See How You Can Sell Old Computers

Do wish to sell your old computer without any stress? In this blog post, I will show you How You Can Sell Old Computers. You have an old computer that you want to sell and you are wondering how to go about it, and that is why you are reading this article, good news for you, I will be showing you how and where you can sell it to earn profit.

Computers like every other electronic gadget are very important no matter how old you think they are. Throwing them away is not the best option because there are so many people who can make good use of them.

Don’t ever be in a haste to get rid of gadgets that can easily earn you a lot of money, regardless of if want to increase their worth or rapidly swap them for new ones.

I am here to inform you of the numerous options you have that can get you good money for your used Computers. 

How Can I Prepare My Old Computer For Sale?

It is advisable that you remove any traces of private data from the system so the new owner cannot retrieve your files. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Backup your data, then reboot your computer
  • For the Macs;
  • You must back up all your files
  • restrict access to your iTunes account
  • Disable your iCloud on the system
  • Install the Mac operating system again
  • Clear your storage after restarting your Computer in recovery mode.

Do not forget to clean the computer for dust so it can look presentable.

Ways To Sell Old Computer For Big Profit

Please be aware that on some of the sites I will list, they will want to buy your computer at a very cheap rate because some have the intention of reselling it for a higher price at other online stores or physically.

Your computer is still very useful so do not feel like it is not, all you have to do is research the other platforms that offer better rates and follow the instructions.

So now let us examine the many methods for selling your used Computers.

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is an online marketplace that lets you sell your used gadgets, like computers. A thorough guide about how to sell your old computer on the platform is given below:

  • Go to their website: The first step to listing your product on the platform is to gain access to its website through When you gain access, the next thing to do is to create an account by selecting the icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen that reads “Sign Up”. Enter your required information and set up an account.
  • Choose your gadget: When you are done setting up an account, you have to go to the main menu bar and select “Sell” from the options. After you have done that, you get to see a drop-down bar, choose “Computers & Laptops” since that is what you want to list. In this section, you can choose the manufacturer and version of your computer. 
  • Explain your computer’s condition: You will be prompted to describe your computer’s state after choosing your device. The four condition levels for Gazelle are “Flawless,” “Good,” “Fair,” and “Broken.” you must Pick the option that most accurately represents the state of the computer.
  • Receive an offer: Gazelle will present you with an offer after you’ve chosen your gadget and given every detail of its condition. Click the “Accept Offer” button when you decide to take it.
  • Deliver your computer: When you agree to the offer, a screen where you’re able to choose the method of shipping will be displayed. You can send your computer to Gazelle’s warehouse using a free delivery label that they supply.
  • Payment Method: Gazelle will pay you according to how the computer was described; the brand, and problems if it has any and every other important information needed. After they have received your computer, and verified its condition, you will get paid by any means of your choice such as PayPal, a cheque, or an Amazon gift card.
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The process of selling your old computer on the Gazelle website is simple and can be finished in very simple steps. Always be careful when describing the state of your computer because Gazelle has the right to change their offer if the actual state of the item is different from what was described.

2. VarageSale

In your local community, you can purchase and sell goods on the VarageSale online platform. The following stages can be used to simplify the basic procedure for selling your old PC on VarageSale:

  • Create an account: You must set up an account on VarageSale if you do not have one yet. Download the app on your phone or simply go to the official website and create an account.
  • Make a post: After setting up your account, you may add a description for your computer. Remember to include all information about the device such as the features, the brand, and the model of the system, as well as other key information. Provide images of the computer from multiple positions too. 
  • Choose a price list: The price of your used computer can be determined by comparing other computers with similar models and brands in the current market and then settling for a price you believe suits the condition of the laptop. 
  • Select sales plan: “Pickup” and “Delivery” are the two sales options offered by VarageSale. In the case of “Pickup,” the customer has to pick up the computer directly from you, and in the case of “Delivery,” you have to send the computer to your client’s address. Be sure to pick the sales plan that benefits you the most.
  • Await inquiries: After you’ve submitted your description, interested buyers will be able to communicate with you. Respond to each of these questions quickly and truthfully and address any concerns the customer might have. 
  • Complete the sale: After you have gotten a buyer, you must complete the transaction. Choose a date and place for them to come to get the computer if you select the “Pickup” option. Make plans to have the device delivered to the customer’s address if you selected the “Delivery” option. Before you give the customer the computer, always get your money first to avoid issues like scams.
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Generally, trying to sell a used computer on VarageSale is an easy procedure that is also fast to complete. These steps will guarantee that your computer is safe and you earn money.

3. eBay

A fantastic method to earn extra cash while clearing out personal space is by selling an old computer on eBay. To effectively sell an old PC on eBay, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Examine your computer:   You must be aware of the computer’s brand, model, the type of processor it has, its overall speed, RAM, storage size, and every other important technical information. Keep a record of any defects or problems with your computer, including any stains, or broken parts. You can use these details to set the rate and create a thorough description of the PC.
  • Take good pictures of the device: After examining the device, snap clear images of it from different views. To allow interested buyers to view the state of the computer, I suggest you take pictures of every single physical dent on it.  when it comes to making photos appear nice and captivating, use excellent lighting and then a plain background, preferably white.
  • Publish a listing: Enter your eBay account login details and select the “Sell” option. Add the brand, model, characteristics, cost, and other information about your computer. Provide all important details about the device and its state in a thorough description of the computer. Do not hold any information back as honesty is one sure way to gain the trust of your customers.
  • Decide on a reasonable price: By looking for specific products that are the same as your old computer on eBay, you will get a sense of how to price it correctly. While determining the computer’s price, consider its generation, state, and features. Be reasonable with your listing price because very expensive things may not get buyers. 
  • Pick a good delivery means: Decide the computer’s delivery to the customer. you can choose to ask the customer for a delivery fee or give free shipping instead.   Pick a trusted and secure mailing service like FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

4. Visit nearby computer shops

This is another great alternative for you when you want to sell your old computer, you just have to find a nearby computer store and sell your device. The following are some methods you have to use when you go to a nearby store to sell your old computer. 

Search for local computer shops: Look for shops in your area that buy second-hand computers. You should find shops that specialize in selling appliances or computer hardware because they’re usually willing to buy your old computer. 

Examine their policy:  the next step to take after you have discovered a shop that is interested in buying the computer from you, you examine their used electronics policy to decide if you want to continue with the deal or not. This is necessary because several shops purchase computers that function in a particular way or a certain type of brand.

Make sure to clean your computer: do not forget to clean your computer before taking it to the shop. do not use water to avoid spoiling the system, instead, you can make use of compressed air to remove dust from hidden places that your towel can’t reach. 

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Save your files: If your computer has any sensitive information you’d like to retain, be sure to create a backup of it earlier before when you put it up for sale. 

Take your computer to the shop for evaluation: After cleaning and backing up your system, take it to the shop to be examined. The computer will probably be inspected by the shop to find its worth and current condition before putting a price tag. 

Discuss the rate: The retailer will present an offer they want to give for your computer after examining it. Afterward, you can bargain over the amount with the shop to see if you can receive a better offer or take the money if you are satisfied with the price.

Close the deal: After you have settled everything with the shop, you give them the computer and they will send your money to you via store credit or cash.

5. Best Buy Trade-In

Customers can turn in their old equipment for a Best Buy gift card through the Best Buy Trade-In program.

Secondly, determine whether your computer qualifies for the Best Buy Trade-In program. A variety of computer brands and types are accepted by Best Buy, but they also have to meet specific criteria and be in excellent condition for use. The eligibility conditions are available on the Best Buy physical store and website. 

Next, find out the price Best Buy can offer for your computer.  Go to the Best Buy walk-in store or their website to receive an estimated amount they are willing to pay for your old computer.  Best Buy will give a good price for your computer’s exchange worth once you insert the product name and model and respond to several other inquiries about its state.

6. NextWorth

NextWorth provides you with the opportunity to use their platform to list your old computer for sale. Though it flips deals based on demand, you still have the chance to sell computers that are made by Apple.

Your money is sent to you through cheque, PayPal, or cash and you also ship the computer for free. 

7. Craiglist

Compared to different platforms, you must search the website for potential customers when you want to sell your computer.

Next, arrange a date and time that you feel is secure and convenient for both you and your customer and sell the computer.

This is how simple it is, you have complete control of the amount of money you make from selling your old computer here, and no need to worry about additional charges.


You can sell your old computer for a lot of money in several ways. Get ready to answer some queries and develop your negotiating and business skills for customers who intend to purchase your computer at prices they believe are okay for them and the worth of your computer.

If the price offered does not match what you have in mind, then try to negotiate for more or find other clients. 

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