See How to get a loan with low interest rates in Canada

Today, we will be discussing how to get a loan with a low interest rate in Canada. Indeed, what may be seen as low for a borrower may not seem as low for another. There are lots of places where lenders offer loans for low interest in Canada. Therefore, this article will help you to understand where you can get loans with low interest in Canada.

Places you can get low interest loans in Canada


Though banks are known for their strict eligibility qualifications, but they offer low interest rates for personal loans.

Credit Unions

The low rates provided by credit unions are sometimes equal to or even better than banks. Although you will be required to apply for membership with the credit union.

Peer-to-peer Lenders

Operating costs can be reduced by online peer-to-peer lending platforms and therefore, offered the borrower low interest rates.

Online Lenders

Indeed, the rates offered by lenders are higher on average than banks and credit unions. However, you should know that only few online lenders offer low interest loans to clients.

Online Broker

You can easily pre-qualify with various lenders to enable you find the lowest rate you can get with the help of online brokers.

Types of loans with low interest rate in Canada

Secured personal loans

Due to the fact that they involve collateral and lowers the risk for the lender, secured loans tend to have lower interest rates. In order to make up for losses, the lender can take over your assets if you fail to pay back. If you wish to borrow a large amount or get lower interest rates, the most traditional way is secured personal loans.

Home Equity Loans/ Lines of Credit

One of the easiest way to get lower interest rates on your loan is offering your house as collateral. Indeed, it’s similar with secured personal loan just that you offer your house as collateral.

Consigned Personal Loans

To get a better rate when your credit score is not so good, a family member or friend can consign your loan. Though, you have to keep in mind that your guarantor’s credit score goes down if you default on your consigned personal loan. Furthermore, they will be obligated and forced into paying on your behalf.

Features of Low Interest Loans in Canada

Your finances determine how much you will be qualify to be loaned. Note that you are allowed to borrow $3,000- $50,000 and can get more if you put up your house as collateral. A grace period of between 6-60 months is given you to pay back though this can be longer if your house is collateral. It is recommended however that you aim for short loan terms that are manageable. This is because the interest accumulates and you will end up paying more in interest if the loan term is longer. In addition, your personal situation determines your rate.

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Factors That Get You Approved for Low Interest Rate Loans

Though, you might not necessarily meet up with all the requirements about to be listed, they will prove helpful. This is because certain factors are reviewed due to your application and we will discuss them below.

Strong Credit score

Past evidence that you always pay on time when it comes to loan payments can serve as a factor to approve your loan. It’s better when the history is longer so you might exercise a patience before applying for a personal loan if your credit score isn’t strong. The act of paying bills on time and maintaining low balance in your credit card can help boost your credit score. Endeavour to file a dispute if you notice any inconsistency that is lowering your score. As a result of your filing, it will be removed accordingly.

Stable Employment

You will prove yourself capable of paying back to the lenders if you have a stable employment. A stable salary for three years or more proves a lower risk than a short-term contract job. Furthermore, a company launched recently will be seen as higher risk than one that has been established for years so who you work for also matters.

Positive Net Worth

What makes up your net worth is your assets excluding debts and you are regarded as someone with positive net worth if the former is bigger than the latter. This is because it serves as a sign that you have good saving habits. The risk is also lowered for lenders as being able to easily change your assets to cash proves capability to handle financial emergencies.


This is known as debt-to-income ratio and is the percentage of monthly debt payments from your monthly income. The lower the DTI, the better as it keeps you basically in the clear.

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The risk for the lender is lowered by collateral though not everything can be used as collateral for low interest rate loans. Certain assets that won’t be approved as collateral include government-registered assets such as RRIF and others. If your car is paid off, it might be accepted for collateral but you won’t get low rates because car value depreciates.

Credit Checks

It can be deduced that your financial situation has changed negatively when you over apply for credit in the last six months. Though, there are no approved number of credit checks that are too much. Ensure your desired lenders provide personal loan pre-approval that doesn’t affect your credit score.

Basic Requirements for Low Interest Rates in Canada

Though the age qualification depends on your province, you should be at least 18 or 19 years old in order to qualify for a loan. In addition, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. It is required that you should have a steady income and active bank account. Financial documents such as your income and expense statement needs to be provided. Note that if you wish to get a low rate loan, your finances in other aspects need to be strong as well.

How to pick the best low interest loan in Canada

You might need to follow these steps to choose the best option for you. In order to have a knowledge on various rates, become familiar with interest rates from different places. There are certain things that make interest rates vary and they include type of loan, type of interest rate, loan term and amount, etc. Insist on a breakdown of your interest rate and what you must pay to get the loan. By doing this, you have the access to comparing multiple offers and seeing a clearer view of the cost. In addition, find out if your bank offers rate discounts to their account customers.

There is an uncommon fee paid for unsecured personal loans which is called prepayment penalty. Therefore, find a lender that doesn’t charge such if you can pay early or make extra payments. Make sure you examine your payment schedule thoroughly before signing anything. Furthermore, ensure you look out for extra charges and don’t focus only on interest rates. In short, you should also put speed into consideration and have a knowledge of the lender’s customer care and reputation.

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Steps to Take in Applying for Low Interest Rate Loans

Firstly, you can choose to apply at a branch or online and provide them with adequate information that are essential. Within one to two business days, a response on your application will be given to you. Though, you might be expected to attend an interview to discuss your financial situation if you apply to a bank or credit union. Where you applied and the provision of collateral in your loan determines how long it takes to get an approval. Do not sign unless you have examined your payment schedule properly and done your calculation. Once this is done, your money will be deposited right into your account.

Documents to be Tendered while Applying for Low Interest Loan

In fact, more paperwork is typically required when it comes to lower interest rate personal loans. In order to have a smooth and faster process, you should have the following documents down. Not all of these may be required but you should have two pieces of ID, pay stubs, employer letter, and T4 slips. In addition, have a notice of assessment, income tax return (T1 General), and list of assets and debts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Do Low Interest Loans Cost in Canada?

The loan amount, loan term, and APR determine the cost of a low interest loan.

Can Low-Interest Personal Loan Be Used to Consolidate Debt?

Getting a low-interest rate to consolidate debt actually serves as a great idea. This can be accomplished if you have excellent credit and multiple debts with high-interest rates.

What Can You Use Low-Interest Loans for in Canada?

Unless you specifically applied to consolidate debt, there are basically zero limitations on how to use your personal loan. Though, you might not be given the freedom to use it for business purposes by some lenders. Asides from that, you are totally free and perfectly in control of whatever you want with the money.


We have indeed learned a lot about how to get loans with low-interest rates in Canada. However, you can carry out your personal research if you wish to get extensive information on the topic.

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