Robert Biden ii Biography

Robert Biden II, the grandson of President Joe Biden and the son of Beau Biden, is the subject of this article. The Biden family has been well-known in American politics for many years, but Robert has generally avoided the spotlight. We’ll explore what is known about Robert’s early life, his ties to his family, and other important information in this post. Join us as we explore this young Biden family member’s lesser-known details.

Exactly who is Robert Biden II? Of the Joe Biden family, he is one of the youngest. He is one of two kids born to the deceased American politician and attorney Beau Biden III and his wonderful wife Hallie Biden.

When the 2020 presidential election was recently held, the then 14-year-old Biden and his five siblings entered the spotlight. He was saying the anthem at the 2020 Democratic National Convention alongside his sister and cousins.

Learn about Robert Biden II, the younger of Beau and Hallie Biden’s two children who was born in 2006. Robert Biden ii is the first grandson and fifth grandchild of Vice President Joe Biden. Get to know more facts about him and his family.

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The late Beau Biden’s only son

On March 10, 2006, Robert Biden II was brought into the world by his late dad, Beau Biden, and his beloved wife, Hallie. Robert Hunter Biden is the uncle of the 15-year-old Biden and he was also named after his uncle. Robert’s parents were blessed with a stunning daughter named Natalie Biden. She was born on August 4, 2004, which makes her 18 years old at currently. Young Robert is therefore lucky to have an older sister in his family.

Robert has three older siblings in addition to Natalie. They are his cousins Finnegan, Naomi, and Maisy Biden. They are Hunter Biden’s daughters, who he had with his ex-wife, Kathleen Biden, during their relationship.

Robert tries to avoid the spotlight, so he isn’t active on any social media. There are accounts on TikTok and Instagram but his last posts were in 2021. He arrived while reciting the DNC version of the Pledge of Allegiance. He was in fact one of the five grandkids who cheered on his grandfather, Joe Biden, during the election.

There are two younger siblings in His Family

Many people might be unaware that he has two younger cousins. Hunter Biden, his uncle, is the father of the two cousins.

Hunter has more than three daughters—you did read it correctly. In 2018, he had a child, although initially denied that it was his, as stated by Harper Bazaar. After that, in March 2020, he married Melissa Cohen, expanding his family. A lovely and healthy boy was born to the couple.

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Robert ii Is Raised in Luxury

It is no secret that young Robert is growing up in luxury despite still being a teen. How? Well, that should be clear. It’s because he’s a member of the Biden clan.

Joe Biden, Robert’s grandfather, is a millionaire and also the President of the United States. His net worth is an impressive $9 million. The Bidens made $16 million between 2017 and 2019, primarily from book royalties and paid speaking engagements, through sources from the Business Insider.

Hometown and Religion

With his grandfather Joe Biden, who is the current president of the United States, the young Biden boy, resides at the White House currently. He is American and is a part of the White ethnicity. In addition to being a Christian, Robert’s zodiac sign is Pisces. 

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The Educational Background of Robert Biden II

Information regarding Robert Biden II’s educational background is not currently accessible.

Height and Weight

Robert Biden II is approximately 48 kg (105 lbs) in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.54 M). His hair is a light brown color, and he has brown eyes. He follows a certain nutrition regimen and is guided by his mother in maintaining his physical health. He also observes a fast every week. Robert Biden II spends many hours each day working out in the gym.  He wears US-size 7 shoes.

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Robert Biden II doesn’t always date. He is someone that places a high value on his career, although he is just sixteen years old. He now places observation and training at the top of his priority list because he sees training as the riskiest weapon. If you’re knowledgeable, you can make decisions for yourself. If it happens that he starts dating immediately away, it will be out on the internet. We’ll keep you updated on Robert Biden II’s girlfriends in the nearest future. 

Robert Biden ii Net Worth and Monthly Earnings

The estimated net worth of Robert is $8–$10 million US. He makes between $300k and $400k USD per month. Among other things, his family business is his main source of income. He hasn’t yet disclosed how he makes money. His net worth in 2022 was $5–6 million USD. His estimated net worth in 2021 was $3–4 million USD.

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His Professional Achievements

Joe Biden’s fifth grandchild is named Robert. His father, Beau Biden, was a politician and lawyer in the United States. For the past few years, his father Beau Biden has been struggling with a brain tumor. In August 2013, his lesion was removed at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre at the University of Texas in the United States.

At the age of 46, Beau Biden passed away on May 30, 2015, from cancer-related complications.

The funeral for his father was place in St. Anthony of Padua on June 6, 2015. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ray Odierno, and numerous other officials attended Beau’s burial.

Unknown Facts About Robert Biden ii

  • Most people know Robert Biden II as the grandson of Joe Biden, the 46th and current President of the United States.
  • Beau Biden, the father of the teenager died when he was only nine years old.
  • Beau Biden, the father of Robert Hunter Biden II, was hospitalized at the Bethesda, Maryland-based Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in May 2015. Despite receiving medical attention for over a month, he passed.
  • Biden made no revelations regarding his romantic life when talking about it. It appears likely that he is not in a relationship and is single.

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Rumor and controversy

Robert hasn’t been linked to any serious controversies or rumors. Robert has avoided getting involved in any rumors or controversies during this time. He is succeeding in his chosen career.

Robert Biden ii Mother

Hallie K. Biden, is a part of the Biden household and a school counselor in America, was born on the 6th of July 1973. She got married to the late Beau Biden, a child of Joe Biden and Neilia Hunter Biden, in the year 2002. While her partner was Delaware’s attorney general, they resided in Wilmington.

Hallie was appointed chairwoman of the organization’s board of directors in charge of the Beau Biden Foundation which specializes in the protection and safety of kids after her husband, Beau Biden, passed away in 2015 from glioblastoma. In 2016 till 2019, she was frequently the subject of media curiosity and constant scrutiny due to her bond with her mother-in-law. 

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Q&A About Robert Biden ii

What is Robert Biden II renowned for?

Ans: He is known as the grandson of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States.

What is the name of Robert Biden II’s girlfriend?

Ans. The identity of his girlfriend is still unknown.

What is Robert Biden II’s real name?

Ans. His full name is Robert Hunter Biden ii

What is Robert Biden II’s nickname?

Ans. He is fondly called Rob

What year was Robert Biden II born?

Ans. The age of Robert Biden II is sixteen.

What is Robert Biden II’s father’s name?

Ans. Beau Biden is the father of Robert Biden II.

What is the full name of Robert Biden II’s mother?

Ans. The mother of Robert Biden II is Naomi Biden.

What is the name of Robert Biden II’s sister?

Ans. His sister’s name is Natalie Biden.


The 16-year-old, comes from one of America’s most influential families. He is the son of the late Beau Biden, a renowned politician, and attorney, and the grandson of Joe Biden, the current president of the United States. He also bears the name of his uncle, Hunter Biden. Robert has five relatives from his uncle’s marriages in addition to his sister Natalie, who is two years older than him.

He is a student at a Catholic school, and he displayed his patriotism by saying the pledge of allegiance alongside his sister and cousins during the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Robert is a young, optimistic boy with a promising future.

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