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In this article, we shall discuss all about the “Post-Dispatch (St. Louis)📰” and some subtopics like: Overview Of St. Louis PostDispatch, Historical Background Of The St. Louis PostDispatch, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Circulation And Cost and Introduction Of Weatherbird.

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Overview Of St. Louis PostDispatch

If you have ever been to St. Louis, Missouri, or you are from there, you should be familiar with the ”St. Louis Post-Dispatch” newspaper. It has a high number of circulation that places it at the top in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Other newspaper companies below it are: Belleville News-Democrat, Alton Telegraph, and Edwardsville Intelligencer. Due to its effective news publications, it has won 19 Pulitzer Prizes. Lee Enterprises of Davenport, Iowa, is the owner of the St. Louis PostDispatch newspaper.

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Historical Background Of The St. Louis PostDispatch

At the early stages of the year, 1878, the St. Louis Dispatch lacked money. So, Pulitzer acquired it and merged it with the St. Louis Evening Post. This gave birth to the St. Louis Post and Dispatch. Subsequently, it got short-formed to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

John A. Cockerill was the pioneer managing editor. Meanwhile, no daily newspaper printed colored comics behind their paper before The Post-Dispatch. It kept growing till it became the second-largest news bureau in Washington, D.C. of any newspaper in the Midwestern United States at some point.

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The ownership rights of the newspaper passed down to Joseph Pulitzer’s generation after he retired. People noted The Post-Dispatch to have a liberal editorial page and a political cartoon page. On January 13, 2004, the Post-Dispatch celebrated its 125th-anniversary with an edition which contained:

  • Coverage of Charles Lindbergh
  • A Pulitzer Prize-winning campaign
  • Sports coverage
  • Coverage of the city’s “cultural icons”

On January 31, 2005, Lee Enterprises of Davenport, Iowa bought the Post-Dispatch from Michael Pulitzer for $1.46 billion. Then in on March 12, 2007, the paper had a high level of layoffs. On March 23, 2009, the paper started using daily compact style from the previous broadsheet Sunday through Friday and tabloid on Saturday. Finally, in May 4, 2012, Gilbert Bailon became the new editor for the Post-Dispatch.

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Circulation And Cost

Apparently, the Post-Dispatch newspaper had a drop in circulation number from 213,472 to 191,631. Subsequently, it dropped to 178,801. It didn’t end there. Its Sunday paper recorded a drop in circulation number from 401,427 to 332,825 and then to 299,227. As at September 30, 2016, it recorded a daily circulation of 98,104 and 157,543 on Sunday.

However, its 2017 statistics via Lee Enterprises, shows that over 792,600 people read the paper weekly. Also, Its official website, “” records approximately 67 million page views per month. Its daily sales if $2 while Sunday sales is $4.

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Introduction Of Weatherbird

A remarkable moment for the newspaper was in February 11, 1901. It brought a page known as the “Weatherbird”. It was a cartoon bird that was attached to the daily weather report. Harry B. Martin created it in 1903 as it remains the oldest continuously published cartoon in the United States.

Prominent Staff Of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper

  • Jerry Berger, society columnist, 1980–2004
  • Bob Broeg, Hall of Fame baseball writer, 1946–2004
  • Jacob Burck, political cartoonist, 1937–1938
  • Cole Charles Campbell, editor, 1996–2000
  • Richard Dudman, national affairs correspondent and Washington bureau chief, 1950–1981
  • Daniel R. Fitzpatrick
  • Derrick Goold, author and sportswriter
  • Rick Hummel, Hall of Fame baseball writer, 1971–present
  • Clair Kenamore, foreign correspondent, telegraph editor, feature writer and Sunday magazine editor, early 20th century
  • Joe Mahr, Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative journalist, 2006–2009
  • Rose Marion (ca. 1875-1947), feature writer
  • Harry B. Martin, cartoonist and golf writer
  • S. Carlisle Martin, cartoonist and illustrator
  • Marguerite Martyn, reporter and artist (born ca. 1880, died 1948)
  • Bill Mauldin, cartoonist
  • Bernie Miklasz, sports columnist, 1985–2015
  • Robert Minor, political cartoonist, 1907–1911
  • Joseph Pulitzer, publisher
  • Charlie Ross, chief Washington correspondent and editor, 1918–1945
  • Neal Russo, baseball writer and copy editor, 1947–1990
  • Elaine Viets, columnist, 1975–2000
  • Rosa Kershaw Walker society column, 1870s
  • Joe Williams, film critic, 1996–2015
  • Amadee Wohlschlaeger, sports cartoonist
  • William Woo, journalist and editor-in-chief, 1962–1996

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Tabular Explanation Of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper

TypeDaily newspaper
FormatCompact (March 23, 2009)
Owner(s)Lee Enterprises
PublisherRay Farris
EditorGilbert Bailon
FoundedDecember 12, 1878
by Joseph Pulitzer
Headquarters901 North 10th Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63101
Circulation48,246 Average print circulation
OCLC number1764810

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What Is The Customer Service Of The Post-Dispatch Newspaper?

The customer service of The Post-Dispatch newspaper is 1-877-767-8785.

If I Wish To Cancel My St. Louis Post-Dispatch, How Do I Go About It?

For you to cancel your automatic billing option, you can reach out to us via 314-340-8888. Also, you can send a letter through St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Attn: 3rd Floor Cash Processing, 900 N Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63101.

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How Many Circulations Does The St Louis Post-Dispatch Have?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a mean print circulation of 48,246.

What Is The Engagement Number Of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch?

Approximately, over 2 million people patronize the newspaper while the it records an average of 50 million page views per month.

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When Was The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper Established?

It was established in 1878 by Joseph Pulitzer. This happened as a result of a merger between the St. Louis Dispatch and the St. Louis Dispatch post.

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In this article, we shall discuss all about the “Post-Dispatch (St. Louis)📰” and some subtopics like: Overview Of St. Louis PostDispatch, Historical Background Of The St. Louis PostDispatch, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Circulation And Cost and Introduction Of Weatherbird.

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