NBA Academy in Florida

Do you want to play Basketball in Florida? We put together a couple of Academies in this post “NBA Academy in Florida”. Also, check out their locations and Career opportunities.

Jacksonville Basketball Academy

The temperature is rising, and a little more sun is beginning to emerge. Which can only mean one thing: It’s time for spring basketball. With two AAU basketball leagues, Above Basketball Academy is prepared for the upcoming spring season. This is for you whether you used to play but haven’t in a long or never have.

This year, we have two AAU Spring chances. One taking place in Jacksonville and one in Nocatee. Get more details here and join up right away if you’re ready to dive into the world and game of basketball or are seeking a new summertime interest.

Basketball practice in Jacksonville, basketball leagues nearby, and spring basketball.

NBA Academy in Florida

Youth Basketball Academy at 305 Sports

On November 3, 2013, 305 Sports was established in order to introduce the first basketball program to our neighborhood.

Kids may learn the fundamentals of basketball at 305 Sports, which was created to help them be successful both on and off the court.

We support their growth in these areas, as well as teamwork, resilience, overcoming adversity, confidence, discipline, and integrity. Along with leadership abilities, overcoming obstacles, and understanding how to win and lose. These qualities are essential for children to grow and develop into well-rounded men and women. Consequently, we do not award participation medals.


To instill in them a sense of hard effort and selflessness, to develop their character, and to bring out the best in them every day via athletics.


Motivating and influencing people to succeed is our passion!

NBA Academy in Florida

Windermere Basketball Academy

The Windermere Basketball Academy is extremely proud of its long and successful history of developing players and teams from all over the world. so preparing them for upcoming occasions, seasons, or competitions in tournaments. Basketball players of all ages and ability levels have benefited from our individual and group training, which has assisted developing players in achieving their personal objectives. Visit us to watch WBA basketball!

Our coaches have a wealth of knowledge in both individual training and coaching basketball as a whole at the high school and collegiate levels. In addition to teaching the mechanics of the game, we place a strong emphasis on the mental side of basketball so that each player can combine their skill level with their love of the sport. We think that when this is done, full potential can be realized.

Youth, high school, and collegiate basketball players who want to practice at a more competitive level are welcome at the Windermere Basketball Academy. The ability to learn the fundamentals of basketball will allow players to exit the court with confidence and a game-ready attitude. Everyone has a dream, in our opinion, and we just want to be able to make it come true! We want to give the young people the framework, instruction, and support they need both on and off the court since WBA is our passion.

NBA Academy in Florida

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Above Basketball Academy

OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS, ABOVE BASKETBALL ACADEMY HAS TRAINED AND DEVELOPED MORE THAN 2,000 PLAYERS IN THE COMMUNITY. THEREFORE OFFERING YOUNG PLAYERS THE BEST TRAINING AVAILABLE. Coach Martin has developed a system for developing young athletes to become the next elite middle and high school athletes over the course of his 25 years of coaching. He has created effective shooting, ball handling, passing, and footwork drills that emphasize teamwork and a general understanding of the game. More middle-level, high school, and collegiate players have come from Coach Martin than from any other coach in the region.

NBA Academy in Florida


Jim Martin, one of Florida’s top high school basketball coaches, is in charge of the Above Basketball Academy. Coach Martin has won the Coach of the Year Award four times. His Providence High School basketball team, which has won state championships in 2010, 2013, and 2015, was just named one of the Top 25 Teams in the country by Max Preps. Six of his players have received the regional “Player of the Year” honor since 2010. Jim Martin has been Providence School’s head coach for 20 years, and he has been coaching for 25 years altogether. Four of his teams have been in the top 25 nationally since 2010. He has a 521-521-109 record during the course of his career.

NBA Academy in Florida

Coach Jim Martin

Coach Martin has received the Florida Dairy Farmers Coach of the Year and FABC Coach of the Year awards twice each. He has had the chance to witness many of his players’ achievements in college. Grayson Allen, a former star for Duke and a 2014 McDonald’s All-American, is currently a member of the Utah Jazz. Patric Young, a 2010 McDonald’s All-American, was coached by him as well. In total, he has produced over 45 college basketball players.

Basketball Academy of Brey

Everything is a game.

Brey’s Basketball Academy offers programs and individualized coaching based on the fundamentals: Court Awareness and Teamwork, whether your child is just beginning to play the game or well into his or her basketball development.

Our access to coaching and teaching experts at the Division I, II, and III levels as well as the professional levels is one of the things that sets us apart from other schools. Our intention is to provide your child with teaching and guidance that extends far beyond the confines of our institution.

Either watch it happen or make it happen

We try to draw out customized strategies and methods for the more experienced athletes to assure their readiness to compete at the next level. They can anticipate advice that goes beyond basic readiness to compete at the next level. Beyond basic basketball abilities, they can anticipate recommendations in the areas of academic preparedness, sports technology, and strength and conditioning. Our approach relies on regular and methodical reviews to track growth for the senior athletes. We evaluate the participants in a number of areas that are crucial to running the game. Our evaluation system is based on one that professional coaches use to evaluate potential draft picks. We also use those hired at the professional basketball “draft combine” as the basis for our assessments of strength and conditioning.

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Academy of Basketball Top Prospects

2014 saw the establishment of the School of Basketball Education & Science. We are an expert sports training facility. It is our duty to offer basketball players at all levels the best professional-caliber athletic training and performance enhancement available. These include interscholastic, collegiate, professional, and recreational activities. additionally to safety and coach education.

Our goal is to foster individual brilliance by offering a platform for learning about basketball from a comprehensive and in-depth standpoint. Our motto, “We teach, we train, we inspire,” embodies our sincerity and diligence. Helping the student-athlete make the move from “player to prospect, and from prospect to pro,” is our aim. Where will you next train?

NBA Academy in Florida

Baller Basketball Academy

Basketball agility and speed training

Be a better, smarter athlete rather than a better basketball player.

Get Quick, Quick, and Agile

Speed, agility, quickness, isometric, plyometric, and resistance routines tailored to basketball and other sports. In our exclusive training, you will develop both athletic prowess and mental resilience. We practice one-on-one, in teams, or in groups. Ages 4 to 100 are trained.

Styled Like a Boot Camp for Intelligence

Basketball IQ and Thought Leadership program equips athletes for success both on the court and off.


A curriculum designed for long-term success.

Take home homework for tracking and development.

Create Winning, Wise Athletes is our goal!


All levels of athletes and numerous sports have been coached and trained by our team. NFL players have asked us if we can train them using our precise methods because our training is so effective.

NBA Academy in Florida

Blue Heat Basketball Academy

High-level athletes in the Ponte Vedra area might learn high-level basketball thanks to Blue Heat Basketball, which was founded in 2011. The Blue Heat basketball team has participated in four National Championships since 2011, and they have won numerous regional and local competitions. This team originally competed in the 3rd-grade division but now plays in the 12U/6th-grade division. For those who do not want to join a travel team or recreational team but still want the chance to improve their individual skills, weekly skill sessions will be offered. These sessions will be taught by some of the top coaches in the region.

NBA Academy in Florida

Basketball Academy in Orlando

Over the past four years, the Orlando Basketball Academy (OBA) has produced and taught over 300 local basketball players, and it now provides the greatest basketball camps and training in Orlando for young players. Brian Hoff, head coach at Windermere Preparatory School, oversees the OBA. Hoff received his third straight District Coach of the Year Award in 2021–2022. He led the Lakers to three consecutive district championships over the previous three seasons, along with trips in the regional final and semifinals. At Florida State University, Hoff participated in collegiate sports and served as team captain in 2009. From 5-year-old beginners to NBA pros, Hoff has trained hundreds of young athletes at all levels.

NBA Academy in Florida

Academy of Basketball Teddy Dupay

Basketball is not the only sport at the Teddy Dupay Basketball Academy. TDBA holds basketball games. Training sessions for players of all ages and abilities are offered 52 weeks each year. enhancing firing accuracy and specialized shooting fundamentals. In our basketball instruction videos, we offer scoring advice.

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Teddy Dupay is the head coach and a former Florida Gator basketball legend. Tampa, Florida offers six days a week of basketball training. Tampa Bay’s top youth basketball team is TDBA. Academy for basketball training. 3-on-3 Leagues, Private Lessons, and Summer Camps for

Young basketball players of all ages in South Florida, Puerto Rico, and Tampa Bay. Our goal is to support children in thriving and generating positive momentum in their lives. Use our online training tools internationally or join our tribe locally.

NBA Academy in Florida

Seminoles Sports Academy

are 60-minute extended development basketball skills workshops where we concentrate on the game’s foundations and skills. Our basketball training sessions combine the development of individual skills with exercises that promote good ball handling, shooting, and footwork. In our training sessions, we also include live gameplay where we break down in-game scenarios. Our coaching group has expertise in growing players from novices to high levels of play both locally and internationally.

NBA Academy in Florida

Wave Basketball Academy

The goals of Wave Basketball are to mentor, educate, and develop. providing young players with the chance to learn the principles of the game of basketball in a setting that will help them develop life qualities like character development, teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship. In the Bradenton/Sarasota region, Wave Basketball aims to be the best professional basketball program. By offering knowledge and accountability in a fun basketball environment, we hope to assist young basketball athletes in reaching their goals.

Without solid principles, improvement is impossible. Wave Basketball is a firm believer in laying a person’s foundation before developing them into better players all around.

Some of the world’s top athletes are basketball players. We include conditioning in our exercises and drills and make them entertaining.

NBA Academy in Florida


Impressive offense, but the defense takes the victory. We don’t overlook defense and instruct our players on the various kinds and methods that are available.


Nobody can triumph alone. Teamwork comes first, and success depends on it.

The Basketball Warehouse Academy was founded in April 2011 to provide children with a location where they could play basketball, receive extra assistance in their academics, and complete their homework after school. The firm was founded by co-founders Daryl Blume and Allen Williams to offer specialized training programs focused on basketball to meet the unique needs of each student or athlete in a supportive environment.

The Warehouse would work to help our kids reach their academic and life potential through sports. Our goal is to develop the student physically, mentally, and spiritually. Over the years, The Basketball Warehouse Academy has grown into a reputable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

See Also: https://thebasketballwarehouse.com/about-us/who-we-are

Do you want to play Basketball in Florida? We put together a couple of Academies in this post “Basketball NBA Academy in Florida”. Also, check out their locations and Career opportunities.

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