Services Offered by Standard Bank Group Limited South Africa

Standard Bank Group Limited South Africa which we shall be discussing today is one of Africa’s biggest lenders when it comes to assets. This major financial services group has its corporate headquarters located at Simmonds Street, Johannesburg.

Below, we shall be discussing the various services that they offer and the history of this great company.

History of Standard Bank Group Limited South Africa

Under the name “The Standard Bank of South Africa”, this company was established in 1862. Meanwhile, it fully started operation in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in the year 1863. In 1867, it stood out and was well-known for financing and developing the diamond fields of Kimberley. On October 11, 1886, the company began business in a tent at Ferreira’s camp which is presently known as Johannesburg. As a result, they achieved the status of being the first to open a branch on the gold fields. A second branch was established in Eloff Street of Johannesburg on November 1, 1901.

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Later on, in 1962, the South African subsidiary took the parent’s previous name while the parent changed its name to Standard Bank Limited. Amazingly, Standard Bank Group became the first in Africa to move its operations to Amazon Web Services in March 2019.

Services Offered by Standard Bank Group Limited South Africa

Standard Bank ensures to provide clients with comprehensive short-term insurance. In short, it’s totally up to you to decide if the cover is an all-inclusive package or a standalone cover. The services offered by Standard Bank Group shall be discussed below.

Car Insurance

Though this is not a mandatory option, your car is protected against theft, accidents and fire by this policy. In addition, you gain access to the safe driver discount if you complete and pass the digital safe driving test. Also, sensors can be used on your device to lower battery usage and maximize it for the better. Note that your personal data will not be used for any other motive in the settlement of a claim.

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Accident and Health Insurance

It is usually disheartening for a family when the breadwinner is ill or becomes disabled. Therefore, this policy was made to avert the frustration and financial instability that comes with this kind of event. In short, it covers the entire household if the breadwinner becomes unable to work due to illness or disability.

Funeral Insurance

Burials and funerals tend to be costly no matter the class of person that died. While grieving, these expenses can be quite a weight on the loved ones of the deceased. Therefore, this policy shoulders that financial stress and pressure to allow the loved ones grieve without extra burden.

Unemployment Insurance

Getting retrenched or dismissed from work without a solid financial back-up plan can come with severe financial burdens. As a result, this cover was designed to assist you and your household with financial security in the event of this.

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Home Insurance

This policy covers your very valuable asset which is your home from damages due to fire, lightning, storm, etc. However, it doesn’t just cover your home but covers any permanent fixtures and fittings inside your home.

Travel Insurance

Risks such as unforeseen medical costs or lost or stolen luggage can arise from traveling abroad. Therefore, it is recommended that you go with this insurance policy as it covers you against such risk.

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Life Insurance

This policy is used to cater to the expenses of your loved ones when you are no more. Indeed, this goes a long way toward relieving them of financial burdens and offering financial security.

Pet Insurance

In fact, this policy is ideal for pet owners as it helps cover them against high veterinary expenses. In addition, the policy covers illness, accidents, and operations.

Credit Life Insurance

This is a policy that helps protect and shield customers from their personal or business credit exposure whenever their ability to earn is affected by any factor. So whenever unexpected events like death, disability, illness or retrenchment happens, the customer is covered.

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How to Contact Standard Bank Group Limited South Africa

In order to get in touch with Standard Bank Group, contact 0860 123 000 or +27 10 249 0423. If you wish to report fraud or suspicions of fraud, email You can also contact 0800 222 050 or +27 10 249 0100.


We have learned a lot about Standard Bank Group Limited and the insurance products that they offer. However, you can carry out personal research if you want extensive knowledge about Standard Bank Group Limited South Africa.

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