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RBC Insurance Overview

RBC in the RBC Insurance stands for Royal Bank of Canada. It a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada which is Canada’s biggest bank. Also, based on market capitalization, the Royal Bank of Canada ranks amongst the largest and best bank in the world. Its insurance company, RBC Insurance, is among the largest in Canada with almost 2, 800 workers. In terms of clients, it has over five million clients world wide.

In Canada, RBC Insurance is one of the prominent insurance companies that carry out variety of products and services. Such insurance services include life, health, home, auto, travel, wealth and reinsurance advice and solutions. In addition to these services, they also offer creditor and business insurance services, individual, business and group clients services.

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Stakeholders At RBC Insurance

Below are the names of stakeholders and spokespersons at the RBC Insurance. If you want to get in touch with them or have a conversation with them, simply reach out to: Jana Lepp: (437) 224-4057, jana.lepp@rbc.com

Life & Health Insurance

Jean Salvadore

Senior Director, Life & Living Benefits
RBC Insurance

  • Strategy, products and services for Individual Life & Health insurance

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Retirement & Wealth Solutions

Selene Soo

Director, Wealth Products
RBC Insurance

  • Strategy, products and services for Wealth insurance
  • Retirement planning, segregated funds and payout annuities

Group & Business Markets

Julie Gaudry

Senior Director, Group Insurance
RBC Insurance

  • Strategy, products and services for Group Life & Health benefits
  • Group benefits and workplace wellness industry trends

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Pension Plan De-Risking

Nadine Orr

Vice President, Pension and Longevity Solutions
RBC Insurance

  • Pension plans in Canada
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan de-risking solutions
  • Group annuities

Travel Insurance

Stacey Hughes-Brooks

Director, Travel Products
RBC Insurance

  • Strategy, products and services for Travel insurance

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Careers At RBC Insurance

At RBC Insurance, there are varieties of careers that are open to people. But, you ought to be qualified before you can obtain this career opportunities. The company needs people with a creative mind that can put out an initiative to create successful results. Also, you must be hardworking, diligent, smart and must be co-operative.

Having mentioned these and you feel you tick the boxes, feel free to contact the company and submit your application. Some of the career positions the company need personnels are:

  • Insurance Advisor – Life, Health & Wealth
  • Insurance Advisor – Home & Auto
  • Insurance – Regional Director

Customer Service Of The RBC Insurance

If you want to make any inquiry, make a claim, lay a complaint or give an opinion, simply call 1-800-769-2568. Their customer service personnel is always active and ready to attend to you.

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Products And Insurance Services At RBC Insurance

There are various insurance services under the RBC Insurance. They are:

  • Home & Property Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Leisure & Lifestyle Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Loan, Mortgage & Credit Card Protection
  • Retirement Investment Solutions

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RBC Auto Insurance Contact

If you want make an auto insurance claim, you can contact the company via 1-800-769-2568.

RBC Health Insurance

What this insurance does is, it covers your hospital bills, medications and other health bills, incase you fall ill or have an accident. Also, it provides your family with the finances they may need during this period. Therefore, you are assured that in any situation regarding your illness or accident, the insurance company will cover you and your family financially.

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RBC Life Insurance

Here, the insurance company safeguards and protects your family and your dear ones financially, should anything happen to you. As long as you are under the RBC Life Insurance and you pass away, your family will benefit financially from the company and won’t lack.

RBC Car Insurance

If you own a car, you definitely need a car insurance. It will give you and your car a full coverage in the case of an accident, theft or other losses. However, RBC Insurance offer coverage options and discounts for different types of drivers and lifestyles.

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Home & Property Insurance

Here, your home and properties are under protection in a situation of loss, damage or theft. This doesn’t matter if you are a house owner or a tenant, as long as your home or property is vandalized, stolen or damaged by water or fire, you will be covered by this insurance.

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Is RBC Insurance And Aviva The Same?

No, they are not the same. Aviva are the underwriters and technology provider for RBC Insurance’s Home and Auto products.

How Can I Reach Out To RBC Insurance Claims?

You can contact them via the number: 1-800-387-2487.

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Who Does RBC Use For Insurance?

It uses the Aviva General Insurance.

How Can I Reach Out To RBC From Outside Canada?

To reach out to the RBC from outside of Canada, simply call: 1-800-769-25111.

What Is The Toll-Free Number Of RBC Insurance?

The toll free number of RBC Insurance is 1-800-769-2523.


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