Services Offered by Santam Limited Insurance South Africa

Santam Limited Insurance South Africa which we will be discussing today is a financial services group. This insurance company is South Africa’s largest short-term insurer and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). They offer insurance services such as car insurance, home contents insurance etc.

Below, we will be looking at the history of Santam Limited Insurance South Africa and the services that they offer.

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History of Santam Limited Insurance South Africa

On 28th March 1918, Santam Limited was established with its head office located in Bellville in the Western Cape, South Africa. Santam proceeded with focusing on short-term insurance while Sanlam which was established a month later as a full subsidiary of Santam focused on life assurance. As of 31st December 2016, Sanlam has an effective 61.5% interest in Santam.

Services Offered by Santam Limited Insurance South Africa

Car Insurance

Since cars are valuable assets that are indispensable, it is advisable that you insure them. Therefore, Santam offers you a comprehensive cover which covers your car against accidental loss or damage. The comprehensive cover also covers you against legal liability to a third party’s car. This policy also covers your car against loss or damage cost by an explosion, theft or hijacking. Subject to terms and conditions, this policy also provides the benefit of replacing the vehicle with a similar new one. In addition, the replacement cost for locks, remote controls and keys is covered by this policy.

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Home Contents Insurance

This policy ensures that the valuable items in your home are covered against loss or damage. Though the true value of home contents is underestimated, they tend to be quite expensive to replace if stolen or damaged. Therefore, this policy provides you with a range of insurance solutions to cover the loss or damage of household contents. Indeed, many benefits and conveniences are offered by this policy at no extra cost or expense. Furthermore, the cost of repairing and replacing damaged or stolen contents is covered by this policy.

Building Insurance

On a daily basis, many potential risks are bound to destroy your house and as such, cost a fortune to repair. Therefore, this policy ensures your home is properly covered against such unfortunate occurrences as fire, storm or burglary. In addition, the structures of your home and any fixtures or fittings in your property are covered by this policy. In the event of your home is uninhabitable as a result of damages, this policy provides you with alternative accommodation. The expenses of necessary repairs or charges incurred during labour are covered by this policy. You are also offered cover against professional fees and demolition costs.

Commercial Insurance

Running a successful business and maintaining it no matter the size requires enough diligence and the right connections. Therefore, this insurance policy understands the risk businesses face and ensures that you are covered. Due to the ability to understand every aspect of risk, it provides you with the ideal cover for your business. Santam is trusted by many business owners because they have efficiently insured businesses for more than 100 years.

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How to contact Santam Limited Insurance, South Africa

If you wish to express your compliments or lay down complaints, contact 0860 102 725. To access the 24/7 SOS claims and emergency line, contact 0860 505 911 or 011 853 6681. For general enquiries, email


We have learnt a lot about Santam Limited Insurance South Africa and the services they provide. However, you can carry out your personal research if you wish to get extensive information on Santam Limited.

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