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In the year 1997, a lady Susan White Morrissey began working with a facility owner that collects cashmere directly from Mongolian herders, and that was the beginning of everything. Later on, Morrissey opened a store in the Fashion District of New York. She hired designers who shared her conviction that cashmere could be an affordable luxury for ladies like herself. Now, with Susan serving as CEO and her daughter, Catherine Morrissey, serving as president. We have developed into a close-knit company of 90% women.

The Travel Wrap

White & Warren’s Cashmere Travel Wrap is a style classic. It has been adored by both customers and celebrities for more than 20 years. We take great pride in providing the Travel Wrap in a variety of colors and the highest quality of cashmere. 

Since Travel wrap came into existence there have been over 1000 different colors available and even more. We can trace every stage of the production process for each Travel Wrap. Starting from the mill that turns the fibers into yarn to the herd that the goat belongs to.

Why We Love It: Doubles as a blanket, 100 percent cashmere

A classic cashmere cover is always a good choice. Also, the wrap from White + Warren can serve as a blanket when you’re feeling cold on the plane. Although it is more expensive than others. The fact that it is made entirely of cashmere makes it a high-quality purchase that will last for many years. Moreover, it has been a brand favorite for more than 20 years. 

Furthermore, There are a variety of colors available. but we prefer something a little bit darker than the white or extremely pale options. The reason is that it won’t show dirt as much in vehicles like cars, trains, and airplanes.

Cashmere Travel Wrap

The travel wrap we sold the most is the perfect year-round staple. It offers no shortage of ways to wrap up. It combines the functions of a comfortable blanket, an evening wrap, and a supersoft scarf. You can purchase every color and print including some exclusive at whiteandwarren. com.

A Sustainable Vision

Our values, which emphasize quality, foster trust, and safeguard the environment, serve as the foundation for our sustainable vision. Starting with our dedication to sourcing our resources naturally, we are dedicated to the long-lasting character of our products. Moreover, till now our fabrics still pass some of the strictest sustainability standards. Also, Our ecological ideals inspire the creative ways we produce with less waste, such as compostable packaging and yarns created from recycled bottles. 

Cashmere For A Cause

To raise awareness of women’s heart health and enhance the lives of women around the world. the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign has been our proud partner since 2011. The White + Warren family has been personally impacted by heart disease. which is why we are inspired to utilize our platform. The platform is to spread awareness, tell stories, and raise money for the AHA’s Life and WhyTM Campaign.


Fabric: Soft, fine knit

Shell: 100% cashmere

Hand wash

Imported, China

This ultra-soft White + Warren cashmere scarf is ready to add some major coziness to any outfit. Even if you’re traveling across the nation or just down the street.


White + Warren has sold a lot of the Cashmere Travel Wrap over the past 20 years, and for good reason. The light and breathable knit of this must-have scarf. allows it to function as a stylish evening wrap or a warm blanket. making it the most multifunctional item you will ever possess. 


Moreover, the spacious size and supersoft feel are adored by celebrities and influencers worldwide. Also, they fit both men and women perfectly. The Travel Wrap is available in a variety of colors. including traditional neutrals, delicate pastels, and eye-catching brights in addition to unique hues that you won’t find anywhere else.

White + Warren Travel Wrap

If you’re looking for the ideal travel companion use the White + Warren Travel Wrap. It will keep you warm and cozy regardless of your destination. No matter what the weather may be like outside of your destination. This warm wrap’s 100% cashmere product will keep the wind and cold out so you can enjoy your journey to the utmost. 

Furthermore, there is no excuse not to bring the White + Warren Travel Wrap with you when you travel. because it has classic stripes in neutral hues that go with just about any outfit you can think of. 

About the Product

Learn more about the travel wrap from White + Warren’s comfort and style. Even when you travel, stay at home, or just enjoy life, the plush wrap offers absolute comfort. There are two extra identical head scarves included with it. The identical head scarves can be used in various ways to create the ideal outfit for any event. You’ll want one in every color because there are so many different ways to wear this wrap. You can Wear it as a scarf, shawl, skirt, dress, etc. What you can do with it has no boundaries. It’s best to purchase it right away before they are all sold out.

Why you need this travel blanket

When you start planning your luggage for that impending weekend break, business trip, or family vacation. You have all of your toothpaste, shampoo, and clothes packed, and they are all spread out on the bed. but hold on. The question is what should you pack to stay warm while traveling? This new item is unquestionably more acceptable than crumpling up a blanket and shoving it below your bag. We present the white+warren travel wrap, a soft blanket ideal for any traveler no matter the age. 

This blanket’s fabric is extremely cozy and fluffy; it’s like cuddling up with a teddy bear. However, the heat-reflective lining provides an additional layer of warmth when required. Additionally, if you frequently worry that sleeping on a plane or train would cause your neck to become cold. This useful wrap has you covered. Also, there won’t be any frigid drafts coming up from underneath. if you wrap the material around your neck like a scarf. Regardless of where you’re headed, don’t forget to bring the ideal travel companion. which is the white+warren travel wrap.

The Features of this Blanket

While keeping you warm. the meticulously chosen cashmere, wool, and silk of this stunning wrap will have you daydreaming about far-off destinations. When it’s cold outside the soft elegance of the outfit is ideal for a trip to the opera. Also, you can wear it for a stroll in the afternoon, or a stay in a hotel room. You’ll look stylish and comfortable whether you tie it tightly around your shoulders or let it flow loosely from your neck. All of this stuff is so affordably priced as well.

The quality of this blanket is evident. We are confident that once you experience how soft it is on your skin, you’ll be back for more. You’ll buy them as gifts for loved ones who share your high standards for quality.

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Reviews from Actual Customers

I’ve used this fabric for a few weeks, and despite that time, it still appears to be brand new.

This wrap is amazing. At once delicate and refined. Because of its small weight, you won’t feel too hot or chilly when traveling. It can also be machine washed. it was an Excellent purchase.

I Love this wrap so much. The fabric is incredibly soft and has a sumptuous feel, making it ideal for upscale travel. I like that it can also be worn as a scarf. It’s Such a classy travel item for Paris or New York. There is no justification not to get one right away with five gorgeous hues to select from. It’s available in black, blue, purple, red, and brown. 

Also, have in mind our 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee. if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund your money. I have no questions.

Where to Buy This Blanket

Treat yourself to a gorgeously comfortable throw. This sumptuous textile which is made from high-quality merino wool and cashmere fibers is an ideal travel companion. The incredibly plush material is durable and water-resistant. it makes it perfect for lounging about on a chilly day. or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series before sleeping. 

There is a built-in bag with a tassel design that is also included for carrying it. With this luxurious fabric, you can quickly get wrapped up and ready for everything life may throw at you. If white is not your preferred color, a variety of additional hues are also offered. Choose the blanket that best fits you, and be sure to get one right away before they sell out.

The White and Warren Blanket

While you’re binge-watching your favorite TV series or reading your favorite books. the White and Warren blanket is the ideal addition to keep you warm and stylish. It’s available in white and grey and can be used as an alternative to thick blankets. Multiple sizes are available for the blanket, ensuring that it will suit any bed. By purchasing one of these blankets for yourself or a loved one. you may give the gift of comfort this holiday season.

What Is the White and Warren Blanket?

The blanket, which is White and Warren’s hallmark item, was initially made well-known by Michelle Obama through a tweet. Mrs. Obama was so taken with the blanket that she got in touch with the supplier. She got one for herself and a couple more for her team.

This is what we refer to as having an exciting conversation right now. The origin of the blanket’s concept, its features, and the sources of design inspiration have all been covered. in this blog article. We’ll say goodbye now but come back soon to hear more thought-provoking conversations like these. 

This is the reason why Michelle Obama Tan Signature Plaid Blanket is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. it’s rated by our customers across top e-commerce portals like Amazon. Which do you believe? Please share your feedback in the section below. Please visit our online store right away if you want to make a purchase. There are some interesting facts that you might find interesting before you leave.

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Who Designed It?

The father of environmental architecture, William Loomis. was well aware of the significance of designing places with each person’s requirements in mind. He created a pavilion to display his ground-breaking methodology, highlighting the value of natural sunlight, and space separation. 

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Also, cultivating an environment of complete tranquility. It appears that William Loomis had such strong feelings about these procedures. They were included in every facet of his designs for both homes and hospitals. 

He altered the Cornell University curriculum to emphasize ecologically conscious ideas while he was studying environmental architecture there under Raymond F. Venturi. Reclining chairs are arguably his most well-known creation and something we all use frequently.

What Features Do These Blankets Have?

The blanket’s attractive A-line form is its defining characteristic in white and emerald green. Its feminine design and room for one additional person make it the ideal item for cuddling up with close friends and family. In the summer, you can put it on top of you because it is lightweight as well. It also comes with the added benefit of being machine washable, making it easy to clean. 

If you need something even stronger. there are a ton of other hues you may choose from, including red, blue, pink, and black. This sumptuous wrap comes in 2 sizes. So there will always be the right fit.

4 Ways To Style This Basic Piece Of Covering

1 if you want a simple look wear the blanket with your favorite jeans.

2 Wear a blazer or fitted jacket and a blanket wrapped around your waist and knotted behind you to keep the look professional.

3 Cover up a figure-hugging dress with the blanket.

4 Put on one of these lovely blankets over a thin turtleneck sweater, trousers, and ankle boots to easily stay warm. Pair the blanket with black pants and shoes for a stylish look throughout the day.

Replace the chic pants with party-ready sequins for evening wear, and accent with dangling earrings. This wrap looks the finest when paired with other armfuls of coziness. like luxurious silk pajamas and comfy slippers, in our opinion.

Tips on Buying This Piece of Decor

One is to think about where you will use the blanket. Is it more than just a decorative throw on the bed will you be stowing it away on the sofa? If you plan to use it mostly for decorating. pick a pattern that will go well with the rest of your furnishings. However, choose something more subdued or monochromatic. if you intend to use it elsewhere to avoid clashing with anything else you might put down while cuddling.

When it comes to color. keep in mind any large pieces of furniture in your home. such as your couches or bedding to prevent color clashes if they are both heavily saturated with the same shade.

Customer Reviews

1 It was one of my best purchases ever. It looks fantastic on my bed, the couch in my living room, the dog’s cage, and my car. It is strong enough to be used anywhere.

2 Such a stylish addition to any house or workplace. strong and fashionable. I was so in love with it that I gave one to my sister.

3 This is for you if you enjoy using plain items with enduring appeal to decorate your home. I like the thought of using this item to easily transition from home to work. All of my blankets were too heavy and awkward to take about, so I got rid of them all. Additionally, I didn’t have to take my coat or blanket out of my luggage when eating at restaurants.

4 incredibly adaptable, and I adored the pattern! Though I wish there were more color options.

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