Sports | Football Scholarships in Turkey

Sports | Football Scholarships in Turkey

Another country that provides an enabling environment for one to harness his/her sports and football skills in Turkey. The Turkish league is considered one of the most followed in Europe. Today we shall bring to your knowledge some sports scholarships in Turkey which we believe will interest those searching for Football Scholarships in Turkey. We shall also be providing highlights on areas like Football academy trials in Turkey, Football trials in Turkey as well as how to get into Football Academies in Turkey.

A good number of players currently playing at professional levels in Turkey came in through Sports Scholarships in Turkey or Football academy trials in Turkey. Turkey is home to some top European clubs like Istanbul Basakshir, Fernabache, Galatasaray, e.t.c.

Football Scholarships in Turkey

In addition to having some of the best clubs in Europe, Turkey is also home to top-notch Youth development football academies in Europe. It boasts of state of the art sporting facilities and a team of renowned sports and fitness coaches. In order to encourage youngsters, Sports scholarships in Turkey are given to outstanding students. Especially, those showing potentials of excelling in different fields. Football/soccer youth Academy/Sports Scholarships in Turkey

At a younger age, the youngsters are paired in groups while made to compete in local competitions in the country. This helps to build them up for the professional stage of the game. To attract a Sports Scholarship in Turkey, you must have displayed potentials and shown a passion for the round leather game. European football scouts are always touring searching for youth players in Turkish Football academies for professional contracts in top European Clubs. Football/soccer youth Academy/Sports Scholarships in Turkey

Furthermore, we were also made to understand that one’s academic performance is also a criterion for getting invited to Football Academy Scholarships in Turkey. The scholarships are very competitive considering the incentives attached to them. It provides full funding as well as the living expenses of recipients.

Select any Club of your choice below and Apply for Football/Soccer Academy. (Application is Free)

  1. Manchester United Academy
  2. Real Madrid Youth Academy
  3. Juventus FC Academy
  4. Liverpool Football Academy
  5. Chelsea FC Youth Academy
  6. Barcelona FC Youth Academy
  7. Manchester City Football Academy
  8. Bayern Munich Football Academy
  9. AC Milan Football Academy
  10. Leicester City FC Academy
  11. Arsenal Football Academy
  12. Zenit FC Academy
  13. Ajax Football Academy
  14. Everton Football Academy
  15. Southampton Football Academy
  16. Feyenoord  Football Academy
  17. Stoke City Football Academy
  18. Football Scholarships in Australia
  19. FCV Football Academy UK

Eligibility/Requirements for Sports | Football Scholarships in Turkey

  • An International passport if called up for Arsenal Academy trial.
  • Statistical details showing height, Pitch Position, Dominant foot, club, e.t.c.
  • Good team spirit.
  • Excellent sportsmanship.
  • Parent’s/Guardian’s Consent for Applicants younger than 18.

How to Apply for Sports | Football Scholarships in Turkey

Interested Persons should proceed to the available open trials below and apply

Turkey Soccer Trial Istanbul

Queen Football Academy Turkey

Galatasaray Academy Trials

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