Online Colleges in the United Kingdom for International Students

If you want to specialize, increase your qualifications, and expand your career options in the UK, but cannot afford to put your life on hold, disrupt your job, or be away from your family, online learning is the answer. In this post, we will be learning about online colleges in the United Kingdom for international students. distance learning and online courses. How we came up with the top 10 UK online universities list Open University, e.t.c.

It is now simpler than ever to study abroad in the United Kingdom. Universities in the United Kingdom provide an excellent chance for people who wish to pursue a British higher education degree but are unable to do so due to a variety of factors. Various online courses are available from British universities. These online programs are becoming increasingly popular among overseas students since they are less expensive and have the same reputation as on-campus degrees.

Although online degrees are becoming more popular, there may be some programs that cannot be given online or are not available due to their nature. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, is an exception. Its institutions have a big number of universities that provide a plethora of online programs in practically every field of study.

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Distance learning and Online courses

Distance learning and our online courses allow you to study whenever and wherever you choose, allowing you to fit your studies around your career or family life. You learn via the use of study materials and online learning resources geared for active learning. You may also use your Virtual Learning Environment to communicate with students all around the world (VLE). The majority of our programs are designed to be studied independently online. Our students benefit from the freedom to study where and when they choose at a pace that works for them.

How we came up with the top 10 UK online universities list

Rankings for the best online studies are not published in the most prestigious international university rankings. However, because we understand how important it is to find the best online degrees when deciding where to study, we used data from two prestigious international rankings: QS Rankings and Times Higher Education Global Rankings, and we checked which UK universities from these lists also offer online studies.

The institutions listed may provide all sorts of degrees, such as distance learning Bachelor, Master, and PhDs, or only certain degree levels.

If you’re a student seeking an online course in the United Kingdom, this list can help you discover one:

Open University

The Open University is the UK’s leading distance-learning university, with over 50 years of expertise offering online programs to students all around the world.
The Open University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of fields. Foundation or honors degrees, diplomas, integrated master’s degrees, certificates, and short courses are examples of these. Programs are taught by specialized tutors, and resources may be shared through an online study portal that includes course materials and student forums.
Online learning is a terrific alternative for many students since it allows people from a range of backgrounds and needs to obtain their degrees. If you didn’t find what you were searching for, use our course matcher tool to discover which programs are more matched to your tastes and credentials.

Why did you choose OpenLearn?

  • The Open University (OU) is the UK’s largest academic institution.
  • Our courses have been shown to boost confidence and improve the skills needed to thrive in higher education.
  • The online courses are free, and a certificate of participation will be supplied at the conclusion of the course.
  • The Open University is the biggest Institute in the United Kingdom.
  • Making the decision to study may be a major move, which is why you’ll want to work with a reputable university like Open University.
  • Open University has been providing flexible learning for 50 years, and we currently have 170,000 students studying with us.

University College London

Online Master’s degrees and graduate certificates are available from University College London. M.Sc., M.A., and MBA degrees are available in topics such as neurology, education, security, sports, and many more. UCL distinguishes itself with innovative teaching and research that is committed to achieving excellence and making a significant difference in the world. UCL ranks fourth in the United Kingdom for its competence in research, medicine, engineering, and business (T.H.E. 2022). At UCL, you may get an online postgraduate degree in a variety of subjects, including health and medicine, education, social science, and business.

We will grant you access to the Student Portal after you have registered. You will then be able to access your University of London email account as well as other important services such as the Virtual Learning Environment, the Student Guide, and the Online Library.
We also provide a multitude of career information and counseling to our students. Please visit our Careers Service website to learn more about the career services accessible to our students.

Our adaptable approach provides you with a variety of study options:

You can study through distance, online, or flexible learning, allowing you to balance your education with a job or other obligations.
Online: In addition to our programs, the University of London provides a variety of free online sampler courses and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
Local Support: In addition to online help, several of our programs may allow you to study full-time with local teaching support. Learn more about the services provided by recognized teaching centers (Opens in new window).

University of Birmingham

The Campus of Birmingham provides access to a welcoming university community while working with internationally recognized scholars. In 2016/17 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), the institution received a ‘Gold’ grade, indicating exceptional teaching and learning experiences. Choose from a wide range of online Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Arts, Business, Medicine, and other fields.

The flexible online learning courses offered by the University of Birmingham connect you with worldwide teachers and peers, allowing you to obtain important job skills as well as an educated global perspective. As a member of the Russell Group, the University of Birmingham also provides students with access to cutting-edge academic research and professional connections in both the public and commercial sectors.

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University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh provides online programs that are academically comparable to on-campus degrees, therefore your diploma will not state that you finished the program online.

This also implies that it will need the same amount of effort as a traditional degree. The programs are typically three years long, however, the University is flexible in this regard. You will also have access to career advisors and IT help as a perk.

The University of Edinburgh, ranked sixth in the United Kingdom, has 15 years of expertise offering online courses, including postgraduate online degrees and short online courses. Qualifications include the following:

  • Professional Development for Postgraduate Students (up to 50 credits)
  • Postgraduate Certificate (120 credits)
  • Postgraduate diploma (60 credits)
  • Master of Science (MSc or LLM) (up to 180 credits)

At the University of Edinburgh, online learning is accessible for a range of master’s degree programs, including:

  • Health and Social Care Data Science
  • Education through the Internet
  • Mind, Ethics, and Epistemology
  • International Health Policy
  • History
  • Law

You may also improve your abilities by taking a short course in areas such as arts and culture, business, animal welfare, health and wellness, and others. Overall, the institution takes pleasure in providing online courses of the same high quality as its on-campus programs.

King’s College London

King’s College London is well-known for its world-class research, which has resulted in ground-breaking modern discoveries. Get a superior online education from a university that has 12 Nobel Prize winners among its graduates and past employees. The College provides world-class instruction in topics such as Business Management, Food Science, History, Law, Philosophy, and others. It is also well-known in a variety of medical fields. Every year, you have six chances to apply to an online degree program, allowing you the freedom to begin whenever it is convenient for you.

King’s College London is a large research institution in central London that ranks seventh in the United Kingdom and is noted for its competence in medicine and healthcare in particular. Twelve Nobel laureates have graduated from King’s College London, including Maurice Wilkins, who discovered the structure of DNA. If you are unable to go to campus, King’s College London offers online postgraduate degrees and short online courses to students from all around the world.
Online master’s degree programs include:

  • Cybersecurity that is cutting-edge (MSc)
  • Neuroscience in Practice (MSc)
  • Law (LLM) (LLM)
  • Health Promotion
  • MSC/PGDip/PGCert in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health
  • MSc/PGDip in Global Finance Analytics

The university’s e-Learning and Teaching Service (KEATS) is available on desktop, mobile, and laptop platforms. Future Learn provides short online courses taught by prominent university scholars. Each year, there are six entrance points, allowing students additional flexibility and choice in starting their degree.

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the most well-known and forward-thinking universities in the United Kingdom, with a rich legacy dating back 180 years and an exciting future agenda.

Today, research continues at the core of the University, with unequaled quality, breadth, and volume of research activity in the UK, as well as strong collaborative linkages with industry and public agencies.

 Coventry University

When you choose to study remotely online at Coventry University, you will have timetabled courses, online tutorials, and seminars, with all of your learning activities available on-demand so that you may learn at the best time and location for you.
Because our courses are designed to assist students who require flexible learning, if you are unable to attend the live session, you can watch the recorded session online.
All of our online courses provide the same content and meet the same high standards as our on-campus courses, and upon successful completion, you will get a complete Coventry University degree. We will supply you with the necessities, such as core texts, study materials, tutoring, and access to our learning platforms. More information may be found on our FAQs page. We have collaborated with FutureLearn and Aula, two prominent social learning platforms, to provide online degrees to students all around the world. Aula is a major social-learning platform that allows you to interact with and learn from your peers online. FutureLearn gives you seamless, high-quality, and convenient access to your learning resources on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. Our platforms enable you to obtain a qualification in a flexible and cost-effective manner that fits your lifestyle.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Although this university does not provide graduate-level remote learning, it has collaborated with The University of London to offer online undergraduate degrees in economics, finance, management, and the social sciences. LSE is in charge of academic direction for several programs, which include:

  • Business Analytics and Data Science (BSc)
  • Finance and accounting (BSc)
  • Economics (BSc) (BSc)
  • Relations Internationales (BSc)

Courses are given via live online sessions as well as self-paced independent study, with technical assistance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can learn on a PC, mobile device, or tablet. There are four yearly admissions for these programs: August, November, February, and May. These can take anything from three to six years to finish.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is another excellent UK university that is committed to fostering collaboration and relationships with foreign universities all around the world.

Learn from some of the best thinkers in their disciplines, backed up by bold research. The University of Nottingham has its own “teacher Oscars,” which are given to the top educators who achieve high levels of student satisfaction.

University of Glasgow

Through cooperation, the University of Glasgow has played an essential role in influencing the destinies of overseas students and other universities.
The institution provides a variety of online postgraduate programs and short courses, as well as a large number of free MOOCs (massive online open courses). Most online learning opportunities are available in Medicine, Education, and Business.
It has frequently served as the beginning point for important journeys of discovery and partnership. For more than five centuries, we have inspired people who have gone on to establish other great educational institutions across the world, and we continue to have close links with many of them today.


The United Kingdom is an excellent source of online degrees. These are only a few of the top ten institutions in the UK that offer online courses. Check out the complete QS Rankings and Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings for more top UK universities. Whatever online program you are looking for, one of these colleges will provide you with the knowledge and skills you want.

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