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About the Inventor Dick Baumgartner, one of the nation’s foremost experts in shooting, created the Sure Shot Basketball in 1968.

He has since added another function to improve what was already a fantastic system.

The ball covers grip is superior to that of any other shooting aid, and a good grip is a need for effective shooting. The Sure Shot is fantastic because it offers the gamer much more than simply the finest grip methods. It also fosters the other core shooting skills a player needs to evolve into a great shooter.

The most useful shooting aid ever introduced on the market.
More aspects of shooting benefit from it than from any other shooting aid.
One of the most crucial components to making good basketball shots is having the right grip.

The Sure Shot Basketball effectively instructs the player in proper grip methods, among other things. The Sure Shot’s finest feature is that, when used properly, it really works. A gamer will experience the outcomes straight away and see them immediately.


When Applied Properly, The Sure Shot:

  1. starting point for basketball is the shot line (most ideal shooting pocket )
  2. automatically aids player in maintaining proper wrist and hand cock (essential for excellent range).
  3. The index finger, thumb, and other fingers are spread correctly.
  4. initiates the player with their wrists in the optimal position.
  5. aids in the player’s arm components being appropriately aligned automatically.
  6. Tips to help you appropriately position and operate the balancing hand or guide hand.
  7. In Playsmartt Sports Academy, everything is designed so that the participant will utilize all of his or her body parts.

We are a bunch of fitness enthusiasts who have created a space for others who are just like us. In 2019, Playsmart Performance Center was conceptualized as an addition to PVV School, a CBSE school situated next to Playsmart. The intention was to improve the school’s athletic facilities, however due to the founders’ intense love of sports, Playsmart had evolved by the time it was founded in the year 2020 into a fully functional sports club and academy. The original plan was to construct a swimming pool and badminton courts, but as time went on, other facilities were built to serve more athletes and sports, including a gym, a CrossFit facility, a GX studio, and cricket nets.

Playsmart Performance Center now supports exceptional athletes from other schools in addition to PVV School pupils. The construction of tennis courts and residential amenities is being planned, so the future holds even greater possibilities. Camp Sure Shot for Basketball:

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The best basketball camp on the Jersey Shore, with a three-decade track record of success.

Selecting the best basketball camp for their aspiring player is an easy choice for Jersey Shore parents. Sure Shot has everything!

The main goal of Sure Shot is to provide boys of all skill levels with the chance to quickly advance in their game.

There is no other way to boost your self-confidence and improve your game than to participate in a young basketball program with over 60 seasoned instructors eager to offer kids a lifetime of memories.

Some individuals just want things to occur naturally. Some people fantasize and make wishful assumptions. However at Sure Shot, we make dreams come true by working closely with each player to ensure that his objectives are achieved.

The Finest Trainers

The greatest facilities in the Jersey Shore region are used by Sure Shot to deliver the best training from the top teachers. Athletes in Sure Shot depart with improved basketball skills, conditioning, and intelligence. In the meantime, they make enduring friendships and have a ton of fun. Whatever standards are used to choose the basketball camp that is best for your kid, Sure Shot is an undisputed winner!

The Athletic Game

Sure Shot teaches you how to develop on your own for long-term, steady growth in addition to providing sound training via exercises, lectures, and rivalry with other campers. Athletes at Sure Shot will enhance their fitness, speed, and agility, learn age-appropriate tactics to hone their basics, and take part in exercises that will strengthen and stretch their core muscles.

The Mindgame

At Sure Shot, playing smart basketball is just as vital as being physically fit. As crucial as having the athletic abilities is learning to manage pressure in stressful circumstances and developing into a clutch player who is revered by your coach and teammates. An intelligent player is a good player. being able to judge when to fire and when to pass. recognizing tough opponents, addressing their advantages, and forcing them to commit errors and commit fouls.

The Full Package

Our main goal is to provide knowledge about serious basketball. However, our campers also have a blast and form enduring relationships. It is summer camp even so! For some well-deserved rest, we provide swimming once each day.

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Philosophies of camp

For the past 31 years, what has kept Sure Shot the top basketball camp at the Jersey Shore?

Sure Shot Basketball Camp, which was founded in 1991, is the biggest and best basketball camp in the area along the sea. Sure Shot offers players the best coaching and attention they need to raise their game with its hundreds of participants and more than 50 instructors.

Ike Dweck, the camp’s director, played collegiate basketball at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania and founded Sure Shot Basketball Camp to share what he had acquired with the young people in our neighborhood. Ike has served as the camp’s director for all 31 years, and he keeps things fun, interesting, and brand-new for all of our boys and girls. This year’s Sure Shot is certain to be our finest camp yet thanks to training, prizes, NBA Pro appearances, T-shirts, shorts, and much more!

A tested educational program

“You may practice shooting for 8 hours a day, however if your approach is incorrect, all you end up doing is becoming better and better at shooting incorrectly. Get the basics down, and everything you do will be of a higher caliber.

This statement by Michael Jordan about basketball practice sums up the coaching ethos of Sure Shot: If you don’t do it correctly, your efforts will be in vain. Good basketball starts with talented youngsters mastering the basics correctly. There is a simple, efficient method of playing basketball. However in order to get there, young athletes must develop their gross motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, and understanding of how to best position oneself on the court. Basketball strategy is taught through Sure Shot. Our players pick up the skills necessary to perform as a well-oiled machine that wins games.

Furthermore, with high school and college teachers, Sure Shot is one of the greatest educational camps on the Jersey Shore thanks to 30 years of outstanding training.

Classes & Skills

The athletes are divided into small learning groups and instructed on the fundamentals of basketball.


We take great pride in assisting local campers in developing their skills as basketball players, but more significantly, in developing their maturity, good sportsmanship, and teamwork skills. Basketball is more than just a game to the Sure Shot coaches.

Basketball provides a platform for imparting life lessons to our young as well as teaching them how to make the most of their gifts, push themselves to be their best selves, and accept success and failure with the same maturity and grace. Your perception of your kid will change when he engages in Sure Shot. He will seem more responsible, less impulsive, and also serious about pursuing fulfillment in life.

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Where is the camp?

Deal, NJ’s JCC is located at 100 Grant Avenue.

What dates are the camps?

August 25 to August 31 2022, Thursday through Wednesday

What time does the full-day camp run?

First grade: Wednesday through Thursday, 12:00 to 4:00

Tuesday through Wednesday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, for grades 2-8.

What are the ages and grades of children?

Sure Shot is for males entering grades 1 through 8.

What is the budget of the camp?

Grade 1: $325
Grades 2-8: $425

What is the return policy for Sure Shots?

Complete refund less credit card and registration cost if requested before June 1.

No refunds beyond June 1.

Can I pay a down payment to reserve a space?

Only full amount is accepted by Sure Shot. Deposits are not taken.

What should I pack for camp?

If you want to play basketball all day, please wear shoes and athletic clothing. If you plan to swim, do bring a towel and a wardrobe change.

Do you offer lunch?

No. Take your own lunch, thanks. There will be a cash bar and refreshments for sale.

Who from the NBA will be present at Sure Shot this year?

Sure Shot has been able to offer our youngsters access to the leading NBA players for all 31 years. Once camp starts, we’ll let you know who our mystery visitor is.

What am I allowed to bring to pro day?

Bring nothing for our NBA visitor to sign, please. Our visitors may sign pamphlets that Sure Shot will give.

Can I bring my phone or other electronics to camp?

For grades 2 through 8, cell phones will not be permitted at camp this summer.

Kindly phone 917-349-3999 if you need to get in touch with your kid, and we would be happy to help.

What if I have an allergic child?

To inform us know what drugs will be required during the day, kindly phone us in advance.

Will swimming be available?

Yes, swimming will be offered to students in grades 2 through 8, so kindly bring your kid with a towel and an extra set of clothing.

What if I have further enquiries?

Contact Ike Dweck at 917-349-3999 or send an email to Ike@sureshotbasketballcamp.com for more details on Sure Shot Basketball Camp.

See also: https://sureshotbasketballcamp.com/

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