Services Offered by Guardrisk Insurance South Africa

Guardrisk Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing today is an insurer of life and non-life insurance business. They aim at offering cost-effective and uniquely custom-designed covers to their clients. Indeed, they provide general insurance, commercial insurance, micro-insurance, etc.

Below, we will be discussing further the services that Guardrisk Insurance offers. However, there will be a brief look at the history of this insurance company.

History of Guardrisk Insurance South Africa

Guardrisk Insurance which serves as an insurer for life and non-life insurance services was established in the year 1992. Their objective was to be trusted by clients for their growth and financial stability. Over the years, they have reached this goal by providing innovative solutions. Thus, these innovative solutions create financial stability for their clients by accessing the professional reinsurance markets.

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Services Offered by Guardrisk Insurance South Africa

There are various innovative services offered by Guardrisk that make them outstanding and they include;

General Insurance

There are various types of insurance products under the general insurance offered by Guardrisk. One of these insurance products is the Accident and Health (Personal) which serves as a cover in the event of an accident casualty or injury. In fact, it does not just cover you alone but also your family and employees if any. Another product is the Commercial and this provides insurance to a particular sector that it covers. Indeed, insurance solutions made available to the sector covered includes combined buildings, office contents, business all risks and more. In addition, the corporate cover under general insurance provides coverage for corporate clients.

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Also, the Health insurance under this policy sees to the medical expenses if you should end up being hospitalized. In order to avoid a crisis that might lead to financial loss, the Private Edge product covers public relations costs.

Premium Finance

Depending on the period you select, there is an increase in your monthly annual insurance premium that is achieved by this alternative. The financing of premiums and endorsements is therefore catered to by a team in Guardrisk Insurance premium finance. It is important to note that these premiums and endorsements can be paid in installments.


In order to offer solutions that help clients digitize their business, Guardrisk Insurance merged with Root Insurance. Retail systems, banking systems that are in use already, and payment solution providers are integrated into this platform.

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Cell Captive

Risks that cannot be insured in the conventional insurance market is insured by this innovative policy. Therefore, clients tend to get cover on the excess exposures as it allows them direct access to reinsurance markets. Micro-InsuranceAccess to the benefit of managing your insurance facility as an entrepreneur of any type of business is provided by this product.

Merits of Guardrisk Insurance South Africa

There are certain privileges and benefits that come with having an insurance policy with Guardrisk Insurance. Firstly, their management interface is very user-friendly and Guardrisk is registered as one of the best insurers. For their insurance policy, they provide custom-designed, innovative cover for their clients. Another benefit is the access to a corporate risk financing tool provided to their clients. Businesses are boosted to grow and attain financial stability as they offer cost structures. Furthermore, they are ideal for insuring and financing risk for businesses and companies. This is as a result of the effort they put to study risk exposures and how they affect businesses.

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How to Contact Guardrisk Insurance, South Africa

The details of your Intermediary or Administrator whom you need to contact whenever there is a query or complaint is at the back of your insurance policy. This is recommended as it helps you prevent delays in the finalization of your complaint or query. However, you can contact the complaints department on 0860 333 361 if you feel unsatisfied with the response from your Administrator.


We have learned a lot about Guardrisk and the innovative insurance products that they offer. However, you can carry out your personal research if you need extensive information on Guardrisk insurance in South Africa.

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