Penn Foster High School Entrance, Criteria, Academics, Scholarships

On this webpage, we will discuss, Penn Foster High School Entrance, Criteria, Academics, Scholarships. There is no doubt that Penn Foster High School is profit making high school for online learning. It is a private-owned institution located in the United States. The school was initially established as the International Correspondence School (ICS) in 1890. 

Penn Foster High School is the biggest high school in the US, serving nearly 60,000 students from every state in the country.  It allows students to learn at their desired speed, whether fast or slow. 

This is a US-based high school that is fully accredited regionally and nationally. Scranton city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is where its headquarters are located.

High school diploma programs and different types of recognized administrative programs are provided by the high school. Also, students seeking to begin their vocational concentrations and college education in areas like carpentry, information technology, electrical and health care are provided with first college programs.

Do you want to know the incredible Penn Foster High School? I urge you to keep reading to find out more about this institution.

Penn Foster High School’s History

The International Correspondence Schools was established in 1890 by a newspaper editor named Thomas J. Foster to provide coal miners with the necessary education they required to grow as professionals and also improve the safety of workers. 

The success of the school as stated in its history depends, on making an effort to comprehend the market and its prospective students.

Around the 1890s, schools in the state including Penn State College began to compete with the International Correspondence schools. Public Education was widely known and accepted by the 1920s. A lot of students left ICS as it began to wane in popularity. 

In the 1990s, following several new names, Penn Foster Career School, Penn Foster College, and Penn Foster High School replaced The International Correspondence Schools (ICS) IN 2006. 

The school was bought and managed by the Wicks Group, which is a private equity company, from the first owner Thomson J Foster in 2007. They sold Penn Foster to The Princeton Review, an organization that provides test academic and preparation help in 2009. 

The Princeton Review’s business and trademark were bought in the year 2012 for $33 million by another private equity firm, Charlesbank Capital Partners. The initial business was given the new name Education Holdings 1, Inc.

Education Holdings 1 went broke in 2013; two months later, it was discharged. Martin Nesbitt’s company, Vistria Group purchased Penn Foster in 2014. And in 2018 Penn Foster was bought by Bain Capital from Vistria Group. 

Everything You Should Know About Penn Foster High School

Open admission is available at the university, and since it is an online school, the students are not required to work one-on-one with qualified teachers. Instead, they must finish lectures in a setting similar to a physical school where conversations are pleasant.

Students must complete five selected courses in addition to the required standard syllabus to graduate from high school.

These elective courses can be used by students to focus on certain fields, like information systems, building construction, or medical services, or they can enroll in authorized courses for colleges. 

Graduates and students have access to Penn Foster’s Career Services, which assists the students seeking jobs through drafting CVs and resumes, as well as helping them find jobs and basic ways they can pass their interviews. 

Penn Foster High School has approximately 11.5 full-time teachers and around 13,000 students, as stated by the Pennsylvania Education Department.

There are numerous clubs and social groups at the school, they include:

  • Student Council,
  • Quotation Club
  • Friends of Hope
  • Cooking Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Night Owls
  • Environmental Club
  • Words of Faith
  • Book Clubs 

and the rest of them. 

Penn Foster High School Criteria for Admission

Students must have finished middle school before applying for Penn Foster High School.

Before enrolling, be aware of the fact that in some of the school’s career diploma programs and online certificate programs, students must have a high school certificate.

A High School Certificate or any certificate similar to GED is needed to apply for enrollment in an undergraduate certificate, Bachelor’s degree, or Associate degree, at Penn Foster College.

However, a High School Diploma is required for entrance into several of the school’s career diploma programs.

Students currently in the Penn Foster institution are expected to have an email address that can receive useful information, strong Internet sources like Wi-Fi, and an Apple Mac computer or any Windows-based computer. These technical specifications are still subject to limitations.

Payment Options and Tuition Fees for Penn Foster High School

1. Plans for Payment

Whether you clear your school fees in one single payment or send cheques by mail, it is totally up to you.

The school allows you to develop a simple and effective way to assist with payment. Your school fees will cover a variety of educational assistance and materials from Penn Foster. 

High school graduates often make more than $8,000 a year, which is way higher than what an average non-graduate can make.

The cost of obtaining a high school degree can be easy to achieve with payment plans starting as low as $2 per day and you still have the option, to begin with just $1.

2. Complete Payment

Another alternative to save with Penn Foster school is by completing your payment.   You can save up to 25 percent of the entire fee if you choose the “pay-in-full” plan.

The cost of learning materials, devoted guidance and support provided by Penn Foster, and books are all included in the full cost of school fees. 

Does Penn Foster High School Offer Free Education?

If you hoped that the school was a public school that gives you access to free education, sadly it is not. 

Penn Foster High School is a privately owned institution hence you have to pay to study there. There is no other way they can sustain it except through the school fees paid by students compared to public schools where the taxes paid by citizens are used to support them financially. 

How Quickly Can I Finish The High School Program?

The amount of time needed to finish a program relies fully on the student along with the number of hours they are willing to commit to their studies every week. 

If a student attends Penn Foster High School without any transfer credits and takes their studies seriously, they may complete the course work within nine months. 

Can Employers take Penn Foster Degrees?

Penn Foster makes no sort of assurances. You’re entirely on your own the moment you finish your education. State-certified schools do not generally bother most corporations.

The best strategy you can employ is to decide what profession you want to work in before searching for the necessary certifications. You can choose to go through a nearby institution or with a timed examination with proctoring software. 

Are Penn Foster’s Degrees Legitimate?

Yes, the degrees are entirely legal and so is every other thing you would do with Penn Foster. 

The lessons and credentials you earn while pursuing your degree can be transferable to several other institutions, enabling you to advance in your professional and educational goals.

Does Penn Foster Offer Financial Assistance?

The federal government does not offer monetary assistance to the Penn Foster Schools because it is a private institution. 

Despite the lack of financial assistance, they provide affordable methods of payment every month without interest.

With the ‘no charges fee’ policy and payment options offered by the school, you have the upper hand in your education. 

Is It OK To Cheat On Penn Foster?

Like other schools in the world, you are expected to be a trustworthy and honest student so no, you cannot cheat at Penn Foster. It is simply illegal to use foreign materials related to a course to write assignments and exams in school. It is still wrong to encourage other students to cheat even if you do not.

The school takes great pride in its name and reputation so trying to damage what it is known for which is integrity, is not acceptable.

If I Do Not Pass an Exam at Penn Foster, What Will Happen?

I understand if you are wondering what would happen if you do not pass your exams in the school, whether as a registered student or someone who is planning on studying at Penn Foster school.

Anything can happen but you just have to put in your best by taking advantage of the flexible online program to study more and understand every material sent to you.

Even if you do not score good grades in the first exams, there are things you should do to make progress next time:

Written Assignments For Projects, Career School, High School, and College. 

Write on every project and assignment you’ve been given for any of your courses, and do not fail to send them through your personal Student’s Portal. 

your work will be sent back to you with a teacher’s remark if it does not meet the requirements. 

Examinations Proctored By Colleges

Proctored exams are the last tests that college degree candidates will take by the end of a semester. 

When you’re concerned that you might fail the exams, you should reach out to your tutor through the Help Center in your Student Portal as the rules for rewriting failed proctor tests are different. 

Additionally, the assistance of their extremely flexible online courses, teaching assistants, and dedicated lecturers will be helpful. With the help of the information above, you can pass an exam that you failed.

You can take the exams again if you did not get a good mark on numerous tests in any semester.  Reading your books and academic materials will help you write better and receive a higher grade than the last time. 

In Penn Foster, only the higher scores appear on your official file. The time you have to sit for the exam again is limited, with only a 30-days grace period after your initial attempt to repeat the test. Each test can only be taken for a second time, asides from that there isn’t much you can do so learn the habit of studying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Penn Foster High School a free institution?

Not at all. Unlike public schools, which the community residents’ taxes are used to fund, Penn Foster High School which is a private school can only generate funds via school fees paid by its students.

Do you have any textbooks included in your program?

You will surely be given textbooks all through the duration of your course as needed by you if it’s added to your program. The textbooks are made available for you upon resumption of class work, this is possible due to the timely shipping of the learning materials.

Is Penn Foster Online High School approved?

Yes Indeed! Penn Foster’s online High School is accredited nationally via the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), Cognia, and through the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (CSS-MSA). accredited regionally.

Employers accept Penn Foster degrees, right?

It’s not certain if employers or any financial organization will accept its high school diploma due to any kind of accreditation. Notwithstanding, the acceptance of a high school diploma can change depending on the college or university.

What methods are available for you to contact your instructors?

Actually, via chat, phone, and email, you can reach an instructor. Experienced and certified instructors have been put in place to help you out in solving issues arising from your assignments by Penn Foster.


Every year in the United States, Penn Foster plays a part in producing graduands with high school degrees. They add to the enormous number of students around 43,000 that graduates each year from other schools in the nation.

Penn Foster is a great institution for anyone looking to study online. It is perfect for business owners and those with no high school diploma. You get the choice to study at your own pace with no distractions.

I’m sure you learned everything you need to know about the school in this article. Wishing you the best of luck!

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