SSQ Group Insurance: Life, Dental, Health and Travel Plans

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Overview Of SSQ Group Insurance

Jacques Tremblay established SSQ Insurance in 1944 as a mutual diversified financial institution that offer insurance and investment services. However, as at January 2020, the company joined with La Capitale insurance to form Beneva. Its head-office is at Quebec City while it has other branches at Longueuil, Calgary, Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto.

It is impossible to sideline the SSQ Insurance company when counting the top insurance companies in Canada. This is because, they have a large number of customers and workers. In Quebec to, this insurance company is renowned.

Meanwhile, this insurance is gearing towards a business volume of $3 billion and $11 billion worth of assets. With such record, their position in Canada’s Financial Institution ranking is well rooted.

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Profile Of The SSQ Group Insurance

  • Primary Name – SSQ Assurance
  • Type – Mutual Insurance
  • Industry – Insurance, Investment, Real Estate
  • Established – 1944 in Quebec City, Canada
  • Founder – Jacques Tremblay
  • Defunct – 2020
  • Successor – Beneva
  • Stakeholders – Jean-François Chalifoux, (CEO) René Hamel, (Chairman of the Boards)
  • Services – Group insurance, individual insurance, general insurance, investment, real estate
  • Workers – 2000
  • Parent Company – SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc.
  • Subsidiaries – SSQ Insurance Company Inc.
    SSQ Realty Inc.

Financial Record Of SSQ Insurance

  • Revenue – Close to CA$3billion
  • Total Assets – CA$12billion

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Products And Services Of SSQ Insurance

Below are the products and services rendered by SSQ Insurance in Canada:

  • Group insurance (life insurance; death and dismemberment; disability insurance; prescription drug insurance; health insurance; travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance; dental care insurance; compassion insurance; health and wellness program; individual insurance – retirement and end of employment; critical illness; long-term care; expatriate insurance)
  • Individual insurance (term life insurance; permanent life insurance; universal life insurance; credit insurance; critical illness insurance; travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance)
  • General insurance (auto insurance; replacement insurance; home insurance; business insurance)
  • Investment (segregated funds; guaranteed interest accounts (GIA); individual savings and retirement plans: Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), locked-in RRSP, Non-Registered Savings Plan (NRSP), Individual Pension Plan (IPP), Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), locked-in RRIF and annuity; registered retirement plan without member management, private wealth management)
  • Real estate: development and management of SSQ Insurance’s real estate properties including property in Quebec City, Longueuil and Toronto.

Company Structure Of SSQ Insurance

There are three companies that makes up the SSQ Insurance. They are: the parent company SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. and its two affiliates; SSQ Insurance Company Inc., SSQ Realty Inc.

It was not until the 1st of January 2017, that SSQ General Insurance Company Inc. amalgamated with SSQ Insurance Company Inc.

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SSQ Life Insurance

It is important you register for the SSQ life insurance to provide a level of protection to your family if you pass away. Meanwhile, the SSQ life insurance comes in two forms: Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance:

This type of life insurance is quite affordable ideal for a short period of time. Other characteristics are:

  • Confirmed and reliable premium for the length of time of the contract
  • It can change to the permanent life insurance without medical proof

Two term life insurance options are available:

  • Traditional life insurance
  • Simplified life insurance

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Permanent Life Insurance:

In this life insurance, coverage is long term. Once you pass away, your family and loved ones will be protected for life by the company. All you need to do is to be consistent in paying fixed and guaranteed premiums.

The permanent life insurance options that are available include:

Traditional life insurance:

  • Higher insurance amount
  • The leverage to choose whether to have a cash surrender value that appreciates over time and may serve as a tool to finance your projects
  • Option of adding other coverages like life insurance for your children or critical illness insurance
  • Also, the choice of paying over 20 years or up to age 100.

Simplified life insurance or
Guaranteed issue life insurance

  • Requires only 1 hour to issue a policy
  • Does not require a medical examination
  • Purchase remotely without meeting the advisor in person
  • Best if you do not have health problems
  • The guaranteed issue option is available for those who are more difficult to insure

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SSQ Group Insurance

There are a couple of attributes that makes the SSQ Group Insurance unique. Those qualities are:

  • The contract you want is the contract you will get. All contracts are designed to suit each group’s need.
  • High-quality specialized products at competitive prices
  • Quick and proper implementation
  • Effective Customer Service

SSQ Health Insurance

There are some health services that are meant to be covered by the government but are not. So, SSQ health insurance offers you that benefit for medical costs government healthcare doesn’t cover.

To know how to get it, you have to follow some steps. However, you ought to know that this insurance company will offer coverage to you and your family.

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SSQ Travel Insurance

When you are under the SSQ Travel Insurance, all your illness or accident cost during the cost of travel, will be under the care of the insurance company. It doesn’t end there, you will also benefit travel assistance services that the company’s partner “CanAssistance” provide.

SSQ Dental Insurance

If you are under the SSQ dental insurance, you are sure to receive dental care if you have dental issues. You may decided which plan you want to subscribe to, depending on the problem you have. Below are some of the plans you can apply for:

  • Basic dental care
  • Major restorative services
  • Orthodontic care

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What Is The Meaning Of SSQ Insurance?

Initially, the company’s name was Coopérative de santé du Québec. Subsequently, it changed to Les Services de Santé du Québec which birthed the SSQ insurance.

What Is The SSQ Insurance Customer Service Line?

Call or email customer service at 1-800-565-4550 or

When Did La Capitale And SSQ Merge?

La Capitale and SSQ Insurance merged in January 2020, to form Beneva.

Where Is The Headquarters Of SSQ Insurance?

The headquarters is at Quebec City while it has other branches at Longueuil, Calgary, Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto.

Who Founded The SSQ Insurance?

Jacques Tremblay founded the SSQ Insurance.

In What Year Was The SSQ Insurance Founded?

The SSQ insurance came into existence in 1944.


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