Services Offered by Absa Insurance South Africa

Absa Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing today provides cover against unforeseen life occurrences through their insurance products. They offer car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and many more.

Below, we shall be discussing the various packages offered by them and a little about Absa Insurance South Africa.

Brief Insight on Absa Insurance South Africa

A range of retail, business, corporate and investment solutions is provided by Absa bank which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Absa. Their objective is to provide insurance products that cater to the needs of their clients. With a presence in 15 countries, they are one of Africa’s largest and they are also listed on the JSE.

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Services Offered by Absa Insurance South Africa

Car Insurance

Cars are very valuable assets that ought to enjoy the protection of insurance coverage against theft, damage, or loss. With this policy, you are entitled to a fixed excess from as low as R3 000 and a fixed premium for 12 months. In addition, you are granted the benefit of an open driver policy and a personalized call center experience. You also enjoy 24-hour road emergency assistance and escalating cash-back payments for 3, 4, and 5 claim-free years.

There’s an extended cover that credit shortfall for only Absa-financed vehicles. Furthermore, the difference between your comprehensive cover settlement and the outstanding balance on your finance is paid by them if your car is stolen or written off. Also, the excess on your comprehensive cover claim is paid by Absa Insurance South Africa.

Building/Home Insurance

This policy provides you with cover against lightning, fire, vandalism, and power surges. In addition, you are given the benefit of a personalized call center and a fixed excess as low as R500. You are provided with expert geyser claims assistance and 24-hours emergency assistance. The homeowner comprehensive insurance assigns a security guard to stand guard at your place after a burglary or break-in. Furthermore, the property of guests and domestic workers is covered by this policy.

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Portable Possessions Insurance

There are certain items that always tend to leave the house with you and in their own way, may be seen as important. Therefore, this policy insures such items against accidental damage, loss and theft.

Life Cover

Use this policy to ensure that your family’s financial future is secure even when you are no longer there. This is because of the fact that Absa Life Cover will make sure your family is well taken care of when you are not there to do so.

Funeral Cover

No matter whose death it is, the death of a loved one is always painful and comes with lots of expenses. Therefore, Absa Funeral Plan relieves you of the financial burden of the funeral. In addition, you are also offered 6 months of free accidental death coverage and more.

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Credit Protection Plan

When the breadwinner of a family is temporarily or permanently disabled and cannot take care of the family, this would be a frustrating experience. So, Absa Credit Protection Plan helps out with the family’s financial burden in the event of this unfortunate occurrence.

Travel Insurance

Your journey is made enjoyable and relaxed with Absa Travel Insurance which gives you cover for anything from a canceled flight to a sudden unexpected illness. Indeed, this policy option helps you and your loved ones travel to wherever with peace of mind.

Wealth Protection

Regardless of the current economic market conditions, private banking wealth protection will keep your wealth and assets safe.

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How to contact Absa Insurance, South Africa

To make your claims for car insurance, contact 0860 111 630 or email For claims of building/homeowners comprehensive insurance, contact 0860 100 876 or email In order to lay claims for portable possessions insurance, contact 0861 722 272 or email Contact 0860 000 072 or email Reach out to 0860 227 253 or add as a contact and say hi to that number for your funeral cover. Though for more details, you can contact 0860 444 661 during office hours (Monday to Friday). Also, you can send an email to


We have learned a lot about Absa Insurance and the unique products that they offer. However, you can conduct personal research if you wish to have extensive information on Absa Insurance South Africa.

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