Services Provided by Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa which we will be discussing today is a financial services group. People from all walks of life achieve their financial goals due to their client-facing and specialist brands. Indeed, practical financial solutions for people, communities, and businesses are provided by Momentum Metropolitan. Follow the Application Process Below

Below, we will discuss the history of Momentum Metropolitan and the various plans that they offer.

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History of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa

This South African-based financial group is listed on the South African stock exchange (JSE). The merger of Metropolitan Holdings and Momentum Group in December 2010 gave birth to Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited. In fact, that merger gave rise to the third-largest life insurer in South Africa. Furthermore, the addition of Guardrisk and the elevation of the Multiply program has further strengthened this position. In Africa and also the rest of the world, their financial solutions are widely accepted and trusted by millions of people. The services they provide are long and short-term insurance, healthcare administration, and health risk management. In addition, Momentum Metropolitan also offers asset management services, investment, and savings, and a wellness and rewards program.

Services Provided by Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa

Medical Aid

Momentum Metropolitan ensures that clients are provided with the most affordable option of a medical scheme. These schemes are designed to suit your individual, and family needs, with industry-leading benefits. If you use their Associated providers, you can save up to R1 000 and earn up to R3 000. We will briefly discuss the various schemes under medical aid to enable you to choose what suits you.

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Evolve Scheme

Hospitalization from the Evolve Network of private hospitals with 2 virtual doctors’ consultations is covered by this medical scheme. In addition, there are other extra day-to-day benefits enjoyed as well. For example, there’s a sports injury benefit that gives the injured access to 2 physiotherapist visits.

Custom Scheme

With this medical scheme, you are offered comprehensive hospital and chronic cover from any or Associated providers. By electing to use a specific list of private hospitals, you are granted the right to treatment at any of the hospitals.

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Incentive Scheme

This medical scheme provides you with extensive hospital and chronic cover from Any or Associated providers. Your day-to-day expenses are covered by a dedicated medical savings account that is achieved from 10% of your contribution.

Extender Scheme

Just like the Incentive scheme, this scheme also offers extensive hospital and chronic cover from Any or Associated providers. In addition, this scheme covers your day-to-day expenses from a dedicated medical savings account made up of 25% of your contribution. Furthermore, Extended cover benefits are given to you once you reach the Threshold amount.

Summit Scheme

This medical scheme provides you with unlimited private hospital coverage from any provider. For an additional 36 conditions at any provider, you are provided with chronic coverage. Per beneficiary per year, day-to-day benefits are covered up to R29 700.

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Ingwe Scheme

In this medical scheme, you are offered affordable entry-level medical coverage. In short, you have the right to choose which hospital you get treatment from be it the Ingwe private hospitals or state hospitals.

Car and Home Insurance

Cars, houses, and personal belongings are very important to individuals and this is completely understood by Momentum Metropolitan. Therefore, they tend to protect these assets that are valuable to you and offer you additional benefits and rewards. This includes free 24/7 home and roadside assistance wherever you are plus legal and medical emergencies. Furthermore, we would be discussing the various plans under car and home insurance.

Momentum Select

This plan offers you convenient, affordable, and reliable cover for your car, home contents, and portable possessions. In addition to keeping you safe, you are provided with rewards, benefits, and innovative features.

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Momentum Priceless

With this plan, you tend to enjoy the comprehensive car, home contents, and homeowners’ insurance coverage. It is ideal since it is designed to meet your personal needs as it protects the things that are important to you.

Momentum Envoy

You get to enjoy all the safety, convenience, and benefits of comprehensive insurance coverage for your cars, buildings, and personal portable possessions with this plan. Indeed, it is ideal for high-net-worth individuals who enjoy a personalized experience.

Momentum 55+

Due to the way, individuals who are 55 years and older take care of their assets, this plan was established. This plan provides them with emergency assistance, cashback rewards, and no excess on selected covers.

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Safety Alert

Momentum Metropolitan does not just aim at keeping you safe but ensures to keep the people you love safe too. In light of this, a free panic button feature has been provided to provide safety alerts to your loved ones.

Life Insurance

This is a very essential insurance plan as it financially protects your loved ones when you no longer can. With a personalized LifeReturns premium discount, you can save up to 35% on a monthly premium. In the event of your passing, your loved ones are offered financial security as you secure a lump sum payout. In case of permanent disability, serious illness, or impairment, your income is protected. Below, we shall look at the various plans under life insurance in Momentum Metropolitan.

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Essential Life Insurance Plan

This plan covers life and disability but however, it does not apply to critical illness. In addition, it does not also cover income protection.

Extended Life Insurance Plan

With this plan, you are offered life and disability cover. Furthermore, you are offered critical illness cover, unlike the Essential Life Insurance Plan. Though, it does not offer income protection cover as well.

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Comprehensive Life Insurance Plan

Indeed, it is quite comprehensive as it provides you with life and disability coverage. It also provides critical illness coverage and income protection coverage.

Home Loan Bond Protection Benefit

In the event of critical illness, disability, or death, this benefit provides you with comprehensive home loan protection.

Investment and Savings

Both individuals and businesses are helped to grow their wealth through practical tools and customized solutions in this plan. Momentum Metropolitan offers flexible saving plans and tax-efficient investment options to help achieve your financial goals. There are plans under-investment and savings designed to help you achieve this and they will be briefly discussed below.

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Momentum Wealth

A range of personal investment solutions is offered through this plan to help build and grow your wealth. In addition, your investment needs are achieved and your income is protected.

Momentum Wealth International

A flexible range of offshore investment solutions to build and grow your wealth is offered in this plan. As a result of this, you have access to global currencies and markets.

Momentum Investor

This plan provides you with committed saving plans tailored to meet all your saving needs and grow your money. It might be saving for a specific term, or retirement annuities and this plan helps to meet them.

Momentum Collective Investments

All major asset classes are offered unit trusts by this plan. Your personal investment needs and goals are met by a range of local and global unit trusts.

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Business Insurance

Your business requirements can be met by Momentum Metropolitan Insurance solutions which is quite flexible. Ranging from unforeseen incidents, loss, or damage, your business is comprehensively covered. It also has the benefits of the same premium for the first 12 months even if you claim. In addition, your individual business profile rating determines your annual premium increase. There are various plans under business insurance which shall be discussed below.

Stand-alone Insurance Cover

The beginning of a business and the art of keeping the business running is quite difficult at times. However, with this plan, you are covered comprehensively from the beginning with stand-alone cover options that help your business needs.

Business Car Insurance

All registered cars and any other type of vehicle used in the running of your business is covered by this insurance policy. This plan ensures to cover all vehicles used to run your business against theft, damage, and lost key replacement. However, if you have fleet vehicles, endeavor to speak to a financial adviser about covering them.

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Buildings Combined Insurance

In the event of damage that may be caused by a force of nature or an explosion, this plan covers your offices, outbuildings, fixtures, and fittings.

Office contents insurance

In order to ensure business continuity, movable properties like office furniture inside your business address are covered by this plan.

Commercial Fire Insurance

With this plan, your business building, permanent fittings, and goods are covered against loss or damage caused by fire and explosions.

Electronic equipment Insurance

Your business electronics such as computers, licensed software, and printers are covered by this plan. Business All-Risk InsuranceWith this plan, business items that are always moved from the insured premises to anywhere in the world are protected.

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Public Liability Insurance

Damages caused by you or any person associated with the business that might hold you legally liable will be covered by this plan.

Goods-in-transit Insurance

Goods that are used as part of your stated business are covered by this plan while they are being transported within South Africa.

Glass Insurance

All fixed windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, and other fixed glasses at your business premises are therefore covered by this plan.

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How to contact Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa

Whenever you need assistance with inquiries, complaints, or the giving of a compliment, you can always contact Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa. For Momentum Assist for car and home insurance, you can call 0860 784 767. However, you can only call +27 12 684 5603 for international emergencies only. Then for medical aid and emergency rescue, you can contact 082 911. Momentum Metropolitan is open 24 hours, 7 days a week including public holidays.


We have learned a lot about Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa through the above discussion. However, you can carry out your personal research if you need detailed information on Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited South Africa.

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