Check The 4 Best Spatulas For Smash Burgers

Check The 4 Best Spatulas For Smash Burgers. This Interesting article will tell you all you need to know about Burger spatulas. Also, for more information check The 4 Best Spatulas For Smash Burgers, Professional Metal Burger Spatula 2PCS, Leonyo Heavy, and Smash Burger Spatula.

What is a burger spatula? 

A burger spatula is kitchen equipment used to scoop, smash or bring out burgers from the oven or grill. It serves as a utensil that helps you bring out a burger from the oven. Also, Burger spatulas are made of stainless steel and are strong and stiff mostly. Most times some burgers have different types of handles. It can be wooden or steel.

Smash burger Spatula

Smash burgers go against cooking conventions. Everybody has heard that you shouldn’t press down your ground beef patty when you’re cooking it. Yet when constructing a smash burger, that’s exactly what you do. Using the proper equipment will help you create smash burgers of restaurant caliber. The ideal spatula for smashing burgers is the essential item you require.

Smash burgers have a crunchy texture, which sets them apart from normal hamburgers. The Milliard reaction, which we use to provide superb bark texture on brisket, is also used to make the crust. However, the caramelization of sugars under heat causes it to occur.

Best spatulas for smash burgers

Anmarko Big Metal Griddle spatula:

Making smash burgers with this is the best choice. Its dimensions are 4 inches wide by 8 inches long. The handle was built in a way that it can resist heat. This stainless steel spatula has three sides with straight edge angles. The angles make it easier to remove the patty from the griddle surface. Also, both a hardwood handle and a synthetic handle are offered for this design.

Winco TN56 Offset Turner

A shorter blade and an inclined wooden handle distinguish this from other smash spatulas. Because of the shape and ease of use of the beveled edge, it is simple to smash hamburgers. The extra-wide spatula’s solid grip and ease of flipping make it perfect for flipping burgers as well as smashing them.

New Star Foodservice Extra large spatulas

This spatula is beautiful and functional, and it is excellent for smashing hamburgers. It boasts a large stainless steel blade and a three-riveted wood handle. The handle provides you with the ideal angle to ensure that the burgers are correctly pressed, and the precision-ground stainless steel blade is particularly robust. One of the best smash burger spatula designs available is this one.

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Victoria Cast Iron Wire Handle Burger Press

When pressing burgers flat, a burger press is a terrific technique to guarantee consistent results. A solid cast iron press, in our experience, will aid in achieving the ideal burger shape. One of our favorites is this press. 

Best spatula

Mankitchen professional spatula

It has a wrapped wire handle made of heavy-duty material that doesn’t heat up when in use. Also, the meat’s flatness is improved by the dimpled surface. which also prevents the press from clinging to the meat.

It is made of sturdy steel with a sharp beveled edge. This might just be what you need to cook smash burgers on a hard-top griddle or in a cast iron pan. The dimensions are 11.5×2.9×1.5 inches, which makes this spatula the perfect size.

The Mannkitchen spatula, which weighs 1.12 ounces, is robust enough to carry out vigorous scraping and heavy enough to smash hamburgers. Due to the high gauge steel, the spatula’s flexibility is also abolished. However, the fact that this spatula is made of strong stainless steel, makes it ideal for scraping. This is one of its best features. Furthermore, this spatula will take you a while to wear out. 

The Mannkitchen spatula’s non-flexible, sharp edge ensures a uniform distribution of force, making it simple to flip food. especially items that are as hefty as large chunks of meat.

In conclusion, I choose this as the best spatula because it’s just perfect for any style of burger you want to make. Also, it has a comfortable grip. 

Professional Metal Burger Spatula 2PCS, Leonyo Heavy

About this item

Quality of Restaurant Supplies

Every griddle master needs one flat spatula for grilling larger cuts of meat on the grill. This item is stiff, long-lasting, and manufactured of high-strength, wear-resistant steel. Also, they measure 11.7 inches by 5 inches.

It has a good balance 

It has beveled edges on all three sides of the blade. This barbecue spatula’s 1.5mm thick heavy-duty metal makes it stand on a griddle steadily and press to the ground beef properly. This makes it better than other spatulas at sliding effortlessly under freshly baked burgers.

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It can withstand heat

The handle of the high-density plastic burger flipper is frosted to help you maintain a steady grasp. It is 45 degrees tall and has heat-proof capabilities, so you can use it in a range of temperatures without worrying. Also, Two grill spatulas can be switched out as needed. The slotted metal tuners are made to reduce grease spray. and prevent a layer of grease from developing between the blade and the food. which could cause slips.

Professional Stainless Steel

These oversized burger spatulas are made of sturdy, commercial-grade stainless steel that is safe to use when cooking.

Can you smash a burger with a spatula?

Yes, it can but you’re going to need a special spatula if you want smash burgers. A broad, flat, strong spatula with sharp edges is what you’ll look for. The spatula needs to be big enough to completely cover the burger and powerful enough to continuously press the meat since you’ll be using it to push down on the patties and flip them.

Whatever you have in your kitchen, such as a spatula, meat mallet, or burger press, can be used to smash them down. A piece of parchment paper should be put in between your utensil and the burger. This will make it easier to remove and clean up. The patties should initially be cooked on the first side before flipping it.

What can I use as a burger smasher?


You’ll use a sturdy, big spatula. The spatulas must be able to smash the flesh without being bent, therefore you don’t want them to be overly flexible. Additionally, a cast-iron griddle pan is required. Cast iron heats up more slowly, but it holds the heat quite effectively.

Cast iron 

is excellent for searing and generating crispy portions because it maintains heat quite well. The ability to cook several hamburgers at once is made possible by griddle pans like this reversible one. 

Cast iron skillet

Because of their higher sidewalls, cast-iron skillets retain heat very well. but it can be challenging to break the chuck. Also, be careful with your wrists might hurt. You can easily smash the burger in a 10-inch skillet, but be sure to cook them one at a time. To safeguard your wrists, you can also use a round, cast-iron griddle without sides.

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Are you supposed to flatten burgers?

Yes, you’re supposed if you wish. People normally overlook how crucial it is to flatten your patty before cooking. if you want the ideal burger shape “Use a burger press to flatten the patties onto a flat surface.

Should you push down on burgers?

Sidoti informs us that pushing down on the burger while it is cooking or turning the patties too soon are two of the most frequent errors individuals make when preparing burgers. The best thing to do is to allow the meat to do its thing and cook and then rest for a minute or two when it’s done.

Are you supposed to squeeze buggers?

No, the juicy desired juices that are a wonderful thing and shouldn’t be wasted in the flames are released when you squeeze the burgers. The paddies are more likely to stick if you press the meat into the grill. which will make turning much more difficult. However, Others may claim that it expedites the cooking process, but I don’t believe it does. Try covering the grill if you need to get going quickly. As a result, the heat is retained and the grill becomes hot. In this manner, both ambient heat and direct heat from the grill are generated.

OXO Restaurant Solid Turner Spatula

  • Beveled edges on all three are designed for food chopping while cooking.
  • When in use, the non-slip, flared handle helps keep the hand away from hot food.
  • Dishwasher safe


The SoftWorks Restaurant Turner is ideal for cooking meals quickly and expertly. From flipping burgers and making pancakes to sautéing vegetables and scraping griddles. This Turner can handle it all. Like a line cook, all three corners are beveled for cutting while cooking. Also, the broad head flexes to make rotating and moving food simple, and it may be lifted without running the risk of it crumbling. While in use, the non-slip handle helps keep your hand away from hot food and offers a pleasant grip.


A burger spatula is a very important piece of kitchen equipment that helps you make your burger the way you want it. In this article, I think I have shown you some of the things you need to know about burger spatulas. 

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