Hotschedules Iniciar Session / HotSchedules Sign up and Login:

Hotschedules Iniciar Session / HotSchedules Sign up and Login: In this article, we going to discuss the detailed guide of sub-topics that would benefit you on how to use HotSchedules.

About HotSchedules:

HotSchedules is essential in this 21st-century workplace. It’s an application designed to ease administrative work in a hospitality enterprise, Restaurant and Retail . The HotSchedules session is all about the first stages to undergo as a starter in the HotSchedules process.

How To Register HotSchedules Account:

To register your HotSchedules account or sign up, you will be provided with either a Welcome Email or a Welcome Sheet by your manager. these are the following procedures:

_ Welcome Sheet: this contains your login information such as initial username and password , to set it up follow the below setps:

  1. Go to setup.

2. Login with the username and password from your welcome sheet.

3. You will then be directed to the setup page.

4. Create a new Username and password

5. Set up three security questions

6. Select Create Your Profile .

Welcome Email: To set up your HotSchedules Account, follow the steps below after the welcome email by HotSchedules.

  1. Open the welcome email and click on Create Your Profile.

2. The browser will open a new tab and direct you to set up page with the email address already imputed. Enter the required information on the provided spaces and Create Your Profile.

3. Each field will show a checkmark icon once it meets the necessary requirements then Create Your Profile button .

4. Accept the User Agreement.

5. Once the User Agreement is accepted, the homepage will be displayed.

How to Login / Sign in HotSchedules:

You can login to your account through your Android app, iOS iphone app, Windows app, or Online through PC or Desktop . Steps you can follow to login HotSchedules app:

  1. Visit the official HotSchedules Login page at this link : .
  2. Enter your Username and password in the space provided.
  3. Click on Login to access your account.

Hotschedules App:

HotSchedules is the industry’s leading employee scheduling app because it’s the fastest and easiest way to manage your schedule and communicate with your By continuing you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

How do I view an entire schedule on HotSchedules app ?

You can view an entire schedule on HotSchedules app through the following steps below:

  1. From the My Schedule page, select See All Schedules.
  2. A pop-up window will display the schedules you are assigned to, select the title to see the entire schedule.
  3. Select the Close button at the bottom right corner of the pop-up window to return to the My Schedule page.
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What does blocked all day mean on HotSchedules?

A blocked date is a date, or period, that you have set to prevent any student from being scheduled to you. For example you or another teacher may be out for the day, a department might have a meeting during the school day, or be away for a training session. Employees will receive a notification that this day has been blocked if they attempt to submit a Time Off request for that date/date range.

How much does HotSchedules cost per month?

Employees see only Home, Settings, Messages, Staff, and Logbook. What the website looks like is important because, even though HotSchedules has Android and iOS apps, they’re not free. Employees or their employers must pay $2.99 to download them from iTunes or Google Play. For further pricing information, please contact HotSchedules directly and request a demo.

What company uses HotSchedules?

The companies using HotSchedules are most often found in United States and in the Restaurants industry.

_ Fourth Ltd

_ Pluckers Wing Bar

_ The Cheesecake Factory Inc

_ Productivity Associates .

_ Grand Canyon Education Inc.

_ AMC Entertainment

_ Hard Rock Cafe

_ Pappas Restaurant.

How much does it cost to register HotSchedules?

HotSchedules pricing is not transparent, and you will not know how much you will be paying until you receive a quote, which may include one-time professional service fees.

On the other hand, the HotSchedules mobile apps for staff cost $3 to download. That could mean that particular staff will not (or can not) pay for the app.

HotSchedules United States:

HotSchedules is a US-based company providing one of the most popular employee scheduling and labor management solutions in the restaurant industry. For over a decade now, HotSchedules has been one of the most popular and trusted labor management solutions in the USA, providing its services to thousands of restaurants and fast-food networks. However, built with the JSP technology, with time the system started to require modernization.

HotSchedules Canada:

State/Province: Canada – Alberta Overtime Rule: Week 44/Day 8 [AB]

Definition: Week 44/Day 8 [AB] 44 hours/week (net)8 hours/day (net)For hours worked more than 44 hours/week or 8 hours/day, the employee will be compensated 1.5 times the pay rate.

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HotSchedules United Arab Emirates:

The HotSchedules platform automates operational tasks such as scheduling, shift communication, reporting, forecasting, recruiting and training in UAE.

HotSchedules Saudi Arabia:

HotSchedules, Now Powered by Fourth … Managed the deployment of all HotSchedules products for new and existing clients in Saudi Arabia/Brunei.

HotSchedules Login not working?

If your account has been Inactivated/Suspended, you will need to reach out to your manager to regain access to your HotSchedules account. Accounts can be inactivated for varying reasons, but a manager has the ability to reactivate an employee’s account.

How to reset HotSchedules Login:

There are a few way options available to reset the HotSchedules login password if the login is not working or you forgot the password. Follow the steps below to fix it:

  1. Go to the HotSchedules login screen on a web browser [Phone or Computer].
  2. Choose “Forget Password.”
  3. Type your HotSchedules username” and click on the “Continue” tab.
  4. A mail containing a link to reset the “HotSchedules login not working” will be sent to your email address.
  5. Click on the “Password Reset” link.
  6. Enter a new password for your HotSchedules account and confirm the password once again in the second column.
  7. Click on “Submit” to change the password.

The new password will be set to replace the forgotten HotSchedules password on your account.

What is auto-release on HotSchedules?

It means When a shift is automatically released, it will have a colored border which indicates it is still your responsibility until a manager approves. also a shift that someone is currently assigned, but they would like someone else to pick it up.

How do you pick up shifts in HotSchedules?

1 Select the Pickup Shift button if you would like to request to work that shift.

2 You will be prompted to enter a pickup shift reason before submitting it to the managers for approval.

3 Select Done.

What is pickup on HotSchedules?

when someone asks if you want to “pick up a shift” it means if you want to work extra hours. So if you were off from work on a Saturday and your boss asks you if you can pick up a shift that day, they are asking if you want to work on Saturday.

What does request shift release mean in HotSchedules?

This feature provides the ability for team members to release a portion of their scheduled shifts. Under “Request Release,” select the Partial Shift option to activate.

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HotSchedules Reviews, Demo, and Pricing:

The solution offers tools that enable restaurant owners to recruit a workforce, develop and share training courses with the staff, and track business productivity. It’s very easy to release shifts, swap shifts, and request off.

It will save your scheduling sanity! Cons: The only downside to this software is the cost of the app. While it is minimal you can still log in for free.

This cost is included in the monthly subscription fee. Pricing & Cost Details. Includes Price/User and Minimum Commitment Terms for HotSchedules:

License/Subscription Cost: Subscription-based pricing model;

Customization Cost: The customization costs are dependent on the functional requirements.

Installation/Implementation Cost: The cost is included in the subscription fee.

Recurring/Renewal Costs: This cost is included in the monthly subscription fee.

How can I get

currently have a HotSchedules app available for iOS and Android users. Our app costs $2.99 in each of the respective app stores (Apple App Store, and Google Play Store) and If you’ve logged into HotSchedules before and set up your email, we can send your username and Email Address. You can also this link:

Job opportunities at HotSchedules:

the following are flexible job opportunities at HotSchedules:

_ Website Manager ( Remote)

_ UX Researcher ( Remote)

_ Payroll production specialist

_ Sales Engineer ( Remote)

_ Deal Support Specialist ( Remote)

_ Data Analyst with python

_ Senior Developer ( Bristol , CT )

_ Tier 1 Support Agent ( Macclesfield, NC)

_ Product Owner ( Sofia NM )

_ Net Developer ( Macromatix )

HotSchedules Offerings and Advantages:

HotSchedules offers a few flexible plans to their customers with the basic cost of a license starting from $49 per month. The following are the advantages:

_ It enables easy creation, communication, and management of employee schedules to reduce the time spent on them.

_ It also has advanced forecasting and reporting capabilities that allow users to make a schedule for a specific time with the ideal people and lower labor costs as a result.


HotSchedules is quite an important application, and this article on the HotSchedules Sign Up. Login Portal updates and HotSchedules deliver a robust web-based operating platform for restaurant, hospitality, and retail businesses. Ever since its merger with Fourth. HotSchedules reviews, ASO score, and analysis on App Store, iOS.

Finally, HotSchedules is Powered by Fourth which gives you everything you need for a total workforce.

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