Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

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Shenzhen FC: The Youth Academy

Shenzhen F.C. Policy includes developing the next wave of football talents. Through the academy, success in doing so has been documented. From U-8 to U-23, they also offer training for young athletes at all levels. After a successful Shenzhen F.C. Academy Trials, players are selected for the team.

The academy is proud to have some of China’s greatest modern facilities. Additionally, while the kids are at the academy, they are put through various levels of tutelage by professional sports development experts.

More about the Academy

Players from the Shenzhen F.C. Youth Academy are also exposed to extracurricular events such as meet-and-greets with athletes, seminars, workshops, etc.

Psychologists who specialize in sports are also hired. They assist pupils in cultivating the best attitudes as well as sportsmanship for Football.

The Shenzhen F.C. Youth Academy participates in the Chinese Youth Super League. Thus enhancing their ability to compete in the round leather game.

How to Enroll in the Youth Academy of Shenzhen F.C.

Children can enroll in Shenzhen F.C. Academy in a variety of ways. However, Football open day tryouts or straight registration with the Shenzhen F.C. Academy are two options.

In addition to other qualifications, a specific level of expertise is necessary.

Shenzhen F.C. Academy also upholds a philosophy that gives everyone an equal chance.

Some requirements to join the Academy include:

  • Courtesy in sports
  • Letters from parents granting consent, especially for children under 18 years old.
  • If you are applying from high school, your academic records from your school of study.
  • Data and Personal information (height, position, fitness, etc.)
  • Positive team spirit
  • Strong interpersonal abilities

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

Applying to the Academy

If you meet the aforementioned prerequisites, go ahead and contact the academy by visiting

to learn more about the admissions process.

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Shenzhen F.C. Age-specific trials. Shenzhen FC Academy U9, Shenzhen FC Academy U10, Shenzhen FC Academy U11, Shenzhen FC Academy U13, and Shenzhen FC Academy U14 will be highlighted.

How to Be Selected by the Shenzhen F.C. Academy Scouts

Getting scouted by Shenzhen F.C. Academy scouts is a step in the process of joining Shenzhen F.C. Youth Academy. However the majority of the time, you can do this by enrolling in the local soccer schools.

The club has a wide network of football scouts that search the world for young, promising players. Parents and guardians should However try to enroll their children in one of the Shenzhen F.C. Soccer Schools if they are already displaying promising skills.

With years of expertise working with kids and young athletes, the club also boasts the greatest staff. Young footballers are also exposed to the best ways to scale through Shenzhen F.C. Academy trials through soccer schools.

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

What happens after being scouted?

 Additionally, it is anticipated that the player will depart the academy in a better condition than when he arrived.

The successful candidates would be sent to the development centers and assigned to various league levels based on their ages following the Shenzhen F.C. Academy trials.

Everything, however, ultimately depends on the youngster’s amount of potential.

How to Succeed in the Shenzhen FC Academy Trials

Trials continue to be a crucial part of talent identification. Also, any of the Shenzhen F.C. Academy’s players were recruited through trials.

We were also informed that Shenzhen F.C. will sometimes offer a provisional football scholarship to young people who possess the talent and potential but lack the funds to pay the academy’s tuition.

Things to do to be a part of the scholarship

  • It’s crucial that you show up to summer camp.
  • Maintain good sportsmanship at all times, especially when talking with teammates.
  • Try to record your performances when practicing alone or competing in interclub soccer matches.
  • Coaches and scouts are excited by your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.
  • Never pass up local open soccer competitions.

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Conditions / Qualifications Academy of Shenzhen FC

  • With the assistance of Shenzhen F.C. scouts, open to all young, aspiring football players worldwide.
  • Parental consent is still required, especially for those under 18.
  • If you are already a member of a team, Academy wants to view your stats and performance records.
  • Sports-related fervor

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

Scholarships to Consider

Football/ Soccer Scholarships

Registration Requirements for Shenzhen F.C. Football Academy

Through the Shenzhen F.C. Academy Scouts and Open Football tryouts, young people are admitted to the club. However, applicants, particularly international students, may also use the club’s website or a specific service to submit their applications.

  • Give good information about yourself, prior clubs (if any), and contact information.
  • Especially for those under the age of 18, parental consent.
  • Try to send a video of yourself; this approach is most relevant to applicants from other countries.

How to Sign Up for the Shenzhen FC Football Academy

To start registering and learn more, go to the academy’s official website at

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The concept for youth training

The club’s social duty and ascent are both based on youth training.

Additionally, it is a necessary condition for achieving self-hematopoiesis and creating a specialized first-class team. Realizing the club’s long-term, sustainable development is also important.

Shenzhen Football Club currently boasts a top-notch scouting team and young training coach. Additionally, it has created a U12-U17 five-level campus echelon with top youth training facilities both domestically and internationally.

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

Choosing Players

Many players were however chosen for the national young team as well as the national youth team from the elite youth training echelons.

Shenzhen Football Club has chosen prestigious European first-class clubs to create collaboration objectives for young training.

Every year, it also intends to send players and coaches for young training to South Korea, Japan, and Europe.

Memorabilia from youth training

Shenzhen Football created its first young development squad.

Since Kaisa became the owner in 2016, Shenzhen Football Club has officially established the first young training team by purchasing the U17 team in Mayong, Dongguan.

Reached an agreement with Luohu District on a strategic partnership for youth training.

Shenzhen Football Club and the club’s junior training program came to a strategic agreement in January 2018. It also collaborated on this with the culture, radio, television, tourism, and sports bureaus in the Luohu District.

In the Luohu District, Shenzhen Football Club has opened up shops in a number of elementary and high schools. It has also received top consideration while choosing and developing talent.

Outstanding football players from Luohu District will also have direct access to all levels of Shenzhen Football Club. Consequently, starting a career development channel.

The first youth training center is established at Cuiyuan Middle School.

After Shenzhen Football and Luohu’s strategic partnership, Cuiyuan Middle School was formed as the first young training site in January 2018. The Shenzhen Football Team’s coaching staff has been based at Cuiyuan Middle School all year. So, they will be in charge of training the team.

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

Middle School becomes a key player in the training of young people.

Shenzhen Football kept growing its strategic young training business in July 2019. Consequently, a strategic partnership on youth training was established with Shenzhen Middle School and a prestigious educational resource institution. Cooperation between echelons also started to develop.

Youth training network Pingshan Experimental School has been added.

Shenzhen Football Club increased the scope of its youth training operations once more in July 2019. It established a network of youth training cooperation in collaboration with Pingshan Experimental School. Hence enabling future talents to receive training at the biggest school in eastern Shenzhen.

Pingshan Experimental School won the championship in the U9 age division in 2019 after only a few months of selection and preparation. The top young tournament in Shenzhen is likewise this Championship.

Opening Huizhou Youth Training Base and Setting in

Shenzhen Football Club’s Huizhou Youth Training Base was formally launched in December 2020. In order to develop more exceptional young players, the Shenzhen Football Club is attempting to develop the “Chongming Island Model.”

The Shenzhen Kaisa 05/06 age group was promoted to the Kaisa Elite Team at the same time. Chen Tao, a former international athlete, is the head coach. The entire team relocated to the Huizhou Youth Training Base, including the trainers and players.

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

Youth Director Shen Xiangfu and Launching the Training Base

Shen Xiangfu, a well-known domestic coach, will be appointed as the youth training director by Shenzhen Football Club in 2021.

Shenzhen Football and Chongqing Furen Middle School came to a strategic agreement in March to work together to create a base for elite youth training.

To create a top team for the U10-U13 age range, the two sides will work together. Consequently, later on, expanding and building more age groups to groom elite players across the country.

Shenzhen FC

Chinese professional football team Shenzhen Football Club plays in the Chinese Super League. The group is situated in Guangdong’s Shenzhen.

The Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre, their home stadium, has a capacity of 60,334. The Kaisa Group, a property development corporation, is their largest shareholder and acquired the club on April 12, 2016.

Shenzhen FC was the name under which the club was first established on January 26, 1994. However, they began in the third tier at the bottom of the Chinese football pyramid.

Flow-through Promotion and Demotion

They were promoted to the top flight in the 1996 Chinese Jia-A League season after winning back-to-back league titles in the third and second tiers of professional football competitions.

After only one season they were demoted. However, they immediately regained promotion and continued to establish themselves within the league. They subsequently won the 2004 Chinese Super League championship under a new name.

Thus, they became the first team in the Chinese league structure to win all three divisions. Since this achievement, the club has struggled to repeat the same success. At the conclusion of the 2011 Chinese Super League season, they were demoted to the second tier after 14 seasons.

History Of Shenzhen F.C.

Initial club era

On January 26, 1994, former Chinese players Rong Zhixing and Zeng Xuelin established the Shenzhen Football Club. This took place once the Chinese Football Association fully legalized private ownership and professionalism throughout their whole system of football leagues.

However, the Club’s debut match in the top division did not go well. They were once more demoted as a result in 1996.

Escaping Relegation

After finishing second in their division under the previous ownership, the team was promoted back to the first tier right away.

With two consecutive relegation escapes, Cha solidified the club’s standing in the top division. In the meantime, the squad signed 14 hot talents from Tianjin Locomotive’s 1st team on a long-term contract as fresh faces, including potential stars Li Weifeng and Li Yi.

Shenzhen FC Youth Academy Trials

The Scandal

On March 27, 2000, at the commencement of the 2000 season, the eccentric Brazilian Edson Tavares, who had just been named head coach, caught six players with prostitutes in the house.

The players were Peng Weiguo, Chen Yongqiang, Zhang Jun, Sun Gang, Wang Chao, and Yao Li. They eventually had to apologize for their conduct.

However, their Coach Tavares was sacked to serve as a warning.

Group Jianlibao

Before the 2003 season, The Jianlibao Group acquired the club and changed the name to reflect its own brand. The team signed several notable Chinese players and also finished fourth in the league. This includes Yang Chen, who, after spending several seasons in Germany, went back to China.

Zheng Bin, however, responded to Zhu’s call after rejoining the international youth squad. Shenzhen was seen with these additions as well as the defender Zheng Zhi who was transformed into a playmaker.

In spite of significant financial issues that prevented players from receiving pay for seven months, Jianlibao sensationally captured the first-ever Chinese Super League championship in 2004.

Coach of the Year

The award for coach of the year was subsequently given to then-head coach Zhu Guanghua. He was also named the Chinese national team’s head coach.

Shenzhen defeated Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahli in the quarterfinals of the Chinese Super League in 2005. Thus enabling them to advance to the semifinals. However, the team’s subsequent season swiftly saw them lose their favor. Hence they could only achieve a twelfth-place finish (third from the bottom).

Why did he resign?

Due to his poor rapport with the team, particularly with the then-captain Li Weifeng and older players like Li Yi and Yang Chen, the new head coach Chi Shangbin resigned after just three matches. Later, both of them dubbed the troublemakers “Football-lord,” a notorious and exciting term.

Shenzhen FC: The Manager

South Korean association football manager and former player Lee Jang-soo. He is however now in charge of Shenzhen FC of the Chinese Super League. When the Korean Super League was first established in 1983, he held the distinction of being one of the league’s first completely professional footballers.

Nevertheless, he has distinguished himself as a manager. In particular in China, where he went on to win the Chinese FA Cup thrice. He also enjoyed success when playing for FC Seoul at home in South Korea, where he won the K-League Cup.

But he has kept going back to China, where he was the manager of a Chinese team, making him the country’s longest-tenured foreign coach.

Career as a Player

One of the first players to play professional football in South Korea was Lee Jang-soo. When the K-League was established in 1983, he began playing professionally with Yukong Elephants.

He eventually participated in 53 league games during his professional career, which ended in 1986, despite already being in his late 20s.

Career as a Coach

Before joining the newly founded Ilhwa Chunma in 1992 as a trainer, Lee Jang-soo worked as a coach at Honam University. Before moving to China in 1998 to take charge of Chongqing Lifan for four seasons, Lee Jang-soo spent the entirety of 1997 studying coaching abroad in Brazil.

However, Lee Jang-soo didn’t become well-known in China until he joined Qingdao Bielat in 2002 when they won the Chinese FA Cup.

Lee’s first win

Guangzhou Evergrande hired Lee on March 25, 2010. Due to a match-fixing controversy, the latter was recently demoted to China League One. The team’s new manager was brought in: Lee. In the 2010 League One season, he guided Guangzhou to victory.

On his first try, he also succeeded in getting promoted back to the top division. Guangzhou Evergrande won the Super League championship for the first time in the club’s history in his second season.

New Recordset

He also established the team record for the league’s longest unbeaten streak. Lee’s record of 32 victories and 12 draws came to an end on September 18 after a 2-1 loss to Changchun Yatai.

For the third time in his quest for this title, Lee won the Chinese FA Super Cup in 2012. At Guangzhou University City Stadium, he also coached the group to a 2-1 victory over Tianjin Teda.

Dismissing Lee

After securing Guangzhou’s spot in the 2012 AFC Champions League knockout round, Guangzhou Evergrande reportedly conducted negotiations with Lee on May 16, 2012. Afterward, the club confirmed Lee’s dismissal.

Lee was formally replaced as the club’s manager by Marcello Lippi on May 17, 2012, according to Guangzhou Evergrande.

Lee was chosen to lead the Chinese Super League club Shenzhen on February 12, 2022.

Shenzhen FC Stadium

Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center, often referred to as Shenzhen Universiade Centre, Longgang Universiade Sports Center, or Longgang Stadium is a complex of multipurpose sporting venues. Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China is where it is situated.

2011 saw the completion of the sports complex. It primarily hosts athletics and association football contests, and it also hosted certain events at the 2011 Summer Universiade.

Stadium’s Capacity

The stadium can accommodate 60,334 people. The aquatic center can accommodate 3,000 spectators, while the arena can hold 18,000 people.

The Calgary Flames and Boston Bruins played one NHL preseason game at the stadium on September 15, 2018.

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