Olympique de Marseille: “I like to shoot straight,” said Nuno Tavares.

The season has had a great start. The home games benefit us because of the atmosphere and crowd. The general public is also outside. Even outside, having them is a smart idea. I am very content. I couldn’t play well or score goals without my teammates. We all contribute, and we work well together. Everyone is aware that I am left-handed. Despite being a left-back, I prefer to shoot to the right. It is paradoxical that the strikes arrive better. In football, trust is everything. With confidence, you become a better player. I’m confident in the entire crew. The group is happy. I don’t have any specific objectives for the C1. As a team, we have objectives, and I believe we can advance in this group.

The L1 would be beneficial for me, according to Gabriel. When I was just about to sign for OM, he said it to me. I felt confident after that. He informed me of my matches through messages. Everybody is happy for me. Clauss and I can run up the field, but we also need to play defense. I enjoy playing in that manner. The team must fundamentally offer to fill the front positions. I still have energy at the age of 22.

After, I have no thoughts regarding the game. I want to savor each second on the field. Also i exert all of my energy on the field till the last horn. I will be evaluated based on all of my games with OM as well as those versus Sporting. Whether it is in Portugal, France, or England makes no difference. I try to do what I can do on the pitch, no matter where. We communicate a lot and get to know each other better because we are coaching each other. In L1, the transition game is challenging because you must be ready for the counterattacks. Each team scores in this manner. In every training session, we work on this. “We must reaffirm the work,” says Igor Tudor.

The transfer market was successful. I’m glad we did a decent job. This session is unpopular with the coaches. I try to avoid discussing the transfer window too much because there is a crucial meeting tomorrow. It will be a challenging game, similar to the top five. I always get ready the same manner for every game. You must confirm the job once more. No match requires us to prepare in excess or insufficiently. For Dieng, I went through it in practice while contemplating the game. This weekend, Gigot and Payet won’t be accessible.

Even if there will be adjustments, the team will remain powerful from the opening to the last seconds.
Suarez is a talented athlete who we wanted. I can understand a player’s anxiety if they don’t play; it’s normal. However, the gesture he made was excessive; he will be fined but will play tomorrow.

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