The third home game of the year for thewas played tonight. FC Volendam was the opponent at Het Kasteel. The first four games for the Castle Lords resulted in four points. At Go Ahead Eagles last week, a goal from Tobias Lauritsen was enough to secure the team’s first victory of the year, 0-1. FC Volendam has four points as well and won their lone game last week. The Other Orange defeated FC Twente 1-0.

Trainer Maurice Steijn made two adjustments from the previous week. Adil Auassar, who came off the bench to start, was preferred over Mike Eerdhuijzen. Eerdhuijzen played 59 official games in the first season while being taught by Volendam. Arno Verschueren had a simple setting once again. Sven Mijnans was replaced by the midfielder, who was forced to accept a reserve position.

The action was entertaining to watch throughout the first half. FC Volendam missed two excellent chances because of goalie Nick Olij. The goaltender initially stopped Robert Mühren’s effort before stopping Henk Veerman’s attempt as well. The next two options for Sparta were significant. Tobias Lauritsen approached Filip Stankovic, the goalie, first on his own. The striker connected with the goal-post. Without Stankovic’s stop, Joshua Kitolano would have had the 1-0 on his head from the next corner.

Second half

Het Kasteel had enough, which led to its explosion after fifteen minutes. Vito van Crooij was left standing alone in front of goalie Stankovic as Olij’s kick effortlessly crossed the Volendam defense. The Eredivisie record-holder for the quickest goal kept his composure, and Sparta quickly seized the lead.

After that, Sparta took over the game and dominated possession of the ball. After more than twenty minutes, Volendam still had a chance. Serving Mühren, Derry John Murkin went over. Mühren had a better opportunity to tie the score ten minutes later. The striker screamed but his shot missed the target after going through a Spartan. Volendam seemed to score the equalizer just before halftime. Olij and Carel Eiting exchanged words before the ball was passed.

Olij was thus defeated, but Mica Pinto at the goal mouth stopped Mühren from making the 1-1 for an empty goal, allowing Sparta to exit the field of play unharmed. Early on, the Castle Lords were in the lead, but Volendam had chances to catch up. The first pinprick was also distributed by guests after the interval. Veerman fired over the top. After that, Sparta had a greater opportunity to score. Van Crooij entered from the left and then fired a shot that connected. Van Crooij was denied from making his second by Stankovic and the post.

Steijn stepped in as Volendam began to play more offensively. Koki Saito and Sven Mijnans were invited by the trainer. The Japanese player made his Sparta debut and quickly established himself as the crowd favorite. After 68 minutes, he contributed to the outstanding 2-0 score. Saito was persistent in getting the ball to Pinto. After the Luxembourger finished playing on Mijnans, Pinto proceeded on his own. The ball was recovered by the wing defender thanks to a heel from Mijnans. After another excellent pass from Pinto, Lauritsen scored with a goal score of 2-0. A wonderful attack resulted in Lauritsen’s second goal of the year. At Het Kasteel, there was applause once more four minutes later. This time, Saito received the ball from Pinto and served Lauritsen. Making it 3-0 was simple for the Norwegian!

Within four minutes, Sparta had determined the outcome of the game. Lauritsen served as the attack’s finish station twice. As a consequence, Volendam gave up on getting a result, and Sparta increased its advantage. Saito performed a wonderful motion, but he was unable to fire. Mijnans did get the ball, and his dry bang made it 4-0. Because there were no more opportunities to remark during the last phase, it was also the final agreement. Sparta is confident going into De Kuip after defeating FC Volendam 4-0. The opposition there the next week will be Feyenoord. This is the latest news on Netherlands League

Sparta Rotterdam lineup:

Nick Olij, Shurandy Sambo, Bart Vriends, Mike Eerdhuijzen (76. Adil Auassar), Mica Pinto, Jonathán de Guzman (73. Jeremy van Mullem), Younes Namli (66. Koki Saito), Joshua Kitolano, Tobias Lauritsen, Arno Verschueren ( 66. Sven Mijnans), Vito van Crooij. This is the latest news on Netherlands League

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