who says third press point, says third match in a week! Coach Franck Haise and midfielder David Pereira da Costa spoke to reporters on Friday, two days before the trip to Reims. Time to discuss Wednesday’s wild evening, the close of the transfer window, the group’s existence, and the club’s development since its ascent to the top tier in 2020.


Before the sixth day of Ligue 1 Uber Eats in Reims, there are a few absences to note. Franck
Wesley Sad will be unavailable for a fortnight, said Haise. We won’t be accepting
any risks there are. The same is true for Seko Fofana, who picked up the race. As opposed to
We will let him work alone this weekend because he is pressed for time. Gail Kakuta will also not be accessible due to a minor alarm at the level of his Achilles heel. Due to a calf issue, Adrien Louveau will also be on rest.

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The coach concluded with some encouraging news: “Today, Adam Buksa resumed collective training in a structured manner. Additionally, he spoke briefly on the advancement of the Polish international within the team. Adam insisted on attending every one of our games, even those played away from home, because he is such a demanding player and outstanding professional. He undertook unconventional, solo training in order to attend group training and observe our method of operation. He has already been successful in incorporating a few of our game’s guiding concepts. With him now, I can examine the game project in greater detail than I was able to with the most recent hires, Alexis Claude-Maurice and Jean Onana.

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ON The two Sang et Or attended the meeting on Wednesday, which marked the announcement of Seko Fofana’s extension for an additional two years. David Pereira da Costa, who had two assists against Lorient GAME, says, “First it was a wonderful match (note: 5-2), and then the extra time, we all experienced it together, it was truly magical.” 

“I like to think of it as a group extension. We had a terrific time, and the club wanted to share it with the administration, the players, and the general public. But the coach refocused everyone’s attention on what mattered most. We soon focused on this game versus Stade de Reims the following day because that’s what fascinates us. Even if David Pereira da Costa acknowledges that “coming down after all that” wasn’t easy. The middle continues, “We had to rapidly regroup and consider the following deadline.

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In the dressing room, the “Made in Gaillette” athlete continued to play Seko Fofana. “To me, he’s like a big brother. He has our utmost regard. Since he has been there, he has brought a lot. We are all thrilled that he will remain. It’s a real pleasure to advance with such a brilliant individual who leads the field both technically and vocally. 

Additionally, Number 20 clarified how he collaborated with Salis Abdul Samed, who arrived this summer. “He instantly became at home. I believe that our on-field chemistry reflects how close we are. He makes the locker room really happy. a favorable environment that enables everyone to find their position within the group. Our preparation pays off in the game and in the maneuver that results in Salis’ goal.

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The summer hiring period came to a close last night, and Franck Haise mentioned the most recent departure Christopher Wooh to Stade Rennais FC. “We wanted to keep Christopher because we saw potential in him. But everything happened at the last minute, so we were unable to stop it. Despite this deviation, the coach is of the opinion that “internal resources” exist. ” Even though they are lane players, Steven Fortes has always been there, and Massadio Hadara and Ismael Boura practice primarily in central defense. Since Jean Onana can also develop there, we are not pressing for time in this situation. In ten games, a new transfer window will open, so let’s proceed slowly and deliberately. 

The Lensois strategist also discussed the most recent arrivals who have already earned a spot in the game on Sunday. Jean was a top priority for us. We have been following him ever since he arrived in Mouscron, Belgium. Since Jean was available and we needed someone to fill in for Patrick Berg, we did not hesitate. Then, Alexis Claude-Maurice is a player I am familiar with from when he started playing for Lorient’s reserve team at the age of 16. We are aware of his abilities because Florent Ghisolfi collaborated with him while serving as the pro team’s assistant at FCL. To help the scorers, we needed a player with some creativity.

David Pereira da Costa also has something to say about the healthy competition his entry has sparked. “Alexis has excellent technical ability, and I truly enjoy his playing approach. We will benefit from this competition and be able to improve the team because of it. 

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It’s a source of pride, of course. When asked how the Racing season was off to a good start, the midfielder was pleased but modest. We’re off to a good start, but the most crucial thing is to maintain our performance without being overwhelmed and losing game after game. The same is true of Franck Haise. “We scrutinize a team when it functions well. It’s a component of the game. Consistency now, I say, is what counts. And we’ll have to stick to our values even if we lose. 

The coach, though, views this new status favorably. “We are happy with the measures taken, and not just for the summer. The construction process took many years. The goal is to keep the club among the elite without putting any restrictions, therefore it affects all of the club’s key components, including the staff, the infrastructure, and the recruitment unit. 

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