Services Offered by Budget Insurance South Africa

Budget Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing is known for the wide range of insurance products that it offers. Services such as car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and many more are offered by Budget Insurance.

Below, we will be taking a look at the history of this innovative insurance company and the services provided by them.

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History of Budget Insurance South Africa

Douw Steyn established the company in 1992 as the Budget Insurance Company. Later on, he established Budget Insurance Services Limited in 1997 and this turned into an intermediary business. Arnott Century was acquired two years later and the name was changed to Budget Retail. In 2001, Dial Direct and Bennetts were acquired and an affinity business Junction called was launched in 2002. Budget was recognized to be the most competitive home insurance and cheapest motor insurance coverage in the year 2004. They have afterwards launched helpful insurance sites and have continued to grow and evolve.

Services offered by Budget Insurance South Africa

Car Insurance

Budget Insurance aims at offering everyone insurance coverage that fits into their budget. As a result of this, clients are presented with a wide range of insurance covers to select from. The comprehensive car insurance policy covers your car against accidental damage, theft or third-party damage. In addition, you are provided with scratch and dent insurance, an extended vehicle warranty and 4×4 insurance. Also, financed and non-financed cars are covered by the Budget Lite policy.

Building Insurance

One of the biggest assets to people that are deemed worth protecting is the house. Therefore, an affordable insurance policy that covers your home against all kinds of damage is provided by Budget Insurance. Loss and damage inflicted by natural factors such as storms, floods as well as damage from theft are covered by this policy. In addition, other structures apart from your private homes such as swimming pools, gates, and fences are covered by this policy. Furthermore, the expenses of repairing or replacing your permanent fixtures are covered if you include them in your policy. Whenever there is damage in your leased property that makes tenants unable to stay there, a portion of the rent would be paid to you until they move back in. This insurance policy even goes ahead to assign guards to your home if your security is at stake till the damage is repaired.

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Building Insurance Assist Benefits

It can be quite frustrating when you have home emergencies but this policy provides you with the home assistance. As a result of this, you get the services of electricians, plumbers and locksmiths if something goes wrong. In addition, you enjoy other benefits such as trauma assistance, medical assist, and legal assist when necessary.

Home Contents Insurance

With this insurance policy, you are covered against loss, damage or theft of your valuable home contents.

Comprehensive home contents insurance and fire and storm insurance are the two types of insurance policy under home contents. Therefore, we will take a brief look at both policies to see their benefits.

Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance

This policy covers you against theft of your possession and that of your guest or domestic workers. In addition, it covers you against loss and damage caused by theft or natural factors such as storms or power surges. You are provided with a temporary place to stay in the event of damage caused by something they cover. Furthermore, your pets are also covered in the event of a road accident as this policy offers you vet bills.

Fire and Storm Only Contents Insurance

This policy covers damage or loss caused by natural occurrences like explosions, etc even though it says Fire and Storm Only. In short, it also covers damage caused by spoilt or overflowing equipment or pipes.

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Assist Benefits

With this policy comes a range of useful assist benefits that render assistance when necessary. In the event of losing your keys, having a burst tyre or running out of petrol, road assistance is offered to you. Also, you get to enjoy access to electricians, and plumbers without spending a fortune as the call-out fee plus labour fee are covered. In case of a traumatic occurrence, you have access to a 24-hour phone line which provides you with counselling. Furthermore, you enjoy expert telephonic advice on legal and tax matters through legal assistance. Lastly, the entertainment assistance benefits help you in making dental appointments or restaurant bookings.

Business Insurance

Professional business owners tend to face unique risks so Budget Insurance allows you to select the ideal cover for your business. In order to avoid having a one-size-fits-all plan, Budget Insurance provides tailored insurance solutions for all types of businesses. An automatic Biz assist benefit comes with this policy and it provides you with 24/7 online and telephonic support. There are three types of insurance policies under business insurance which will be discussed below.

General Business Insurance

This policy offers a wide range of cover for various eventualities and is ideal for retailers, hair and beauty salons and bookstores. With this policy, your business building and business goods are covered from damages and public liability.

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Professional Business Insurance

This specialized professional business insurance is offered to professionals such as lawyers, accountants etc who face unique risks. Varieties of risks are posed to these professional business owners on a daily basis ranging from the destruction of records to damage to machinery. Therefore, this policy covers you against such damage and even public liability.

Medical Business Insurance

Business owners tend to provide the best to their clients when the contents of their business are efficient. Therefore, your machinery, valuable equipment, fixtures and fittings are covered against damage by this policy.

Portable Possessions Insurance

There are a lot of valuables carried out of the house on a daily basis and it can be frustrating if they are stolen or damaged. Therefore, this policy covers your valuable items against theft, loss and damage up to a certain limit. Though you will not be able to access this policy if you do not have a car or home contents insurance policy.

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Funeral Cover Insurance

This policy saves your loved ones the burden of catering to the expenses of your funeral while grieving. As a result, all the funeral expenses are covered by this policy and repatriation services are also included.

Life Insurance

In the event of your death, your loved ones are well taken care of by this policy. In addition, it also ensures your family is well provided for in the event of an accident.

Legal Cover

Legal assistance can prove very hard to get and even when gotten, can come at a very huge cost. Therefore, this policy provides you with reliable assistance and legal advice. In addition, you are provided with benefits such as litigation cover, tax assistance, telephonic advice and more. Both you and your legal spouse plus 4 dependent children are covered by this policy. Furthermore, this policy offers you litigation benefits which include physical representation in court when necessary.

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How to contact Budget Insurance, South Africa

For new customer sales, contact 0861 00 13 53 and for existing customer sales, services and claims, contact 0861 60 01 20. If you wish to reach out to the 24-hour emergency assistance, contact 0860 10 42 11. In case you wish to state a compliment or complaint, email Whenever you have claims disputes, email Suspicions of fraud can be safely and anonymously reported to 0861 115 653.


We have learnt a lot about Budget Insurance South Africa and the services they offer. However, you can conduct personal research if you wish to get extensive information on Budget Insurance South Africa.

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