Services Offered by Old Mutual Limited South Africa

Old Mutual Limited South Africa which we shall be discussing today is a pan-African group that deals with investment, savings, insurance, and banking. They are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and are largely based in South Africa. In addition, the business offers sponsorship and supports bursaries at South African universities.

Below, we shall be discussing the services they offer but before we do that, let’s take a look at their history.

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History of Old Mutual Limited South Africa

John Fairbairn and some other prominent Cape Town figures founded the company in 1845 as a mutual insurance company. At first, the company was called The Mutual Life Assurance Society of the Cape of Good Hope but it was changed in 1885 to the South Africa Mutual Life Assurance Society. Old Mutual relocated its head office to Mutualpark in Pinelands in the year 1956. The major shareholding was acquired by Old Mutual in the newly formed Mutual and Federal in 1970. Meanwhile, the remaining shares were acquired in 2009. On 5th June 2017, Mutual and Federal was renamed as Old Mutual Insure and now forms a part of the Old Mutual Emerging Markets business.

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In the year 1999, Old Mutual also established a head office in London. With the acquisition of Provident Life Assurance in Ghana and Oceanic Life in Nigeria, Old Mutual strengthened operations in Africa in 2013. In addition, Old Mutual acquired one of the oldest trust companies in South Africa known as Fairheads Trust Company that same year. Old Mutual’s board became 30% female represented as of January 2014. Over the years, Old Mutual has carried out a lot of strategic moves that have helped with its growth and recognition.

Services offered by Old Mutual Limited South Africa

Financial solutions are provided to individuals, corporations, and institutions across South Africa by Old Mutual Limited South Africa. There are other services which include Life Insurance, Car insurance, and optional Add-ons.

Savings and Protection

Old Mutual Insure offers short-term insurance solutions through this policy. Both protection and saving needs are catered for by innovative life assurance-based product solutions.

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Through the use of active and direct asset management through the Old Mutual Investment Group, they aim to grow their customer’s savings and wealth. Another way that Old Mutual makes this happen is the selection of funds for customers to invest in through multi-managers.

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Personal loans and debt consolidation loans designed to meet the individual needs of customers is offered by Old Mutual. Indeed, these loan products are provided through Old Mutual Finance which is licensed financial service and registered credit provider.


This account provided by Old Mutual serves as both a low-cost transactional and a one of kind unit trust savings account. Old Mutual offers this unique product in association with Bidvest Bank Limited and Old Mutual Investment Administrators which is a licensed financial services provider.

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Life Insurance

The Old Mutual Life insurance policy safeguards your legacy by helping you secure financial stability once you are no longer there to do it yourself. Families undergo the most traumatic experiences when they lose a loved one. However, it is more difficult to endure when there are outstanding debts, living expenses, and education. There are various insurance covers ranging between R150 000 and R3 million and Old Mutual allows you to select the best cover for you. This money is paid out as a lump sum if you die or get a terminal illness. Note that your nominated beneficiaries can use the money in whichever way they see fit as it is tax-free.

Whenever there are life-changing events such as buying a new house, you can increase your cover by 25% as you have guaranteed insurability. Affordable premiums with a great cover designed with your needs and budgets in mind is provided to you. You are offered access to free HIV testing whether rapid or standard HIV blood test. In addition, you won’t have to undergo extensive physical medical examinations. Furthermore, you can load as many beneficiaries as you want, and for the first 23 months of the policy, no premium increases. However, a 5% annual increase will apply thereafter.

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Car Insurance

Indeed, cars are considered very valuable assets by everyone and Old Mutual aims at protecting these assets. Old Mutual provides you with affordable car insurance that comes with built-in benefits, an optional cashback bonus, and flexible premiums. There are various policies under car insurance which shall briefly be discussed below.

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Comprehensive Cover

This insurance policy tends to protect your investment by providing you with affordable offers. Despite the affordability, you are offered reliable and custom-built covers to meet your exact needs. Complete peace of mind against any eventuality on or off the road is offered by this insurance policy. In the event of a road accident or natural disaster, this option protects you against loss. Also, you are covered against attempted or actual vehicle theft or hijacking. Whenever you accidentally become legally liable for damage to another vehicle or injury to a third party, you are covered against third-party claims.

Furthermore, you have access to road emergency services and optional car hire. Lastly, you are offered an optional credit shortfall cover.

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Integrated Benefits

This policy covers not just your vehicle but extends to yourself and your passengers as you are protected against any hazardous events on the road. In case you or any of your passengers become injured in an accident, you are covered by emergency medical expenses. In the events of attempted or violent theft, hijacking, or armed robbery, you are provided with trauma counseling. The cost of repairing or replacing lost or damaged vehicle keys, locks, and remotes is covered by this option. Whenever you or your passenger is involved in an accident more than 250km from home, you are provided with emergency accommodation expenses for up to two days. You are provided with 24/7/365 road and home emergency services coverage.

Optional Add-ons

In order to make your cover go the extra mile, there are extra benefits added to your policy. Firstly, there is the cash-back bonus which allows you to receive 10% of your premiums back in cash after every 3 years of no claim. With the bundle and save option, every vehicle you add to your insurance policy substantially reduces your premium vehicle.

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How to contact Old Mutual Limited South Africa

For general Old Mutual inquiries, please call 0860 50 60 70 or +27 21 509 2765. Then call 0860 234 234 or +27 21 503 1770 for Old Mutual Unit Trust inquiries. However, for general investment statements and tax certificates, call 0860 50 60 70.


We have learned a lot about Old Mutual Limited South Africa and the insurance products they offer. However, you can conduct your personal research if you want extensive information on Old Mutual Limited South Africa.

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