PSG: Christophe Galtier: ‘The desire to get started in this competition’

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Christophe Galtier: ‘The desire to get started in this competition’

During the customary pre-game press conference, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain talked about Matchday 1 of the UEFA Champions League, which will see his team take on Juventus.


“I noticed that my players rapidly turned their attention to the game on Tuesday after our victory at Nantes. The players enjoy competing in this sport since it offers them great exposure and a stunning trophy as a prize. Everyone has made sure they have healed and prepared themselves effectively over the past 48 hours. There is a desire to kick off this campaign with a fantastic first match. I have faith in our ability to compete and play to win. The players have done a good job of adjusting to our setup and system. To generate as many opportunities as we can, we must look ahead.

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“They are an extremely experienced club with players of the greatest caliber and a coach who is intimately familiar with this league. They are a team that is consistently challenging to defeat. Although Juventus is yet to lose in Serie A and has only given up two goals, some claim that they are having difficulties. The ferocity of their players makes them challenging to overcome. Juventus is quite effective in the transition.

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He began exercising separately this morning with a very particular warm-up due to the knock he had on Saturday night. The remainder of the session was thereafter attended by him.

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“To say that Paris Saint-Germain are the favorites to win this championship would be oversimplified. Eight to nine teams have the necessary attributes each year to take home this title. However, the club wants to take home the trophy. That is acceptable.


“It’s unfortunate that Angel can’t visit the Parc des Princes again. He left his mark on the club’s history. Also he played here and was a great player. Moreover he probably would have enjoyed participating in this game. Although he has tremendous talent and experience when playing, I am confident that the player who replaces him will perform at a similarly high level.

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It’s the UEFA Champions League’s triumphant return! During the match against Juventus, Les Rouge et Bleu will return to the most famous of competitions. It will take place at the Parc des Princes on Tuesday, September 6, at 9 p.m.

It’s almost time for the Champions League and Parc des Princes to reunite, and it’s going to be explosive! Parisians and Turinese haven’t played each other in an official match since 1997, so this first day of the Champions League group stage will bring a unique but not unprecedented poster to the city. A matchup full of potential for the world of football between the storied Juventus club and the dazzling Paris Saint-Germain, who are both off to excellent starts to their respective seasons in terms of their financial standing.

It’s still green for Paris after six victories in seven games this season. The capital club can rely on their striking trio, who have scored 24 goals in 6 Ligue 1 games, tying a European record with Bayern Munich in 2020/21 and Manchester City in 2019/20. The team of Christophe Galtier continues to go undefeated in 16 games across all competitions and has a run of 4 consecutive home victories in the Champions League.

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Every little thing counts and can make a difference in important meetings. Everyone, from the employees to the supporters, has an important part to play. From the training facility, through the field, and into the stands, for one another. Who better to discuss this link than our captain? “Everyone feels the role of the supporters, especially the opponents,” he said. We can see the power of our crowd and our stadium. It gives us an advantage over others. It encourages us and increases our motivation and desire. The presence of the supporters at the Parc is crucial. It’s the ideal strategy for achieving our objectives. This staff is necessary for the players, and the players are necessary for the spectators.

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