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According to Ancelotti “We created several opportunities and deserved to win”. The Italian coach said that it wasn’t easy because Betis plays solid football. In the Santiago Bernabéu press room, Carlo Ancelotti discussed, analyzing Real Madrid’s victory over Betis. However, The coach said the following after his team’s fourth consecutive victory in LaLiga: The season has begun well for us. We were struggling to gain the ball back since it was a difficult game. It was challenging for us since Betis is good playing out from the back. 

Next, we had possession of the ball. we were more direct, and creating some solid link-up play was not a problem for us. Although we created several chances and were deserving of the victory, our final pass and shooting let us down. Being that Betis plays good football. So, they made it difficult for us.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how many minutes Hazard and Asensio will get but I’m counting on them. Every game is unique, and the adjustments I made were to command more energy in the midfield. In the waning seconds, The introduction of Rüdiger was to give us more strength in the air. I would have brought on Kroos and Ceballos if the score was still  1-1 just to have more talent moving forward. Hazard and Asensio weren’t necessary because we were winning 2-1.

Kroos and Modrić

They are both brilliant and modest, and they are aware of how essential they are to us. Managing them is the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do in my career as a coach. Also, they are excellent examples to follow. 

Replacements for Benzema

It is untrue to say that Benzema lacks backups because he does. Asensio, Modric, Hazard, and Mariano are backups for him. We won’t use him too much because he has a replacement. After this game, we play once every three. Perhaps I should give him a break before one of the games. He has been playing every week. His finishing today wasn’t at its best because of a lack of fitness.

Conceding Goals

This needs to be put into consideration. We made a significant error when we gave up the goal. A throw-in cannot have shut us off, because that is not possible. In these little instances, we have to get better. Although Modric wasn’t at his best he’s playing was wonderful. In the first half, he did well and made good passes to Camavinga and Tchouameni. His performance was good in the entire game. Though, he met the expectations.

Options at the back

Our back four was so effective. That also includes Nacho, Lucas, and Rüdiger. Both in the middle of the field and at the back, we have a lot of quality and depth. These four appear more at ease. Rüdiger’s defensive abilities won’t change whether he plays left or right back one day.

Real Betis

They did a great job defending, but we tried to play wide and one on one. The one-on-one helped us because the wingers didn’t drop back. Rodrygo creates chances between the lines, and Vini Jr performance was quite effective.


Due to his versatility, he is a unique forward. He’s highly intelligent without the ball and great In one-on-one. His apprenticeship is up, so he is now a Real Madrid player.

Winning streak

Playing solid football earning the points, and securing victories is our main goal. With the quality we possess, we are capable of combining well and transitioning effectively while playing good football. We have a positive team environment and are very confident in our skills. The most challenging game of the season’s first half is on Tuesday. Our preparation should be top-notch because we’ll be playing against a side that plays excellent football.

The starting Eleven

Following a game, you have a concept, which changes during training. It’s difficult to select a starting lineup since you exclude players who could play for any team around the globe.

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