On Sunday afternoon, SC Heerenveen and NEC provided counterbalance to one another. In the last half hour, Kees van Wonderen’s team had to hold out with one less man, and they succeeded: 0-0. This is the fourth time in their first five games that the Frisians have preserved a clean sheet.

The goalkeepers were closely observed throughout the game. Louis van Gaal would have closely watched the game since both Andries Noppert and Jasper Cillessen were pre-selected for the Dutch national squad. Both goalkeepers had little opportunity to stand out before the interval. There were just three shots between the posts since the clubs were equal in strength.

Although Thom Haye’s goal for the Frisians seemed to put them ahead, it was overturned for offside. When a consequence, there was no score as the teams entered the locker rooms. The Joure goalie did get five minutes of opportunity in the second half to display his talent. He expertly glided to the far corner and stopped Elayis Tavsan from scoring. It ended up being the beginning of a challenging second half in which Kees van Wonderen’s men had trouble connecting with one another.

After an hour of play, Tibor Halilovic’s red card forced Heerenveen’s trainer to step in. The midfielder had to leave the pitch after making a late tackle. Simon Olsson entered when Sydney van Hooijdonk moved to the side. The squad played strong defense for the whole half-hour. The guys of the pompeblêden configuration are still unblemished in the contest as a consequence. The counter has nine points after five games. This is the latest news on Netherlands League

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