Coach Franck Haise and his defender Jimmy Cabot attended the customary pregame news conference a few days before Troyes was welcomed at Bollaert. The two artesian protagonists had the chance to talk about a variety of topics, including the soldiers’ physical condition, their performances, and the moment’s successes…


Franck Haise is able to rely on Seko Fofana and Gal Kakuta returning from injuries. However, the absences of Adam Buksa, Adrien Louveau, Deiver Machado, and Wesley Sa’d will be a problem for him. “Even if he would have loved to restart more soon, Adam had the utmost regard for the program and the various rehabilitation phases. But he needed to take things slowly and be patient. He just started group training again but made little progress. He is eager to join the team this weekend and is prepared to do so.”

Adrien Louveau (calf, in the individual recovery phase) and Wesley (resuming the race tomorrow) are absent this weekend. As for Deiver Machado, he will be banned against ESTAC. « This is the latest News/ Updates on French Ligue 1 side RC Lens.


Racing has gone undefeated in six games (4 wins, 2 draws), which is a strong start to the season. For the Lensois defender, this is a big “little” plus: “This verifies all that has been put in place and the progress of the club. This sort of series should be continued for as long as feasible. It demonstrates that, led or not, we are a difficult squad to defeat. According to its coach, the Sang et Or team has a winning culture: “We want to win, thus we attempt to provide ourselves the means.” When we are unable to achieve this, we try to avoid giving up.

Jimmy Cabot

Jimmy Cabot gives the following advice to do this: “Our group is fairly homogenous. Each player exhibits a high degree of performance. The players do a fantastic job of compensating when there is rotation. It’s enjoyable to work here every day and there is a good amount of competitiveness. It’s going well, and the mood is pleasant. We are comfortable with our abilities on the field. Even at 10 versus 11, we believe that we are in situations and that we are maintaining possession of the ball rather than losing it. We always succeed in improving our game and solving a problem. Due to the fact that we are competitors who want to win, it is also a personality issue. For instance, we did not anticipate falling short in Reims.

His trainer concurs with this assessment: “The idea is to adopt a type of equilibrium while you are in a positive spiral or in a less favorable spiral. Stability in training, investment, and everyone’s dedication are necessary. Even the players who play less must maintain their concentration. Ensuring everyone is focused is a part of my responsibility as well as the staff’s and the club’s. This is the latest News/ Updates on French League 1 side RC Lens.


In two days,  Racing will compete against ESTAC, who had a rocky start to the season (3 losses in the first 3 days). Franck Haise notes that this practice has improved over the past week: “The Trojans have changed the game over the last three games and gained a lot of confidence. They won in Monaco with a score of four, and they defeated Angers at home by three goals (3-1). (2-4).

They managed to contain Rennes (1-1) despite the early expulsion of one of their central defenders. The team has very talented players. In a week, she was able to make significant matches. She is very dangerous because she can suck up the opposition, open up a few spaces, deal a lot of damage in transitional situations, and be very proficient at set pieces. The team feels a lot better because of her restored confidence.»

Even though he has changed significantly since leaving Aube, Jimmy Cabot, who received his training at the Champagne club, is familiar with him. He stated “I grew up in Troyes. At ESTAC, I completed all of my coursework, signed my first professional contract, and won the Ligue 2 championship. It has been a club that has improved over the last few years but has found it difficult to stay competitive in Ligue 1. It has improved itself, carried out excellent projects, and done great things. I’m hoping he’ll be able to accomplish something significant in the top flight. This is the latest News/ Updates on French League 1 side RC Lens.


The strategist took a look at a few recruits, beginning with one numbered 26. “Abdul Samed’s (Salis’) trial began more than three years ago. Though he had shown things, it was insufficient at the moment. We were aware of his potential, however. We therefore monitored him. It now absolutely satisfies our requirements. Jimmy Cabot, another member of his squad, continues, “He has great wonderful energy and is constantly in a happy mood. In every meaning of the term, he is too enthusiastic, but in a good manner. It improves the group’s environment. His integration was off schedule by 2000%. He instantly relaxed and felt at ease.

Alexis Claude-Maurice and Jean Onana, two recent additions to the Lensois team, found Racing, Bollaert, and its followers in the stands. They came from Lorient that day. Franck Haise reports. “They immediately recognized the club’s appearance! They got off to a strong start in Reims in a challenging game. For some time, we had been following Jean. We were certain he could play little more subduedly and effectively box to box under our system. We three discussed how we might use watching videos to improve our gaming project and our guiding ideas. They are quiet off the pitch. They are both decent folks.

The Coach expresses delight

The coach is complimentary about the player in attendance at the press conference: “With Jimmy, we had to cope with a protracted injury, even though he was in terrific physical condition when he came. Stages had to be passed, and it was important to do it deftly and with an increase in strength throughout the practice matches. He made solid entry into the league, and during his first stint, he played a really nice match with a lot of enthusiasm. Also, he put in an excellent display while playing Reims. He is integrating our play ideas and is at a really intriguing stage.

The principal interested party assesses his development and level of form: “After being injured for a few months, I feared going back onto the field. I aimed to have a positive impact. I had minor compensating issues and ankle scares. Because to my preparedness, I was able to change directions during the impact. I was able to gradually step up my intensity. I’m thrilled with how the season has started for me because whenever the coach calls on me, I’m physically ready to go.

Ishmael’s Progress

Ismael Boura, a player on the rise, returned from his loan stint at Racing. Franck Haise describes his trip, which included a number of stages: “For all the players who are on loan, there is a development. They notice that various things are done elsewhere: better, more sophisticated, less fluid… For young players particularly, it’s a genuine experience. For him, who had never left the club, it was crucial. I’ve known Ishmael for five years and have lived here. It has continually changed and been active.

He was quiet when I first got to the club, but he took his time, matured, wore the captain’s armband for the reserve team, fit in with the professionals, and was eventually loaned. He is still developing and learning is capable at manning several defensive positions. It may be adaptable. His strong start to the season has me pleased. He is a crucial member of the team. This is the latest News/ Updates on French League 1 side RC Lens.

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