Real Madrid: Benzema medical report

Benzema medical report. The Real Madrid Medical Services conducted series of diagnosis on Karim Benzema; he was confirmed to have injured his semitendinosus tendon and also an injury quadricep muscle in his right thigh. His will keep undergoing medical medication until his fit again.

Ancelotti: “The second half was an exhibition”

“Through the first half, it wasn’t easy for us and we encountered lots of challenge, but one thing is for sure, we are not capable of losing”, he explained.

On discussing with the media outlet, Carlo Ancelotti spoke about their win at the opening of the Champions League campaign: “The match was exciting and the team gave their best which is truly satisfying. Frankly speaking, the second half was awesome. We won without conceding a goal and it’s so brilliant how we dominated the second half. We made sure the game was at our advantage and whatever chance we had, we utilized them “.

“There were some difficulties and nobody is to blame, it’s normal especially when you play in a tournament like this. Difficulties will surface here and there, which we noticed in the first half because play against this team. The team is putting in their best and you are bound to pressure, this team tried their best not to lose. Celtic is a great team. It is exciting playing with them and the match was entertaining and playing here too, we learnt a lot and it was exciting”.

On the issues with Benzema

“It isn’t that bad. We keep looking forward to positivity but with what we are seeing recently, I don’t think it’s a problem. Let’s see how things goes as the day goes by, we are not certain if it’s a muscle issue or if it’s his knee”.


“He’s trying to improve and of course developing as well and he’s surely putting in a lot of effort. We can see that during first half of the match, he tried his best to perform, but when the second half commenced, he changed his style of play because he assisted our second goal and scored our third. He plays a key role for us and right now he has to keep doing his best.”

“He’s not a young player which we are aware of, but he still has an experience and that means a lot especially in matches like this. He might not outsmart their defense, As long as he utilizes his talent and skill when playing out from the back, then the defense of their team won’t concentrate on a particular player to hold.”

Militão substitution

 “He met with an injury and there is no reason to keep playing him, although he wanted to continue and also because Rüdiger is a very talented player.”


 “He definitely played well. Kroos is a player we have always counted on, he knows how to control the ball and he perfectly knew how to put the strikers in position. These procedures aren’t easy, but he always turns up with the best performance. He played his position perfectly alongside Modrić and Kroos”.

Kroos named Player of the Match against Celtic: “It was a deserved win”

“At the beginning of the match, we had a lot of advantages and we created lots of chances”, reflected the German midfielder.

The man of the match award was given to Toni Kross pn the match between Celtic and Real Madrid at the commencement of the Champions League 2022/23. Toni Kross proved beyond doubt that he is the best on the field and so much cheers and excitement was shown by the home fans: “This further shows how the fans loves and enjoy the match. It was fun seeing Celtic play and it’s was a sight to behold”.

  “It wasn’t easy match and since they are in their turf, they really played well. The Europa League finalists lost 4-0 to them during the weekend. It was a difficult first half. They are good players with experience and we made sure not to panic. As the match went on, we dominated and it’s exciting we won”.  

Controlling the ball

“The forwards in our team are the best, very talented and they know how to dominate their position and score. In the beginning of the match, we created so many chances and made sure that we were in hold of the ball. We were amazing and played well, which depicted in the record of the match. We didn’t make it any easier for the opposition, we pressed them so much and our opportunities came”.


“Aside his fitness, injuries and medical diagnosis which are challenging, he’s a good player of course, with an excellent play today and he has to keep putting in a lot of effort”.

Benzema’s injury “seems the problem is his knee”.

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