Services Offered by Hollard Group South Africa

Hollard Group South Africa is a privately owned insurance group that functions under two insurance licences which are short-term and life. In addition, they offer investment products to a diverse customer base which includes individuals, commercial institutions and corporate clients.

Below, we will be discussing the various services offered by Hollard Group South Africa and taking a detailed look into their history.

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History of Hollard Group South Africa

Robert Enthoven and his son Patrick Enthoven founded the Hollard Group in 1980. However, his son Patrick moved to California in 1985 to work in the insurance business over there. The only insurer in South Africa to exclusively ensure businesses known as Etana Insurance was launched in April 2008. This firm was co-owned by Hollard with 49.9% while Etana had 50.1%. In keeping with the company’s commitment to racial equality, more than 40% of the management team was black.

Though in 2013, it was re-acquired by Hollard and a division called Hollard Broker Markets was formed. The sale of prepaid insurance sold in cellphone-like ‘starter packs’ through retailers was what they were known for. In the South African Best Company to Work survey, it has been rated in the Top 10 from 2002 to 2006. Also in the same category, it was rated fifth in 2006. Once again, Hollard was rated in the Top 10 in South African Best Company to Work for survey’s Medium Category Winners in 2007.

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Services Offered by Hollard Group South Africa

Car Insurance

With Hollard, you can easily get whatever car insurance cover for an affordable price without compromising on quality. There are different levels of cover under this insurance policy which shall be discussed below.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Cover for accidents, theft and damage to your car and belongings is included under comprehensive car insurance. Even damage to other people’s cars and properties and many more are covered by this insurance plan.

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Pay as You Drive Insurance

If you don’t drive a lot but need the security of Comprehensive car insurance, then this insurance policy will be perfect for you. This is because the policy provides all the benefits of Comprehensive coverage at a competitive price. Therefore, you get to pay only for the kilometres that you plan to drive.

Third Party Property, Fire & Theft Insurance

All the benefits of Third Party Property Damage are offered to clients by this insurance policy. Furthermore, you are covered against theft, attempted theft, malicious damage and fire. In the event of an accident, you are covered by this policy against the cost of any damage to other people’s cars and property.

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Home Insurance

The home gives shelter and is quite important so Home Insurance covers your home and all valuable assets inside it. Indeed, you can get covered at the most affordable price and get services with unique value extras. Just two levels of coverage are provided under the Home Insurance policy.

Top Home & Contents Insurance

In the event of a fire, storm, flood, theft, or accidental damage, you are assured that your important assets are covered by this policy.

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Essential Home & Contents Insurance

This policy provides cover against a range of events including fire, theft, storm, and flood.

Contents Insurance

With the help of this insurance policy, you can start afresh as they replace your old valuable items with new ones if an unforeseen event happens. However, you should note that this policy does not insure your home or fittings. Similar to Home Insurance, this insurance policy also has two categories of insurance plans.

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Top Contents Insurance

You tend to enjoy higher benefits across a broad range of events with this insurance policy. Despite offering added protection against accidental damage, it offers comprehensive content cover. In addition, you are protected against theft, natural disaster, vandalism and more.

Essential Contents Insurance

At a more affordable price, this policy covers you against theft, fire, earthquakes, lightning, and storms. Furthermore, you are even protected against flood impact, vandalism, and bursting of water.

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Business/Commercial Insurance

Hollard is committed to offering commercial insurance products to businesses via intermediaries. In addition, they work with their partners to ensure the growth of their businesses. In customer satisfaction surveys, their claims service continues to rate highly. This is as a result of the friendly and approachable attitude used in delivering their claims service.

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Legal Insurance

In order to get issues resolved quickly at minimal costs, this plan covers you against any civil, labour, or criminal matters you might find yourself in. In addition, you are covered against ID theft and gain access to legal advice via phone or electronically. Furthermore, you are provided with standard legal documentation and contracts that may prove useful in your daily life. A retrenchment benefit of a six-month grace period will be given to you without your cover being affected. This is if you are retrenched after 12 months of taking out the legal insurance.

Even better is the fact that you have access to competent consultation and representation by a practising attorney per the tariff schedule. Bonus benefits include the drawing up of ante-nuptial contracts if you are getting married. If you have a case of divorce, legal advice for an uncontested divorce will be offered as long as both parties agree to the divorce. A basic will for free will be drafted for you if you ever need to make a will. Note that only the policyholder, their partner and their children enjoy this policy. Therefore, it extends no coverage or discounts to extended families.

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Pet Insurance

Annually, an estimated $12 billion is spent on pets, pet care products and services. However, the first insurer to provide specialized pet insurance was Hollard. Their objective is to identify pet insurance brand partners and design pet insurance products. In addition, they handle all the administration and manage the risks.

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How to Contact Hollard Group, South Africa

Customer services are on Mondays to Fridays from 08:00-17:00 and on Saturdays from 08:30-13:00. If you are in need of legal advice, you can email Then if you wish to make a claim, just email Whenever you wish to make enquiries, consultations or ask questions, just call 0861 666 479.


We have learnt a lot about Hollard Group South Africa and the insurance products that they offer. Nonetheless, if you wish to get more extensive information on Hollard Group South Africa, you can carry out your personal research.

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