What is the Best Way to write an Email Newsletter?

Many are always wondering what is the best way to write an Email Newsletter or what makes a great one. The tips to achieving that will be discussed in this write-up as successful newsletters require a precise target audience and more. However, we will be discussing what a newsletter is all about before we go further.

What is a Newsletter and What does it do?

A newsletter is a form of email marketing used to create awareness and is always sent on a regular basis. Audience members who have engaged with your brand before can build a relationship with you through email newsletters. With newsletters, subscribers are enlightened on a particular subject of interest. The valuable content of email newsletters helps in building brand awareness only as they are not about selling.

Who Writes Email Newsletters?

Any agency that specializes in email marketing, a freelance writer, or an email marketing specialist in a company can write email newsletters. Though, this does not mean they are the only ones as typically anyone can write an email newsletter. In order to build a community of subscribers as a solo entrepreneur, you will have to start an email newsletter. An email newsletter can be used by an artist or a content creator to drive traffic. In fact, donors of a nonprofit may be informed with a newsletter and a community of action-takers will be built.

Who Subscribes to Email Newsletters?

People that mainly subscribe to email newsletters are those who need regular communications about your brand. Mostly, customers tend to subscribe in order to be notified about sales, receive content, or get announcements.

Factors to Consider when Creating your Email Newsletter

Before you commence the writing of any email newsletter, you should figure out what goals you tend to achieve with it. The next thing you should consider is the reason why you wish to commence the writing of an email newsletter. Lastly, you should consider your audience as every great email newsletter has a defined target audience.

How to Begin an Email Newsletter

First of all, you have to do a thorough analysis of the audience that feeds on your content. Whatever information or knowledge you wish to pass on to them will aid you in deciding the content of your newsletter. The next step would be to figure out your goals or what you intend to achieve with the newsletter and outline them. As a result of that, you will easily choose the best call of action for your newsletter.

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How to Structure an Email Newsletter

After you have achieved the criteria above, then you are ready to build the structure of your newsletter. A written directive that motivates a subscriber to complete an action is known as a call to action. Your email newsletter is seen as great when two or more aspects of it bring value and encourage your subscribers toward your call to action. In short, calls to action are buttons directing readers to an external link.

Essential Components to Include in Your Email Newsletter

Every successful email newsletter should have these essential components included in them. Firstly, you should have a click-attractive subject topic and an informative preview text. Your email newsletter should have valuable featured content, eye-catching graphics, and an easily readable layout. It must also contain minimal promotions, contact, and social information, and an unsubscribe option. Indeed, a great email newsletter should contain a clear call to action. In addition, you must always ensure that your email newsletters are 90% educational and 10% promotional.

This is because, unlike marketing emails which directly impact your sales, email newsletters are structured to increase brand awareness. Therefore, the main focus of an email newsletter is valuable content and a strong call to action.

How to Outline an Email Newsletter

You must make sure that there is consistency in your email newsletter and that it follows the same format each time you send it. The easiest way to outline your newsletter is to create a template that you can use for the lifetime of your newsletter. Pillars of your business that tend to be most valuable for your audience should be defined to outline your email newsletter. After doing this, you should choose the types of information you want to add which is basically about 2 to 3 items within the same thing. Your next action should be to determine how you will add graphics to these topics. Lastly, an enticing call to action should be used to finish it up.

Tips for Writing an Email Newsletter

We will discuss how to actually write an email newsletter since you have learned how to structure it.

Make sure you stick to one topic

In order to avoid confusing your reader, you should choose one thing for your newsletter to help it feel cohesive. This is because knowing what to expect and consistency is loved by subscribers. In fact, the different sections of your newsletter should be tied together with transition sentences.

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Offer subscribers enticing reasons to opt-in

Readers should be able to benefit from your email newsletters. Therefore, you should always make it about your audience and offer them enticing reasons to opt-in. New recipes each week or weekly tips can serve as great reasons for someone to want to opt into your newsletter.


Your email newsletters can be sent as regularly as you wish. Therefore, you must remain consistent and feed your audience with information either weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Map out and click attractive subject lines

Dozens of emails are received per day by newsletter recipients. Therefore, the subject lines determine which ones they choose to open. So, you must use click-worthy subject lines to actually compel them to open your newsletter. In fact, you should ensure that the subject lines are few so that they fit within the email provider’s review windows. Basically, subject lines that are easier to read get opened more.

Be specific

Your email newsletters should be kept conversational. Therefore, you should have an ideal subscriber to whom you write specifically while writing your email newsletter. Furthermore, be specific and personalize your newsletter for each reader. Note that 20% higher open rates are associated with emails that address the recipient by their first name.

Mistakes to avoid when writing an Email Newsletter

There are certain things that you must avoid to ensure your newsletter is opened, read, and acted upon.

Keep it short

Your aim should be getting your subscribers to act based on your newsletter not read it all day. Subscribers are given enough information while giving them room to take action when newsletters are short and sweet. Therefore, your email newsletter should come across as informal and confident with short paragraphs to keep it simple. Although, you can put an intro to the content with a link to a blog post that the reader can move to if they wish to read more.


Minimalism is best when it comes to both design and copy because 81% of all emails are available on mobile devices. Therefore, you should keep it simple and make your email newsletter easy to read on any device. In order to achieve this, make sure you test your newsletter for readability before sending it out.

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Keep your audience in mind

Always keep in consideration your entire audience who feed on your content. Therefore, you must ensure the topic you choose provides the majority of your audience with value. You should always keep your audience in mind and not just your business or brand.

Desist from adding too many calls to action

It is advisable to stick to only one call to action if you want a successful email newsletter. However, this does not stop you from adding more than one link in your email newsletter. In this case, you should be able to prioritize one call to action and entice your readers to complete it.

Avoid ghosting your audience

You must know that your subscribers will feel ghosted if you send your email newsletter sporadically or infrequently. Map out a plan on how to send your newsletter, you can do this either weekly or monthly. Endeavor to notify your audience if you plan to take a break from sending your newsletter within any period. This will help them know when you will return to their inboxes and as such, they won’t feel ghosted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Email Newsletters

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a form of marketing email that provides your audience with valuable content and promotion. The main objectives of newsletters are to grow brand awareness, build trust and drive traffic and they are sent on a regular basis.

How is an Email Newsletter structured?

Multiple sections of content that fit into the same topic are featured in email newsletters. Email newsletters are structured similarly to a newspaper made for email.

What are the elements of a great Email Newsletter?

There are certain factors or elements that make up a great email newsletter. They include a click-attractive subject line, informative preview text, and valuable featured content. In addition, you must include eye-catching graphics, an easily readable layout, and minimal promotions. Lastly, it must contain contact and social information, an unsubscribe option, and a clear call to action.


We have learned a lot about Email newsletters as well as the necessary guidelines to help you appease your audience with a great email newsletter. However, you can carry out your personal research if you want extensive knowledge of Email Newsletters.

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