Sports Scholarships in China

Having discussed how to get football academy trials in china and other Asian countries, today we shall relay on how to apply for sports scholarships in China 2020. We shall also throw light on other aspects like football scholarships in China, Beijing Sports University scholarship, Football scholarships in China 2020 as well as other Football Scholarships in Asia.

China has known to produce one of the top performances in sports, especially in the Olympics. The Athletes are regarded as one of the best in the world considering the number of Olympics Gold Medal to their credit.

Additionally, the country has also been able to revamp its soccer space with increase signing of top players and the quality of professionalism put in the game.

Sports Scholarships in China

In order to encourage deserving scholars, China gives out sports scholarships open to international students across the globe. In addition to the Sports Scholarships in China, there are also open Football Academy trials in China we believe will interest you. There are Clubs looking for players in China. It is through China football scholarships that they attract players while also conducting Football academy trials.

We equally wish to remind youngsters that getting accepted by Football Clubs Looking for Players in Asia can be very competitive. In some cases, many players can be narrowed down to just 4 persons per playing position. When selected for trials, the medium you applied through should be mentioned. This applies to all especially international students. Send in videos of your exploits if you have any. Also, build up a player profile with a clear description of your stats.

Furthermore, Beijing Sports University will also require some level of academic excellence before you can qualify for Beijing Sports University Scholarships.

Requirements for Sports Scholarships in China

  • Academic record from previous institution.
  • Stats must include, the Players name, number on shirt, team color, photograph, height/weight, DOB, Position, and Nationality.
  • A travel visa is very important especially, for Football clubs in China looking for players 2020.
  • Sports Scholarships in China also pay attention to social status.

List of Available Sports Scholarships in China

Beijing Sports University Scholarship Program in China: It is offered by Beijing University and provides full funding to applicants. It will support a 4-year undergraduate program with an extra one-semester Chinese language program. Students can also join the Chinese language courses free of charge during the first semester of their bachelor’s degree study in their spare time.

Asian Football Open Trial: The trials also support Sports scholarship in China 2020. This is because when players get accepted for trials in Asian clubs the scholarships can cover their study expenses. apply and learn more.

Football Scholarships in Asia, how to get football academy trials in china, Beijing Sports University scholarship

Select any Club of your choice below and Apply for Football/Soccer Academy. (Application is Free)

  1. Manchester United Academy
  2. Real Madrid Youth Academy
  3. Juventus FC Academy
  4. Liverpool Football Academy
  5. Chelsea FC Youth Academy
  6. Barcelona FC Youth Academy
  7. Manchester City Football Academy
  8. Bayern Munich Football Academy
  9. AC Milan Football Academy
  10. Leicester City FC Academy
  11. Arsenal Football Academy
  12. Zenit FC Academy
  13. Ajax Football Academy
  14. Everton Football Academy
  15. Southampton Football Academy
  16. Feyenoord  Football Academy
  17. Stoke City Football Academy
  18. Football Scholarships in Australia
  19. FCV Football Academy UK

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