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Are you interested in knowing about State Farm InsuranceĀ in USA kindly read this interesting article below. Also check, State farm Auto insurance, pros, and cons of state farm insurance and State farm Home and property insurance.

Brief introduction 

State Farm is the biggest supplier of both vehicle insurance and property and casualty insurance in the country. According to revenue, State Farm is listed at number 42 on the 2022 Fortune 500 list of American businesses.

Moreover, The Exclusive agents are commonly referred to as captive agents. They are the main source of insurance sales for State Farm. Also, State Farm Insurance may only be sold by State Farm agents, and only State Farm products may be sold by its representatives.

History of state farm insurance

George J. Mecherle who is a retired farmer created State Farm in June 1922. It was a cooperative auto insurance firm that was taken care of by its customers. Thus, the company offered more affordable rates than its competitors. who also had to pay high premiums for urban drivers. The company’s main focus is providing auto insurance for farmers. Later, it expanded its services to include additional insurance products. Some of them are life and house insurance, and subsequently, it added banking and financial services. 

State Farm had 19,000 agents and 70,000 employees as of December 2017. According to statistics from February 2014, the company services 80 million insurance policies. These insurance policies are available in the US and Canada. Now, over 44 million are for autos, 27 million are for fire, 7 million are for life, and more than 2 million are for bank accounts.

State Farms said in 2017 that it would shut down eleven plants across America. The reason for this is to streamline and enhance procedures. Also, It already sold the Desjardins Group, which used the State Farm name. its Canadian businesses in 2014. On January 1, 2015, Desjardins Group took over the underwriting of Canadian products. Agents and marketing up to 2018 utilized the State Farm name. Through Desjardins Insurance Agents, State Farm Canada formally changed its name to Desjardins Insurance in 2018. In 2019, the entire transformation was finished.

Pros of state farm insurance 

  • It has very good ratings for both customer satisfaction and financial stability.
  • The agents of the insurance company are easily reachable across the country.
  • A wide variety of configurable covering choices are available.
  • Its auto insurance premiums are less expensive than the industry standard.
  • Through its user-friendly mobile app and website, customers may access services such as estimates, bill payments, and claim filing.

Cons of state farm insurance

  • Homeowners’ insurance rates may be higher than the industry standard.
  • It may not always provide customized protection for customers with specific coverage requirements for auto insurance.
  • Only the corporation itself or a network of agents can provide goods and services to customers.

What state farm insurance covers

State farm Auto insurance 

1 If your vehicle collides with another car or item, the state farm insurance covers the expense of repair or replacement.

2 in situations when a vehicle sustains damage other than from an accident, such as from theft, fire, vandalism, or colliding with an animal, the cost of repair or replacement will be charged.

3 There is liability coverage when the policyholder is at fault. Then, the costs of treating a third party, fixing their car, and sustaining property damage will be done by the company.

4 If the accident occurs more than 50 miles from home. There will be an additional cost which may include meals, lodging, and transportation. while the owner’s vehicle is being repaired as well as the cost of hiring a new vehicle.

5 Expenses for medical care if the policyholder is hurt in an accident that was caused by someone without liability insurance.

6 Medical costs if a policyholder is hurt in an accident that was caused by someone with insufficient or inadequate liability insurance

7 In case the insured individual is hurt or killed in an accident, medical and burial costs would be incurred.

State farm auto insurance offers different discounts when you sign up on the mobile app we have the drive safe and save discounts, steer clear of discounts, and many more. For more information kindly visit the company’s official website.

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State farm Home and property insurance

The company covers the physical residential unit and any adjacent structures and other structures separate from the main building for instance a pool house. It also covers the content inside the house like the furniture. State farm home and property insurance also cover additional living expenses like hotel bills. Moreover, in situations where a third party is injured, it covers the cost and makes medical payments.

However, the company won’t take full responsibility when it relates to the Law, Earth movements, Water damage, flood damage, and mold damage.

Furthermore, there are major discounts in this category. We have multiple line discounts. A home security insurance discount is also available. And lastly the roofing discount.

State farm condo insurance 

When it comes to personal property it covers Personal belongings, including clothes, furniture, electronic equipment, and other household items for their replacement or actual cash value. Also in condo insurance a percentage of hotel costs, meals, laundry, and other living costs over what the condo unit owner would have to pay if they were residing there. It also covers Legal responsibility for physical harm or damage to property caused by the unit owner.

It’s important to note that this insurance shares a similar discount with the state farm home and property insurance. 

State farm Renters Insurance 

It covers accidents like Vehicle collision damage, falling objects, fire, smoke, plumbing leaks, and appliance leaks. As a result of weather impact, it covers damages done by snow or other weather forces. The discounts available are multiline discounts and home alert protection discounts.

State farm Life insurance 

This is grouped into two categories which are;

Permanent life

  • It offers everlasting protection.
  • Cash value grows with time. 
  • uniform premiums.
  • Some varieties provide possibilities for a level of rising death benefits and adjustable premium payments.

Term life

  • protects for a little time. 
  • offers a death benefit but usually has little cash value. 
  • maybe convertible or renewable

State farm Small business insurance 

If it’s Commercial auto insurance like cars, Trucks, etc it covers them. Even the business owners’ policies and also workers’ compensations. Moreover, it covers any commercial building that is under construction.

State farm insurance customer service

You can get assistance from your State Farm agent or a customer service person by calling 1-800-STATE-FARM (800-782-8332).

State farm insurance login

You can create an online account and manage your insurance anywhere in the world. All you have to do is create an account by visiting the company’s official website. 

State farm insurance Networth

In Revenue state farm insurance is worth US$79.395 billion (2019). And the net income is US$5.593 billion (2019). The company’s total assets are US$294.82 billion (2019). Also in total equity, it is worth US$116.23 billion (2019).


Who owns state farm insurance?

Because State Farm is a mutual enterprise, its policyholders jointly own the business rather than individual shareholders.

Who is the present chairman of the state farm insurance company?

Michael L. Tipsord is the chairman and CEO of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. He is also the president and chief executive officer of State Farm Fire and Casualty Company. Furthermore, He’s the State Farm Life Insurance Company and other principal State Farm affiliates.

On December 23, 2011, State Farm made the decision to replace its previous interlocked triangular emblem.  Now, it’s a more modern design that would better represent the company’s three main service categories. Which are auto, fire, and life. In honor of the business’ 90th anniversary, the new logo was unveiled on January 1, 2012. It is a straightforward three-oval pattern next to the State Farm wordmark.

How many customers does state farm insurance have?

Over 87 million policies and accounts are served by the insurance and financial services offered by State Farm.

Does State Farm hold the title of the largest insurer?

State Farm, which holds slightly under 14% of the market, is the second-largest vehicle insurance provider in the United States. Currently, the organization has over 53,000 employees and almost 19,000 agents. State Farm is a mutual insurance firm, which means that its customers are its owners.

Is State Farm publicly traded?

State Farm is an independent business. As a result of being owned by its policyholders. State Farm is categorized as a mutual insurance business. and its shares are not accessible for purchase on the open market.


State Farm has long been a vocal advocate for traffic safety. The business continues to support seatbelt use and teen driving safety despite having had a significant role in the passage of numerous seatbelt regulations in the US. Also, it covers life insurance, condo insurance, and home, and property insurance. State farm insurance company is considered one of the best in the united states of America.

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