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Searching for a sizable, well-fitted cover that can resist some of the harshest weather you can think of? This reliable OxGord model is composed of tough materials that won’t let you down.

If you live somewhere with severe weather, this is a great alternative because it is a 100% impermeable car covering and can resist intense rain and snowfall.

The 3 layers of exceptionally breathable polypropylene should prevent dampness from building up, whilst still the soft fleece will prevent unintended paint marks. This seven-layer thick cover can shield indoor-parked autos from neighboring items’ dings and scratches.

The kit contains grommets to make it easier to install a lock for increased security as well as strings to ensure a snug fit.

Manufacturer’s Specs

  • Ready-Fit kind.
  • 9 pounds in weight.
  • Use: Both inside and outside.
  • Shade: Grey
  • Weather: Any type of weather.
  • Additional features include a storage bag, an antenna patch, elastic hems on the front and back, and a grommet with matching string.
  • Materials: microporous film, soft fleece, and a 7-layer waterproof material made of polypropylene.
  • Size is not specified.
  • Cars up to 200 inches in length are compatible.

Things We Enjoy

  • Durable, high-quality material that offers more breathability.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Stitching with heft.
  • Reputable firm.
  • Pull strings are included for a firmer fit.
  • Additional sizes are offered.

Things We Dislike

  • 9 pounds in weight, which makes it awkward to use every day.
  • The models appear to fit larger than they were.


You’re seeking the total deal. This one mixes high quality with the required extras.

You should be able to find one that fits any sort of car because it is a ready-fit type and is available in a range of sizes.

This can be a wonderful choice to take into account if you’re seeking for a strong and worry-free covering that won’t let you down in severe weather.


  • Completely water- and storm-proof, ideal for outdoor use
  • Comes with a Storage Bag for Simple Transport
  • The luxurious fleece liner won’t harm your car’s finish.
  • Padded Grommet Holes for Locks, Ropes, and Strings
  • For a great snug fit, use pull strings and elastic.

100% Water-Proof & Storm-Proof OxGord Signature Auto Cover – 7 Layers

What do you do with leftovers from home meals to keep them fresh? What you do is wrap ’em up! The same logic also applies to brand-new automobiles.

With this unique car covering, maintain your latest automobile looking new. Because it is strong, permeable, and non-abrasive, it maintains the brand-new finish on your car. Additionally, it shields your car from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The next greatest thing should be done if you ca n’t cover your car in plastic and put it in the fridge.

Since the garage, OxGord Premium automobile coverings have been the best exterior protection available. The woven polypropylene fabric offers superior water protection than the usual cover thanks to the several layers of the premium cover, and the price is unbeatable.Additionally, only OxGord car coverings have specific ingredients included into each one that can shield a vehicle from damaging UV radiation. OxGord car coverings ensure the best level of weather safety with additional options to find the perfect fit.

Secure your investment with a superior option rather than being trapped with a dust coat that disintegrates after a few months.


  • This Cover Fits Vehicles With A Length Of 181″ To 206″
  • Front Side Edge Elastic
  • Pull-string Fit for a Secure Fit
  • 7 Layers, Waterproof, Stormproof, Outdoor Use Contains
  • A single (1) car cover

Bag for Storage


  • Measures 16.57 feet by 5.25 feet by 4.59 feet.
  • Shade: Gray
  • Material: Polypropylene

The advantages of OxGord vehicle includes

Clear coat coatings are incredibly fragile and are prone to deterioration. The best vehicle covers available today provide a variety of advantages to protect it against outside hazards in an effort to stop this from occurring (or at least defer it as much as feasible).

Provides weather protection

The majority of covers are season-neutral and provide varied advantages in the winter and summer.


Regrettably, rain does more harm to your car than just unsightly watermarks. It can get inside tiny cracks and spaces and cause corrosion and rust, which can ultimately result in irreparable harm and even water leaking into your vehicle.

Even more harm to your car can occur by salt water or acid rain brought on by air pollution.

When your automobile isn’t in use, a waterproof or water-resistant covering will fend off rain, humidity, and moisture.


Dust, trash, or even sand and grit are frequently carried by wind. When these hit your automobile at a fast rate of speed, you can only image what will happen.

You should make sure that your cover suits the automobile snugly to provide the optimum protection for the paint from these. Wind-protector additions like elastic hems, pull strings, and straps with buckles are all helpful.

Sunlight and warmth

Considering keeping your car’s brilliant color? Most cars come with some UV protection already installed, particularly gloss or clear-coated ones.

Nevertheless, prolonged, severe UV (ultraviolet) radiation exposure can eventually pass through. You’ll wind up with paint that is ruined and discolored as a result.

The interior of the car may deteriorate as a result of high heat. Heat-related weakening and cracking can occur in leather seats and dashboards made of plastic.

Have you ever found yourself in the lose-lose scenario of scorching yourself on the steering wheel and seat or being late while waiting for the air conditioner to cool the car down? Under conditions of intense heat, most black-colored materials and metal components can become dangerous.

The greatest car coverings, however, should address all of these problems and more, so there’s no need to bother too much about it.


Rain might not be your biggest concern in the winter. Your car may have markings and scratches if you use an ice scraper or snow brush to clear snow and ice.

Snow removal will be simple with a car cover, and you can quickly become the admiration of your locals! If necessary, it can likewise shield you from little hail. You might need to spend money on a capsule cover if there are significant hailstones (this post will go into more detail on this soon).

Prevents Dings, Scratches, and Dents

To put it mildly, it might be frustrating to discover that your automobile has been dented by a wayward shopping cart or an opening door. A car is frequently accompanied by dangerous junk when it is kept in a garage, and lately, bikes have been my biggest opponent.

Covers, which serve as a shield for your car, can assist avoid these upsetting situations.

Top Ratings

Greg R.

While other reviews claim that these run large, the 2015 Toyota Camry is 191″, so we took a chance and got a 180″ cover, and it fits well! Order modestly, at least for automobiles. I’m content with a $60 cover. There are no straps or other devices to hold it down other than a pull string, so I acquired paracord to better secure it. Prepared for the next storm in Texas!

Torres, Daniel

Although I’ve just had the cover for a short while, I already truly like it. It fits my 2015 Honda Accord Sedan flawlessly. Each moment, installing and deleting it becomes less difficult. It wasn’t tough to begin with, at all. It takes me less than a minute to put it on. Excellent defense against dust, water marks, and bird droppings. Though I’m not certain if I’d use it as rain protection.


My Cadillac is 19.5 feet long. This car cover is the ideal size. The only issue I have with it is how easy it rips. My Cadillac has fins, thus it tore the cover however still offers excellent protection.


First off, unlike what the information claimed, the car cover that was provided to me did not fit my car. To be certain it will fit well, I got the bigger size. Additionally, the fabric of the material had flaws that prevented it from withstanding the climate for very much. I requested a return label so I could send the car cover back and receive a refund. When everything was said and done, they gave me my money back, minus the cost of shipping and handling. The product that was sent to me did not fit, despite what the item description had stated, and the material had many flaws that detracted from the quality of the goods. I am not sure why I was required to pay shipments and handling. I honestly won’t be buying anything from here again, but you live and you gain knowledge.

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