Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Golf Umbrellas

In this post, we will discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Golf Umbrellas. We have listed the different golf umbrellas, their advantages and disadvantages, and things to consider while buying.

Golf is an outdoor sport. As a result, whether the weather is good or bad, is always a factor. If you’re a golfer who frequently walks around the course and needs to stay protected from the elements. A premium umbrella should be on your list of golf accessories. While some players may duck and cover in a downpour. Others who are more committed to the game will play until the horn sounds, signaling real danger (like lightning or severe winds). Having the right golf umbrella is essential for those who don’t mind hitting the links in wet conditions, and a good golf umbrella is part of that setup.

There are a few factors that players who haven’t purchased one yet should consider. “The size of the canopy (the larger, the better). Preferably over 60 inches, is what makes a good umbrella,” says Wesley J. Forester, PGA Director of Golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee. A double canopy is also a useful feature. “The overlapping canopies allow wind to pass through the umbrella, preventing it from collapsing,” Forester continues. “They give you the sensation of being in a parachute as the wind lifts you.”

List Of Golf Umbrella

1.TaylorMade Golf Umbrella

TaylorMade’s double canopy golf umbrella is a top pick of LPGA and GPA Tour players. It’s not only convenient to hold, but it’s also sufficiently sturdy to keep you safe in a range of different weather conditions. The rubber-coated handle on this umbrella has a comfortable hold sports grip.

Even in high winds, you can use this umbrella to protect your pushcart from the sun. The strong fiberglass frame will keep you safe in the event of lightning or hurricane-force winds.

The TaylorMade golf umbrella’s main feature is its slip-resistant, interconnected gel handle.


  • Tour golfers all over the world rely on it.
  • Built to withstand the most fierce rains and winds
  • Portable
  • Strongly constructed


  • Optional single color (black/white)

2. Bagail Golf Umbrella

The ergonomic design of the Bagail golf umbrellas will draw the attention of any professional golfer. They’re amazingly effective and long-lasting. These umbrellas are made of 190T pongee, a sunproof and waterproof microwave fabric.

The said umbrella has a slip-resistant rubber handle for a convenient and safe grip. The most prominent feature of Bagail umbrellas is that they are available in a variety of appealing designs.

The ergonomic design of the Bagail golf umbrellas will attract the attention of any professional golfer. They’re amazingly effective and long-lasting. These umbrellas are made of 190T pongee, a sunproof and waterproof micro-weave fabric.

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The said umbrella has a slip-resistant rubber handle for a convenient and safe grip. The biggest feature of Bagail umbrellas is that they are available in a variety of appealing designs.


Stylistic simplicity

Instantaneous one-button opening

All-season protection


Only large styles are available.

Dull colors obscure the view.

3. Repel Golf Umbrella 

Like most of the umbrellas on this list, the Repel golf umbrella is fully reinforced with the strongest fiberglass frames for protection and durability. All of the structures are made up of eight ribs that are stacked in three layers. This is done to keep the umbrella stable on windy days.

Repel golf umbrellas have 60-inch double canopies that keep the umbrella from reshaping in the wind. The material of the Repel umbrellas is a distinguishing feature. These umbrellas are made of water-resistant Teflon fabric, which provides excellent protection from debris, dust, and even snow.

Despite their size, these umbrellas are lightweight and easy to transport.


  • Designs that are inexpensive
  • Keeps debris at bay
  • A large canopy for maximum coverage


  • Automatic snapping powerhouse
  • In low light, the screen is difficult to see.

4. Procella Golf Umbrella UV Protection

If you play in oppressively hot conditions, the Procella sun protection golf umbrella is ideal. With its convenient SPF 50 protection, this UV-protection golf umbrella helps golfers stay safe from the sun. This feature allows it to block 99.5% of ultraviolet rays. That doesn’t mean it performs poorly in the rain or other adverse weather conditions.

The Procella umbrella has a windproof design as well as an auto-open mechanism. Its stability is extraordinary. The Procella golf umbrella can withstand winds of up to 46 miles per hour.


  • SPF 50 protection
  • Design with two canopies
  • A strong fiberglass frame


  • Color options are limited

5. ShedRain Vortex Vent XL

Wind can be more annoying than rain during a round. A strong breeze can turn mediocre umbrellas inside out or even yank the umbrella from your hand and blow it down the fairway. Players who want to hit the links during a gale will need additional wind protection. To keep it stable in windy conditions, the double canopy Shedrain Vortex Vent XL has a solid fiberglass shaft, anti-inversion struts, and energy-absorbing shocks on every rib. The thermoplastic rubber grip is comfortable to hold and is compatible with most pull carts. When it’s nice enough to leave in the bag, the Vortex Vent XL comes with a matching bungee-lock self-fabric travel case to protect it from tears.

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  • Significant wind resistance
  • It has a large coverage area.


  • It doesn’t open automatically
  • A tiny bit on the heavy side

6. Sun Mountain Auto Umbrella

Sun Mountain Silver offers UPF protection of 60+.  Furthermore, the 68-inch diameter is large enough to keep the rain off your head and equipment. The auto-open feature allows for one-handed deployment and the slip-resistant rubber handle. As a result, it’s easier to hold when conditions deteriorate. Furthermore, that handle fits nicely into the umbrella holder of most push carts, keeping players who enjoy walking a wet round of golf dry.

With the double canopy, which improves airflow, the Sun Mountain Umbrella has a spring that prevents the wind from snapping it inside out, offering additional protection on windy days.


  • Excellent UV protection
  • Push carts work well with this handle.


  • It weighs more than most.
  • The black version provides only 30 UPF protection.

7. G4Free Automatic Golf Umbrella

The G4 Free is an excellent value-for-money option for golfers on a tight budget. Silk-derived, ultra-water resistant 210T pongee fabric is lightweight and provides SPF 50+ sun protection. A fiberglass shaft and ribs help keep the weight and the structure stable, while a double canopy allows wind to pass through while keeping the player dry. The G4 Free can be opened with the push of a button, and it comes in over a dozen color options, so golfers should be able to find a color that suits them.


  • The price point that is reasonable
  • Design with two canopies


  • It can be difficult to close.

8. ACEIken Golf Umbrella

ACEIken is a well-known golf umbrella brand that produces umbrellas in a variety of sizes. You can select from 58, 62, or 68-inch canopies, all of which have a similar ergonomic design.

The ACEIken golf umbrellas have an automatic one-push feature that allows them to open quickly with a single push. The 190T pongee micro-weave fabric makes the umbrella weatherproof and long-lasting. For maximum storm protection, the shaft, hub, and ribs are all made of fiberglass.

You don’t have to worry about straining your wrist while carrying the ACEIken umbrella. They’re extremely light and provide superior protection in all weather conditions.


  • Lightweight
  • Automatic opening function
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • A difficult-to-find one-press button

Things to consider while getting a Golf Umbrella


You’ll always have to carry your umbrella unless you’ve hired someone to do it for you. As a result, opt for a lightweight golf umbrella that you can hold for extended periods of time without tiring. Your ideal brolly should weigh no more than 1.8 pounds. It’s less bulky and easier to transport.

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Canopy Dimensions

A large and spacious canopy is ideal for your umbrella. This allows it to accommodate two or more people without an issue. The large canopy should protect your golf equipment, golf bag, and you, the golfer. So, when it comes to canopy size, don’t be shy.

UV Shielding

Choose a golf umbrella that protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays at all times. As a result, you should select one with the best UV protection. We recommend selecting one with a UV protection factor of 50 or higher. That is a sure way to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Elegance and Visibility

In addition to shielding and protecting you from the sun’s UV rays, your ideal golf umbrella should keep you visible on the course. Elegant, vibrant, and brilliant colors will keep you safe from stray golf balls and prevent injuries. Just be cautious not to overdo it.


Golf umbrellas are one of the most essential components of any golfing kit, even more so than golf clubs. Make sure you have one on hand to make your time on the course as safe and enjoyable as possible.

You’re on the right track to selecting an umbrella that provides the best wind resistance and rain protection now that you understand the various types of umbrellas on the market today. We recommend the TaylorMade double canopy umbrella because it meets all of the criteria for a high-quality golf umbrella. It’s a handy, low-cost option made of premium materials that meet your financial and safety requirements.

As is always the case, look for a double canopy design to avoid inversion problems. When you pack a golf umbrella, you’re making a conscious decision to make your day on the course safer and more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size umbrella for golf?

This is up to personal preference, but above 60 inches is generally a good size for a golf umbrella. Some players may want a larger one to cover a push cart or to walk with a caddy.

What are the contrasts between regular and golf umbrellas?

Golf umbrellas are typically larger in size, and most modern golf umbrellas have a double canopy to prevent them from inverting or breaking in the wind.

Do professionals use golf umbrellas?

Certainly! Pros must compete in all but the worst weather, so they usually have an umbrella in their bag and use it to protect themselves from rain and sun.

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