The Co operators Insurance: Auto and Home Plans, Careers and Claims

In this article titled “The Co-operators Group Limited”, we place our focus on knowing important details of this Canadian insurance company. Also, we will study these sub-topics of The Co-operators; About The Co-operators Group Limited, Profile Of The Co-operators Group Limited, Awards Of The Co-operators Group Limited, Co-operators Group Insurance, etc.

About The Co-operators Group Limited

In 1945, The Co-operators Group Limited which is a Canadian insurance co-operative came into existence. There are 46 members that owns this co-operative with co-ops, credit union centrals and representative farm organizations inclusive. The Co-operators stands amongst the top Canadian insurance companies, rendering services like auto, home, life, farm, travel and commercial insurance.

It also carry out investment services. Initially, the pioneers were farmers in Saskatchewan. The headquarters of The Co-operators Group Ltd. is in Guelph, Ontario. One of its subsidiaries, Co-operators General Insurance Company, deals on property and casualty insurance.

Another one which is, Co-operators Life Insurance Company, and is based in  Regina, Saskatchewan, provides life insurance. Other subsidiaries are: HB Group Insurance of Mississauga, The Sovereign General Insurance Company of Calgary, CUMIS Group Limited based in Burlington, Ontario, and investment firm Addenda Capital of Montreal.

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Profile Of The Co-operators Group Limited

  • Type – Co-operative
  • Industry – Insurance
  • Established – 1945
  • HeadOffice – 130 Macdonell Street, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 6P8
  • Notable Personnel – Rob Wesseling, President and CEO
  • Revenue – CA$3.8 billion (2016)
  • Net Income – CA$234.6 million (2016)
  • Workers – 4,850 (2016)

Awards Of The Co-operators Group Limited

This insurance company is highly rated, such that it is amongst the top corporative companies in Canada. Also, it made the list of Aon’s Best Employers in Canada for 14 straight years. Within this period, the company won Platinum.

Furthermore, it also made the list of Hewitt Associates’ “Green 30” which is a list of Canada’s top employers that have earned their flowers due to their high quality performances.

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Co-operators Group Insurance

It is solely the duty of this company or co-operative to provide a level of protection to the insured. As long as you are under this insurance, this company should be able to provide a way to solve the issue. Also, if you have financial goals, the company will assist you in actualizing them.

Therefore, as you are under the co-operators group insurance, you can pick either the auto insurance or home insurance or both. Then, you are sure of having a 40% off in discounts. That is the benefit of being part of the group. Also, you can gain customized options, preferred rates, and trusted protection and coverage.

Co-operators Auto Insurance

The importance of a vehicle to man can never be overemphasized. That is what makes it paramount that your vehicle should be under insurance. Therefore, you need to get your vehicle insured according to your vehicle’s make and model.

In any case of accident or theft, you are sure of getting coverage from the Co-operators Group Limited.

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Co-operators Insurance Contact

If you have an emergency, want to lay a complaint, make urgent claims or an inquiry, you can call the customer service number via 1-855-446-2667. You can also write to them via However, the customer service is only active on Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m..

Co-operators Phone Number

You can call the Co-operators General Insurance Company based at 130 Macdonell Street, Guelph, ON N1H 6P8, with this Toll Free number: 1-800-265-2662. Be rest assured that you can reach them at any time as they are always active.

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Co-operators Home Insurance

The Co-operators home insurance gives your home total coverage in the case of damage, fire outbreak or burglary. Therefore, if you are under this insurance, don’t bother in situations of damage, fire-outbreak or flooding, because your home, building and belongings will be covered.

However, there are other benefits of having this insurance. First time insurers get a discount upon insuring their homes. Also, you can get legal assistance from the insurance company if need be.

Cooperators Auto Insurance Reviews

This company, doesn’t really have a good review from the insured as they have 1.6% rating out of 5% via 154 people that gave their reviews.

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Cooperators Home Insurance Reviews

The Co-operators is rated 2.1 out of 5 under home insurance based on 127 reviews. This is considerably low as there are several cases of dissatisfaction and complaints.

Co-operators Career

There are certain qualities that this company is known for. It is evident in their way of operations that they are caring, innovative and collaborative. Also, they put the welfare of their clients first and offer their workers a comfortable working space.

Meanwhile, people who have a career can’t promote and expand it at the company as the Co-operators offer elite career opportunities. Most importantly, this company’s rewards and benefits are mouthwatering, that it would only be wise to join the company’s career opportunities.

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Who Started The Co-operators?

The Co-operators was started by farmers who used it to cater for themselves and their communities. They did this as a result of traditional insurers not satisfying their needs.

Is The Co-operators A Canadian Company?

Yes, it is. It is among the top Canadian multi-line insurance and financial services co-operative. Meanwhile, it is managing approximately $56.4 billion in assets.

Is The Co-operators A Big Company?

Apparently, it is a big company. This is so because it has over 600 locations across the country, 6,000 employees and a dedicated Financial Advisor network of over 2,500 licensed insurance representatives.

Who Owns The Co-operators Group Limited?

This company is owned by 46 members with the addition of co-ops, credit union centrals and representative farm organizations.

In What Year Was The Co-operators Group Limited Founded?

This company was founded in the year 1945.

Who Is The Head Of The Co-operators?

Rob Wesseling is the President and CEO of the Co-operators. He came into office on the 1st of December, 2016.


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