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After a fruitful 20-year career in the financial services industry, Brian Kriftcher, a longtime member of the Stamford community and the present coach of the boys varsity basketball team at Notre Dame Catholic High School, launched Stamford Peace in 2008.

PEACE Basketball is committed to the idea that “basketball is a privilege”. It serves as a reward for students who consistently work hard and fulfill their primary obligations in the school, the community, and the family.

PEACE Basketball provides a top-notch educational basketball experience that emphasizes the growth of sound fundamentals and excellent competitiveness. As well as creating an atmosphere of excellence among our players and in our overall strategy for the game. A boys’ winter house basketball league, over a dozen elite boys’ and girls’ travel AAU basketball teams. Summer and vacation day basketball camps, an outdoor summer league at Scalzi Park, year-round clinics and open gym activities. And individual training are all included in our PEACE Basketball offerings. The cornerstone of Stamford Peace is made up of cooperation, self-control, leadership, and sportsmanship. The aim of Stamford Peace is to use basketball as a vehicle through which to favorably influence academic attainment, volunteerism, and other life skills throughout Stamford and other lower Fairfield County towns, as opposed to concentrating just on victories and losses.

To that end, we launched our Beyond Limits Academic Program in 2013 with the intention of supporting student-athletes. However, Beyond Limits has significantly grown, and we now support far more non-athlete students than athletes, with a focus that is almost entirely on students from disadvantaged and underserved socioeconomic backgrounds. Through the peer-to-peer model used by Beyond Limits, Stamford Peace heavily subsidizes the tutoring costs that local high school students offer to other local middle school and high school students, mainly in the subjects of math and science. Our Beyond Limits program offers frequent seminars and other enrichment programs in addition to regular tutoring, including subjects like financial literacy, standardized test preparation, college planning, and others. We actively collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators throughout each of these academic activities as crucial shared advocates for our participants.

Stamford Peace Basketball Youth Foundation

The Stamford Peace Youth Foundation helps young people develop to their greatest potential both on and off the court by providing academic support, top level basketball coaching, training, and competition, and other good influences.

Basketball is a privilege, and the Stamford Peace Youth Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization established in 2008, is committed to this idea. As such, it actively promotes children’s regular effort and success in their fundamental responsibilities in the classroom, in the community, and at home.



Established in late 2013 and originally providing help for five children, Beyond Limits currently works with more than 200 students in grades 3 through 12. We now assist non-athletes much more than we do athletes. We charge a significantly subsidized fare to the over 80% of participants whose families qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches. Our biggest achievement has been the extent to which we continue to provide this traditionally disadvantaged demographic group with services that are:

academic instruction in math and science, usually one-on-one;

programming for intellectual development (such as computer coding classes, writing workshops, college preparation workshops, time management and organization workshops, and more);

Summertime activities (such as continuous academic tutoring and 1-week middle school and high school orientation academies)

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incoming 6th graders and 9th graders in public schools, as well as students in our new summer math academies);

informal mentorship from peers and professionals, as well as support for schooling.

As vital co-advocates for our children, we actively collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators during our activities.

Our development and accomplishments over the years, which have been measured and assessed based on statistics and testimonies. Demonstrate the recognized worth of our special peer-to-peer academic assistance approach. Of course, we think a lot of it has to do with how well we offer our services. Including how carefully we pair up students with tutors the expertise and experience of our tutors, the cost and flexibility of our tutoring sessions, and other internal aspects. Externally, it is also a result of the enormous demand for accessible academic assistance programs, especially among young people from lower-income families.


Juana has been a student at Beyond Limits for two years and is in the seventh grade. She first enrolled in BL to advance her math abilities but she also makes use of the enrichment activities like coding seminars and writing workships. She attributes her success in overcoming her math-related uncertainties and acquiring all the necessary tools to her BL instructors. Take this chance because it will assist you a lot. You learn new things every time you attend, and from personal experience, I definitely suggest it, she advises students who are thinking of joining BL.


When Matthew was a student and struggling in math, he came to Beyond Limits. As a senior now, he claims that the program has helped him develop, become more self-assured, and do better in several disciplines. Matthew advises those thinking about BL: “You should come. The teachers here are qualified and will give

Every week, Beyond Limits provides support from their personal experiences as well as academic assistance to many children.



We stress to our players that the game – and the supporting materials –

Parents, coaches, and other mentors’ “investments” in their achievement are neither a “given” nor a “goal” in and of themselves. Instead, participation in games is a continual reward for our players’ pursuit of success in their primary duties at home, in the community, and in the school. The main motto we employ to motivate student-athletes to adequately prioritize their academics and other life skills is “use basketball, rather than allow basketball to use them.”

Stamford Peace now serves more over 1,200 young people via a range of basketball and direct academic assistance and enrichment programs rising from a single squad of 9–10 year old Stamford boys in 2008. Nearly 100 of our players play basketball while attending college, and many more continue their academic pursuits and participate in extracurricular activities. Many of our past participants are now among the ranks of our coaches. Passing on the teachings they had acquired as a member of Stamford Peace.


Edona has played PEACE basketball for her whole life, and the close friendships and mentorship she received through Stamford Peace continue to make a significant difference in her life. Edona’s inspiring journey from a timid young child who spoke English hesitantly to a Division 1 college basketball player at Fordham University. While also overcoming a number of serious knee injuries, speaks volumes about the growth of her passion, grit, and character as a member of the PEACE family.


Sylwia plays basketball for the PEACE AAU and SPBBL teams in addition to being a frequent participant in our Beyond Limits Academic Program. Sylwia’s dedication to student-athletic achievement is clearly seen in her happiness and thankfulness as a twice-weekly beneficiary of Beyond Limits academic tutoring in math and science. Sylwia has a special quality known as being “coachable.” Her recent advancements in both academics and basketball are a result of her hard effort. As well as the influence of opportunity and investment.

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The SPBBL is made to offer a satisfying sporting experience. The main goal is to give each participant the chance to seek the psychological and physical benefits of basketball via recreational play. All gamers should have the chance to learn new talents, meet new people, and enjoy themselves.

The SPBBL’s regulations and standards have to be followed, along with excellent sportsmanship and decent behaviour. Sports activities naturally involve competition, although winning is not the main objective. We desire fair play and mutual respect among all of our athletes, coaches, and spectators. Celebrate one’s successes rather than their flaws. Win graciously and lose honorably. Always encourage people to put out their best effort.

The Management

About Coach K

Brian Kriftcher (Coach “K”) left the corporate sector at the age of 40 after a fruitful 18-year career on Wall Street. In order to focus his full-time efforts on his love for coaching, teaching, and humanitarian work.

The founder and president of the Stamford Peace Youth Foundation, Coach “K,” also serves as the team’s head coach for PEACE Basketball. At St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT, Coach K coached the Varsity boys’ basketball team to a coveted Fairchester Athletic Association tournament championship before losing in the championship game of the New England Preparatory School Athletic Conference tournament in 2010-2011. He is an accomplished high school basketball coach at Westhill High School in Stamford, CT. As well as at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT.

Coach “K” has studied and taught the sport his entire life, and he has successfully led both boys’ and girls’ teams that have represented Stamford in a number of competitions.

JCC Maccabi Games, along with several more teams in numerous other competitions. Coach

K has experience working at prestigious basketball camps including the Bob Hurley

Coach K Academy/Duke Basketball Camp, Basketball Camp, and Point Guard

College. He frequently serves as a clinician, instructor, and one-on-one trainer for basketball.

As a member of the United States’ Masters (35+ years old) basketball team, Coach K won a Silver Medal at 2009’s World Maccabiah Games in Israel. Prior to this, in 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Pan American Maccabiah Games saw him win a Gold Medal.

Coach “K” played for the men’s college basketball team for two seasons. While earning his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the State University of New York at Albany. He graduated from St. John’s University Legal School and has a current New York State law license.

Coach “K” serves as the global chairman of the board of directors for PeacePlayers International. He presided over the Stamford JCC as president from 2009 until 2012.

Since 1996, Coach “K” has called Stamford home. He resides there with his wife, Jeannie, and their three kids, Hannah, Charlotte, and Sophie.

About Adrian Sklover

In 2013, Andy Sklover and the Stamford Peace Basketball Club, Inc. co-founded the Beyond Limits Academic Program.

He served as the chair of the education committee and a member of the fiscal, state & commerce, and charter review committees. While a member of the City of Stamford’s Board of Representatives (BOR). As chair of the education committee, he oversaw the creation of the BOR’s Student Advisory Council (SAC). Which aims to empower the Stamford Public School (SPS) student body by providing student representatives with a forum for sharing their ideas. Also having a positive influence on the students’ present and future social and academic experiences. Additionally, he participated in committees including the District Technology Committee, the High School Call to Action Committee, and the School Governance Council.

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Sklover worked part-time for Stamford Achieves, a non-profit founded in 2004 to act as an advocate and catalyst for bridging the achievement gap in Stamford, from December 2012 to June 2015 as the director of advocacy and education.

He graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Columbia University with an MBA. He is the president of the Stamford-based insurance brokerage company Sklover Benefits Group, Inc.

With his wife Lauren and two kids who both attended Stamford Public Schools from kindergarten, he lived in Stamford since 2001.

About Colonel Latta

Nearly all of Lenwood Latta’s professional career—also known as “Coach Latta”—has been devoted to teaching inner-city youngsters. The Stamford Peace Youth Foundation’s Director of Basketball Operations and Co-Founder is Coach Latta. Coach Latta formerly served as the St. Luke’s School boys’ varsity basketball team’s assistant coach.

For many years, Coach Latta coached boys’ basketball in the Stamford Youth Basketball League and the Mighty Mites Basketball League. Previously, he served as head coach of the boys’ Junior Varsity basketball team. He also served as assistant coach of the boys’ Varsity basketball team at Westhill High School in Stamford, Connecticut.

After graduating from college, Coach Latta moved to Stamford, Connecticut. Where he has been employed by the Stamford Board of Education for the past 20 years. Before last year, Coach Latta worked as a full-time employee of the Stamford Peace Adolescent Foundation. He was a teacher in a disturbed youth alternative to jail program.

Coach Latta started his career managing regional programs in Stamford, Bridgeport, and Waterbury, Connecticut, in the human services field. In this position, he played a crucial part in creating a temporary employment agency. Building an on-site daycare center, and assisting clients with their re-entry into the workforce.

He played a key role in putting Stamford’s L.E.A.D. into action program. A leadership development initiative with a focus on at-risk kids in the area. Over the years, Coach Latta has served on a number of boards and task groups. Including the CTE Board of Directors and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, at Shaw University, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Education. He is now the Greater Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church in Stamford’s Chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry.

Since 1992, Coach Latta has called Stamford home. He resides there with his wife, Felicia, and their two children, Jordan and Jalen. A point guard for the St. Luke’s Varsity boys’ basketball team.

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This article contains detailed information about Stamford Peace Basketball Youth Foundation. You will also find information about The Purpose of Stamford Peace Basketball Youth Foundation, Peace Basketball, Philosophy of Stamford Peace Basketball Youth Foundation and Management of Stamford Peace Basketball Youth Foundation.

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