, and I commend the thickness. To prevent it flying off on rainy days, there are four reflective marks and three safety straps that connects underneath the vehicle. This car cover is ideal for me as I park under a tree and the tree stains my vehicle.

Wise Shopper

All this time I have spent a lot to protect my Trans am when parked outdoors. Custom-fit works nice but spending $500 every three years is a great waste of money. There are cheap ones of $50 on Ebay that I bought but it reminds me of picnic table covers. I felt I could give the Motor Trend brand name a try before the next order of custom-made covers. However, the result shocked me as it has soft lining and protects black paint just like expensive ones do.

It is very HEAVYWEIGHT so I decided not to order the custom-made till this one wears out. Whether it is good or bad, I will update later.

Bradley Olin

I have used this product on no fewer than three cars and I have always been satisfied with the result. Firstly, contaminants do not scratch your car due to the lining. If you are attentive to folding details, it rolls up and stores. Furthermore, when it gets dirty, the reflective metallic cover is easy to spray off. Plus, dust, soot, and other things are kept off your clear coat.

The reflective nature that lessens damage to clear coats and interior parts is appreciated by me. It’s easy to fasten and unclip the straps, but I wish it had a lock hole to prevent it from being stolen. Another wish list item would be a side zipper as access to car cabin. Indeed, I can boldly recommend this as I even bought a second one.

Stanton K Souza

I upgraded to Motor Trend because my old one was breaking away due to Hawaii’s hot temperatures. It has a nice thick material, the 4 year warranty and waterproof material is the reason I purchased it.

James Evans

When I purchased the car cover, I felt the ratings and reference to Motor Trend will mean something positive. Wrong! I bought it January and this is May. After four months of using, all I can say is that this car cover is trash. The cotton center is coming out from the top cover. The stitching doesn’t hold under normal removal and placing. The silver underneath that doesn’t allow the car heat up is the only advantage of it.

I will say this cover is only suitable when your car is packed by inside the indoor garage. It will be better you save your money for something more durable because you will regret buying this cover.

The product testing team’s choice for the best Multi-layer Cover 2022 is the Motor Trend SafeKeeper. This article on Motor Trend SafeKeep Reviews/ Assessment will enlighten you on the multi-layer covers we tested. You can check also for Reviews on Motor Trend SafeKeep, products description, manufactural description.

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