Real Madrid Vini Jr: “We have to play well to defend our crown because we believe we can do it.”

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Vini Jr.: “We have to play well to defend our crown because we believe we can do it.” 

The 22-year-old Brazilian said, “I want to keep improving and do my best to help the team and fans.”

On the day before Real Madrid kick off their first Champions League match. Facing the media was vini jr who had to answer questions from the media. In a statement before the game, Vini jr said, “We’re incredibly happy to have won the Champions League last season and now we want to be champions again. However, We’re feeling optimistic and there’s a fantastic mood. We must go out and defend our title, just like the coach advises. We’ll strive to maintain composure and give Real Madrid our very best effort.

 For this great club, we’ll aim to maintain composure and give it our best. I have to perform at my best and I’m feeling confident I can do it. Also, I’ll have another successful season if I play at my peak level for this team and my teammates. On the field, I must continue to perform at this level and achieve great things. I would like to join the ranks of great players who have long careers on the field.


Although I would like to contribute more goals and assists. playing well for my team so that we can continue to win has been my greatest aim. At the age of 22, I’m eager to keep improving. I’m at peace with myself and my confidence has made me a good player. because I want to accomplish great things for this team. That’s what I want to show our supporters.


Celtic is a decent team and their supporters always have their backs. Also, We are eagerly anticipating the kickoff. We’ve started watching some of their films. and from what we’ve seen so far, they recently won 4-0. To visit and play here is quite difficult. This is my first time seeing this stadium. I want to perform at my highest level and leave with the first three points.

Spanish nationality

I’ve always been given so much by the club and the fans. At age 18, I was only beginning my career when I joined the club. I’m 22 years old now, and I have a lot of distinct opinions. My fans are supportive of me. My family and I both enjoy our time in Madrid. I’m happy that my family has made it very obvious that they want to stay in this place for a very long time. I wish to stay in Madrid for a long time because of this.

“I constantly take advice from the people I care about. especially the family that supports me every day. For my family and those who are aware of the daily sacrifices I make to be a good football player, I work very hard. I’m hoping it ends up being a season with lots of goals and assists. Like the club’s greatest Modric, Marcelo, Karim, or Toni. I want to keep becoming better and remain here for a very long time.


One of the traits of the Celtic is they keep running and never get tired of working hard on the pitch. We’ll need to watch more of their games before tomorrow because I haven’t seen many of them. Our understanding of the situation is clear, so we must continue to operate in the same manner.

Learning Journey

I need to get better in every aspect. I’ll keep making progress and keep going till my last day. I learn a lot from every single player. Karim, who is 34 years old. and the fact that he is still growing as a player inspires me to keep becoming better. It’s challenging for me to maintain my level of drive while attending the best club in the world.

Celtic park 

“I enjoy my football when there is a large audience in the stadium. when the pressure is high I enjoy these games more. I’m hoping for a thrilling match tomorrow night because all the Madrid players prefer it that way.”

Real Madrid have arrived in Glasgow

On Matchday 1 of the Champions League group stage, the team faces Celtic (Tuesday, 9 pm CEST).

Real Madrid is here in Glasgow, ahead of their match with Celtic in the opening round of the Champions League. The Real Madrid traveling party includes this group of players. departed for the Scottish city from the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. They took off and eventually landed at their destination after spending 3 hours in the air.

However, Before the team’s Champions League group stage match against Celtic Park begins. they will be staying in the Radisson Blu hotel (Tuesday, 9 pm CEST).

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