Olympique Lyonnais: Johann Lepenant

Olympique Lyonnais: “I felt good laying for a L1 team” by Johann Lepenant

Johann Lepenant, the midfielder whom joined this summer, received the media outlet and discusses his very good start at the season. You can also locate his press conference in full on OLPLAY. 

A wonderful kickoff to the season 

“I’m excited with how things are going for me. I am excited to be here. When I contracted, I came to be developing withplayers who have a lot of skill and technique at the top level. It’simportant to develop myself alongside to them. I progress faster. I also came to do my best. The coach had faith in me at the start to the season. I never knew I would be in the starting line ups. I had to adapt immediately. I am very excited I joined OL. I had other chances but I did not relent.”

My part on the pitch 

“I’ m at the same position as in Caen. I’m to win a lot of balls and also make sure the game is in our favor. The rules are quite the same. It just goes quickly in Ligue 1. I’m honored to be part of an elite team. I fitted in well, we must keep pushing. » 

The form of the team 

“There is a course that is growing. There is a spirit of sportsmanship in the team. We must continue the next game, in Lorient. There are different ages, it goes well. We have a respectthe coach. Everyone plays well and there’s teamwork. » 

Your integration 

“Rémy Riou taught me very well because we both are from Caen. I am a little embarassed. Tolisso and Lacazette also helpsme and taught me a lot. I put into action what they teach me.

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